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i hate the fanon that every senketsu gijinka is this big buff scruffy manly man and then ryuko just gets portrayed as this damsel like NO THATS NOT THEM AT ALL!!! ik its kinda petty but like its just so BORING when every male coded nonhuman is portrayed as this stereotypical hypermasculine guybro ): senketsu is my small son. hes literally shorter than everyone and look at his gangly sleeve arms i love that boy

I mean, I’m not trying to discredit fan designs. As I wrote before, I think there’s an appeal to “big buff manly” Senketsu because it is kinda totally just about 100% against what you would expect from his character. He’s all sensitive and emotional, so to see him portrayed as a muscleman makes an amusing contrast.

And Senketsu is a character all about contrast! So much of his story focuses on how he’s 100% not the evil monster people think he is. 

But if nothing else, I think muscly designs aren’t actually that typical when it comes to gijinkas? Aren’t they usually Once-ler lookalikes? All tall and skinny with suits and top hats? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Senketsu portrayed that way, lol.

Plus, Senketsu is shown working out in concept art. Senketsu works out. Not only does he want to be strong to protect his loved ones, but he’s also super vain, y’all; he gets jealous over Ryuko’s pajamas and completely loses his cool when she calls him “ugly” when she’s utterly out of her mind. He would totally try to get ripped if he were human.

Anyway, my beef is with the way his personality vanishes. 

Like, one example: if Senketsu were to ever try to make his relationship with Ryuko go the lovey-lovey route with a Revealing Kiss, I have a hard time imagining him ever pulling the kinda Romeo x Juliet kiss where he just grabs Ryuko and shoves his lips onto hers (and can we please stop acting like this is romantic?) If Senketsu were going to kiss Ryuko for the first time to make his feelings clear, he’d be awkward as hell about it. He’d ask Mako for advice, and she’d be watching the whole time to make sure he gets it right. He’d get all red and stuttery and Mako might just have to go in there with a “Hallelujah” to encourage him. He’d ask permission and probably cry.

I mean, I just can’t see this, “Rarrr I love you so much Ryuko kiss me now!” thing at all.

It just feels… really stereotypical, when Ryuko and Senketsu are anything but! Sure, they may not be “appealing” in the usual sense, but heck with it, I think sweet, consensual, loving, healthy relationships are the most appealing romances out there. Senketsu doesn’t have to become this “Rarr I’m a man I get what I want!!” thing to make a good romantic partner for Ryuko or anyone else. (Especially because Senketsu is a sexless alien whose gender identity can be literally anything, but that’s a whole ‘nother conversation.)

Like, no, Senketsu isn’t “cool” or “hot” in the ways most people probably think of, but that’s okay! Let’s celebrate emotions and sensitivity and sweetness in “men” instead of removing these qualities for aesthetic appeal!


a man spent hours of his life to superimpose a cartoon snoop dogg over every character in the kill la kill opening while remaking the theme song out of snoop saying smoke weed everyday

i love it