Hey! So I know it’s not too big but I’ve really wanted to do a follow forever for ages, so I thought now was my chance! I want to share with you some awesome blogs which really just make my day! (Please ignore my shitty excuse for a header)

My favourites are bolded and my irl friends are italic. 





And finally, the whole reason I am here now...



and by far most definitely,

danisnotonfire and amazingphil - Thank you for opening me up to this incredible world we call the Phandom, it has let me find myself in so many new ways and made some amazing memories (with many more to come). I am forever thankful. 

- None of us have a live-fast, die-young thing. I love the earth, I think it’s beautiful and I want to stick around. It’s the same with our career. We could leave now, and there’s gonna be people that will remember us in 30 years. But we want to stick around. - BF