Kile Glover


Ushers step son Passes after Jet Ski Accident 

July 21, 2012 11 year old Kile Glover has passed away after being admitted into Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, GA from a Jet Ski Accident.

Kile was considered brain dead shortly after the accident. Source say that the family is in need of prayers and support for such a loss. 

The 15 year old female that was also hit suffered from a laceration to the head and a broken arm. Kile took the major hit to the head.

The accident is still undergoing an investigation.

Rest in Peace, Kile Glover

Kile Glover (pictured above on the right), the 11 year old son of Tameka Foster/Raymond and Ryan Glover and the stepson of Usher, has passed away. He was declared brain dead after a jet ski accident and had been on life support. He was taken off life support this past week. Our prayers are with the family and friends of Kile, especially his parents.

Usher wanted to delay the custody trial because of Kyle’s death, but the judge denied it. Tameka said Usher only wanted to delay it for his own benefits, and she also added Usher “visited Kile in the hospital only once”.

We know what Usher did when he found out about Kile’s accident; he chartered a private jet for Tameka so that she could be by her son’s side. And for her to say that Usher is faking grief over Kile’s death is so rude! He took the bad string aside and helped Tameka, and this is what he gets in return. I feel bad for Usher, and I feel bad for Kile. Losing a son is painful, especially to a mother. And I’m sorry for her loss. But looking at how she’s using her child’s death against Usher is terribly wrong. It seems like she’s using Kile to get money from Usher.

She even said that she wants Usher to give her a permanent home for her and the kids. But before that, remember when she asked the judge to force Usher to pay her $15,000 to cover her expensive lawyer fees … plus an additional $35,000 for other costs. And now, just recently, Tameka is asking that child support be increased from $8,000 to $11,000 a month. This is just too much! I hope she will soon realize how awful she’s been. I just feel sorry for Kile. The kid’s gone, can they just let him rest in peace? Please don’t drag Kile’s name into this anymore. This is impossible but I hope this custody battle will end peacefully. I hope Usher will stay strong.

Things shock us when we don’t consider that we will NOT LIVE FOREVER! We are dying daily. Although it seems taboo to talk about your “death” day, I say if we embraced that our time is limited we would live on PURPOSE, everyday making the best of our experiences & relationships.
Thanking God for the air we breathe, not desiring ” more” life but living THE LIFE, we have right now.
The truth about death, is that it is a painful gift to the best gift ever given.
As we experience loss/tragedy let us remember #Pain #Grief is real but so is #Comfort #Miracles #Healing
My prayer for the family of Kile Glover is that God will heal them everywhere they hurt & that their walk with the Savior will be strengthen, restored, & made right before the King. #MIRACLES