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●C88 Exclusive Set
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Transcript: Kill la Kill’s Episode Previews

All of Senketsu’s episode previews under the cut!

Some notes:

  • I’ve included the short previews, the English dub of the short previews, and the longer web previews.

  • The DVDs cleaned up the subtitles of the previews a bit. I changed these accordingly when I could, meaning that the video links may not match up exactly with what’s written here. The official subtitles could never seem to decide if it’s “Kill la Kill,” KILL la KILL,” or “Kill La Kill,” though; I decided to keep it as “Kill la Kill” for the sake of consistency.

And interesting tidbits/fun stuff:

  • Senketsu narrates these even after he’s dead.

  • He likes to bring up romance, doing so in the previews for episodes 10, 11, 12, and 14. In episode 10′s preview, he says that “to be skilled at analysis is to be skilled at love!” This, coming from Senketsu, who loves to analyze things (and particularly Ryuko)? As a final note here, he also shows interest in the ladies of Honnouji Academy, calling Satsuki “beautiful” in the episode 3 web preview and wondering who among them is “his type” in the web preview for episode 11.

  • The idea of youth is also a recurring theme, coming up in the previews for episodes 12, 13, and 14. Personally, I’ve never been keen on the reading of Senketsu as a mentor/father figure, and episode 13′s previews seem to support that. In them, Senketsu admits that he, too, is as immature as a lot of the cast.

  • Senketsu does clearly want Ryuko to succeed even early on, getting frantic in the episode 3 web preview because she’s not wearing him right.

  • Senketsu’s descriptions of Uzu are pretty funny. “A man with so many titles that introducing him has taken up this entire preview!”

  • In the episode 7 previews, Senketsu refers to Ryuko as a “freeloader” living in the Mankanshoku home, but doesn’t make any mention of himself living there as well.

  • When speaking of Gamagoori, Senketsu starts out seeming to respect him, admiring his loyalty. But once we ge to the episode 9 previews, Senketsu refers to him as a “two-stage pervert!” who “doesn’t think of himself as a pervert!” In the extended preview for the episode, Senketsu is baffled/horrified by Gamagoori’s way of fighting. Senketsu also shows himself to be a fan of wordplay here…

  • At the Complete Script Book Event, it was mentioned that Senketsu was so happy when Ryuko gave him a name that he wrote it on his tag himself. In episode 15′s web preview, I just can’t help but think of that when he’s proudly shouting out his name a bajillion times…

  • Senketsu describes his relationship with Ryuko as “You scratch my lapels, I scratch yours!” in the short episode 17 preview. In episode 20′s web preview, he says he’s “[sinking] into depression” after she leaves him.

  • The English dub for episode 18′s preview is a little interesting in that it has Senketsu drawing a comparison between himself and Junketsu that wasn’t especially there before, talking about “the girls who fight in living clothes.”

  • I have no idea what Senketsu’s talking about in the episode 21 previews.

  • Just… the previews for episode 24.

And that’s all! Hope you enjoy these–I certainly find them fun!

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