❤ Absolute Boyfriend - Kikwang version ❤

The shy boyfriend :

The not-agree-with-your-fashion  boyfriend :

The kissing boyfriend :

External image

The agree-to-always-love-you boyfriend :

The touched boyfriend :

The type who always greet you boyfriend :

The one-that-make-you-drool boyfriend :

The wink boyfriend :

The kiddy boyfriend :

The smiling boyfriend :

The blur boyfriend :

The hard-to-pleased boyfriend :

The sweetest boyfriend :

The watcher boyfriend :

The supportive boyfriend :

The excited boyfriend :

The clapping boyfriend :

The playful boyfriend :

The sexy boyfriend :

The angry boyfriend :

The sad boyfriend :

The hyper boyfriend :

The shocked boyfriend :

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The dayum boyfriend :

The sleepy boyfriend :

External image

The girly boyfriend :

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Conclusion : Verified absolute boyfriend for all b2uties :D

p/s : gif are not mine as well as the pictures.



Day 16: The one with the best aegyo.

Of course it’s Yoseob :) But this time I wanna pick Gikwang.

I’m sorry, but the guy is too freaking cute to me.  He doesn’t do too much aegyo but when he does… I just melt! :) Yes, he is more of a sexy beast but his cuteness is a charm too! Enjoy the collage up top, and more pics/gifs at the bottom! … sorry I got a little happy….:D

cr. to owners for pics/gifs except for my ‘shock concert scare gif’ :)

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007. I do too much aeygo.

And it’s all because of kpop.

When I wasn’t a fangirl, when somebody shouts “PICTURE!!” I used to smile. 

But now, I’m all like: 

Last week I was at the park with my friend and we had done some selcas. She said something like “Hey, let’s make some photos!” When I heard that I automatically made an expression/face/aeygo from the last gif. I was posing.. posing.. and posing and then I started getting impatient and I looked up at my friend and she was staring at me and said “Wtf are you doing? Just smile oO" 

She was like: