Mun's thoughts on Light Yagami
  • Light Yagami is a masterpiece of a fictional character.
  • Light Yagami is a bitch.

No but–

  • Overall ways he views/treats female characters: sexist bitch.
  • The way he dresses: Upstanding member of society bottom bitch.
  • Not being able to knock L down with that 2nd punch: lmfao bitch.
  • That face he made when L died: fucked up bitch move.
  • That disrespectful-ass graveyard scene: power trippin bitch move.
  • Begging his dying dad to write Mello’s name: rutheless bitch move.
  • Screaming and crying like a bitch for Mikami/Misa/Takada to kill the SPK… y-yeah…

All that being said… refer to the very first bullet at the top.