Running into a good fanfic like

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And also seeing that it is complete.

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And finally, wanting to hug the author like.

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When you read that amazing work of a fanfic of your ships/otp and can’t wait to read the next chapter only to find out that the author hasn’t post anything over the past years…. and your just like….

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We have all been there. Don’t lie.😃

Friend- you been on your phone for a while.

Me- I’m reading something.

Friend- about what?

Me- *reading a really hardcore smut fanfic about my otp on ao3*

Me-…about puppies…

Friend-oh, can I see


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  • Kuroko: Look what I found: Kise-kun’s New Year’s resolutions from middle school.
  • Kise: Okay, where’d you find that?
  • Aomine: Read it out loud!
  • Kuroko: Oh, wait, here’s a good one. “Stop pursuing Kurokocchi. He’s Aominecchi’s guy. Deal with it.”
  • Aomine: Deal with it! He’s my guy!
  • Akashi: Keep going and do not ever stop reading it.
  • Kise: I was very young and dumb…
  • Midorima: [reading along] Were you too dumb to “begin the search for the cocoon that will one day release my butterfly?”

Me- i Have three english essays that need to be complete, two history projects to finish by midnight. Got to go over the PowerPoint for a group project . Need to study my math notes for a big math test.

Also Me- *doesn’t do any of that instead just read some stories of my ships/otp and not caring about my future.*