So here’s the thing about people who are anti-abortion except for in cases of rape

They seem to be willing to make the exception because the woman wasn’t an active party in the conception of the child. Which means it’s not really about the life of the child in that situation. They’re more concerned about the actions (or lack thereof) of the woman. Coversely, then, in any case of pregnancy from consentual sex they base their attitude towards the pregnancy/life of the fetus on the woman’s choice to have sex and feel she deserves to be pregnant because she was aware of the possible outcome.

By backing that exeption they are showing their true colors: that they prioritize the actions/choices of the woman over the life of the child/fetus to decide if abortion is acceptable. So they are not really pro-life. They are anti-female agency.

Abortion after consentual sex/“killing a baby” = not allowable
Abortion after rape (which is still “killing a baby”) = allowable

“Killing the baby” is the constant
The woman’s choice is not
Therefore the woman’s decision to have sex determines the allowability of an abortion, not the life of the fetus/child

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Why’d you turn away?


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Warnings:Angst,Mentions of reader death,cussing? slight fluff at end

This fic is biased off of “Losing Grip” By Avril Lavigne  If you wanna listen and read (I’m including lyrics in the story but if you like listening then go ahead! I love this song so heh)


(Summer of 2006)

You watched as you lost everyone, Your brothers, your dad, you left everything.You couldn’t watch as everyone left so you went solo.You decided to ignore Sam,Dean,Bobby, Everyone who tried bringing you “home”. You didn’t have a “home”, You home was shitty hotel rooms and a shitty getaway car you’ve had since you hot wired it when you were 17. Dean never listened,Sam left for college,Dad just left,Bobby was too busy, You were alone. Until one day you went on “the” hunt. You thought it was just a normal werewolf case,nothing too serious,low and behold yeah, serious. It had turned out to be a Demon who was claiming their crossroad deals. But you went with instinct, You still did the case, sadly Sam and Dean arrived soon after the Demon had used the Hell Hound to attack you so he could get his souls that he needed to get.


(the last time you and Dean had talked before your death)


“Fine, you’re so ‘right’ y/n because everything in this damn world is about you news flash sweetheart. It’s not.Dean replied with a snarky attitude.


I left to cry there, 

Waiting outside there, 

Grinning with a lost stare, 

That’s when I realised,

Why should I care,

You weren’t there when I was scared,

I was so alone.


(Fall of 2016)

Sam and Dean stood there as they finally found him pain spread across their faces as they saw him the Demon who killed their baby sister, who killed you.They watched happily as they saw the light in the Demon flicker symbolizing it was dead.


You felt a jot of energy boost through your spine as you opened your eyesto see darkness.Or well, a wooden box,You punched and pushed your way out only to fine out it was a grave.

“Here lies, Y/n Winchester,

Beloved Sister,Daughter,Best Friend,

Rest In Peace my lil bean”

You let a single tear slide down your face because you knew who wrote that part, smiling you walked along until you found something remembering the last time Dean had called you “lil bean”


You were about 7 or 8 years old when you were playing around in a park, Dean was Ordered by John to watch over you and Sam to make sure you guy didn’t get hurt. “Cmon lil bean, you gotta throw farther than that!” Dean laughs as a ball flies past his face, slightly scaring him for a second, “Okay well, nevermind, maybe you can throw” he laughed as he continued playing catch with you and Sam.

(end of flashback)

“I’m telling you Dean, It was worth it to kill him, We avenged her”Sam sighed looking at his crying brother. “Was it really worth it Sammy, was it really, SHE FUCKING DIED THINKING I HATED HER!”Dean screamed his echoes bursting through the warehouse.”It was worth it” you barely choke out still inaudible,”It was really worth it” you screamed a bit louder your throat coarse and dry.”Y/n!- you- you’re-You’re alive,” Dean whimpers as he sees you covered in mud and dirt exactly how you were left in your grave.”We missed you,-BULLSHIT SAMMY I DIDN’T MISS HER I NEEDED HER” Dean cried holding on to you tighter “I’m so fucking sorry, I’m sorry about what i said, I’m sorry, I was mad and I was a dick,I regret it, I just, I missed you, I needed you, And I ain’t lettin go of my lil bean” Dean managed to stutter out.”It’s okay dean, I forgive you.Now who want’s some food I’m hungry as fuck!” you reply with a cheery smile. “Pie?,Burgers?” Dean asked curious. “Don’t forget Sammy’s salad” You chuckled as you went to hug Sam.”I missed you guys.” you giggle with a couple tears forming in your eyes as your two brothers holding you up each on one side as they help you into the Impala and take you home, Their home, The Bunker,Your new home, Because as Dean said while you were eating your burger. “Family is family, We stick together like glue, no matter what happens”.

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Imagine the governor being alive. He attacked the prison but survived with some of his men. He never stopped having his desire for revenge against Rick and Michonne. So he has been following them, watching their movements, until one day he kidnappes Carl because that’s his logic at the moment “Michonne killed my baby girl, I’ll kill your boy if you don’t bring her to me, Rick”.

Imagine Rick BEGGING for Negan’s help and having to work together to save Carl.

Every Little Thing part 16

Summary: Fall out from the car accident still looms over the reader and Jensen.

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Cali, mentions of Jared, Misha, JJ & Daneel

Word Count: 1,032

Warnings: Mentions lost of a child, self loathing, guilt, angst, Awesome- Fluffy Jensen

A/N: Sorry it is taking so long to post new parts. I took my last final today so I should have more time to write!  As always this is a work of fiction and I mean no disrespect to Daneel or their beautiful family! All feedback is appreciated!!

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Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader (friendship)

Headcanon: Any headcanon involving Jelous!Sam…I’ve got a long shift tonight and it will help keep me going :)

A/N: I don’t even know anymore. I feel like this is a disaster, but I hope it’s at least kind of what you wanted.

“Dean!” You ran and threw your arms around the older Winchester.

“Whoa, hey. I’m alright, sweetheart.” His arms wrapped around your shoulders.

You pulled your head back and looked up at him.

“You - your head. You’re hurt, Dean.” You spun and grabbed the first aid kit you had waiting on the table.

Sam walked in behind Dean, pulling out a chair and flopping down into it, very obviously exhausted and in pain.

“Hey, babe.” He grumbled as he shrugged out of his flannel, revealing a gash on his upper arm.

“Hi Sammy. Ooh, jeez. Let me fix Dean up and then I’ll get to patchin’ you up.” You pressed a quick kiss to his lips.

“Sure.” He grunted, rolling his eyes as he watched you tend to his brother.

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