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Person A is a serial killer. Person B is their childhood friend. Person A wants to admit their feelings for person B, but is having a hard time. Eventually they muster up their courage, but before they can confess to Person B, the police (love rival person C?) expose/arrest Person A

~☆  B-PROJECT ☆~

キタコレ [Kitakore] / MooNs / THRIVE / KiLLER KiNG

Magazine cover:

► Tomohisa Kitakado (キタコレ / Kitakore)
► Masunaga Kazuna (MooNs)

☆Officialrelease date: July 26, 2016

(Source: @Bpro_info - 電撃Girl’sStyle ‏@dengekigirls  )


Source: Nishiyama Koutaro’s Ameba blog.

I had so much fun at B-Pro’s event!
I didn’t expect to have [this much] fun.

Everyone who cheered and jumped [for us], thank you very much!

KiLLER KiNG inside the dressing room~~!

The members are really comfortable [with each other].

I was even asked to style my hair like Yuduki-kun, with some hair sticking out.
(During backstage in the Chiba show)

Eggs and Taku.

There were a lot of announcements, like the decision to produce KiLLER KiNG’s second single.
In the future too, please take care of us in B-Pro!

KiLLER KiNG will move, to slowly become the Yuduki you will see someday…!!!


(Source: Okawa Genki ’s twitter)


► Yuzuki Teramitsu (CV: Koutaro Nishiyama)
► Haruhi Teramitsu (CV: Yashiro Taku)
► Akane Fudou (CV: Shoya Chiba)
► Mirouku Shingari (CV: Takuya Eguchi)

(Source: Yashiro Taku’s twitter)

2016.07.10 took place the 『B-PROJECT HAPPY SUMMER EASTAR』event, where the following announcements were made:

①  <Kitakore /MooNs / THRIVE / KiLLER KiNG> NEW SINGLE!!

and also…

② GAME -『B-PROJECT Muteki* Dangerous App』

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Pittsburgh isn’t the only city that has a team with Black and Yellow.