suna-yodo  asked:

Hi maddy how are you? I was wondering , why Killer B did not die when Madara take all the bijuus ?

Well, shortly after Madara cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi, it was revealed that as Gyuki was being extracted from him, Killer B managed to sever one of his tentacles as Gyūki was apologising. That’s why as the Inifinite Tsukuyomi was coming into affect, B could be seen holding onto the severed tentacle:

Therefore, despite having suffered the extraction of Gyuki, B was later shown to have survived the ordeal by using the chakra concealed within Gyūki’s previously severed tail, as a means of sustaining himself.

forever ago i drew han and roshi young and whatever figured i should give some of the other jjinjuriki that treatment and went for my other favorite jinuiriki with like untapped potential history together 

just a younger killer b who looks up yugito a senior ninja who shows great promise. the two of them are buddies and like to make music with yugito playing shamisen while killer b makes up lyrics to go along