The Unlucky Cleric

Back story: My group consists of a ranger, an assassin, an elemental and me, a cleric. My cleric has the ability to pray to his deity outside of combat to see if he can get impossible things to happen.
We were trying to open this random shed after murdering a magical lamb.

Assassin: OK I have some lock picking tools, let me try and open the door (rolls low and fails).
Me: I’m gonna pray.
Elemental: Oh God.
Me: I pray that the window at the top opens and a ladder slides out.
DM: OK roll for it.
(I roll a 1)
DM: The window, which was previously open, locks itself and the roof catches on fire.

We eventually managed to get into the shed after ten minutes when I decided that I was done and shoved my lance into the side and managed to roll a natural 20,opening the wall up.

as a perfectionist, i’d get depressed if my work doesnt turn out good. so to draw fanart, i practice drawing the characters’ profile over and over until it looks nearly as similar as the original art. and im still mad that i cant draw sangwoo in his slicked back hair wtf how HOW MF щ(ಠ益ಠщ)


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OK. This is interesting (I think I’m just going to commentate as I go along, instead of doing one absurdly long post.)

The first time Bum addresses Sangwoo is when he’s jackin it.

This just says “..Sangwoo Sangwoo…” with no honorific. It’s a bit unusual to address someone with no honorific at all.

This says “Oh Sangwoo (Sangwoo’s full name, that’s not an “oh” of passion). And “Sangwoo-ya..” 

“-ya” is a prefix that implies a certain amount of friendliness and familiarity. You would usually not call someone this unless you’d known them a little while and you consider each other friends. (This is usually how Bum refers to Sangwoo in his head.) 


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‘Watch designer @angiensca sketch Chloe.’