• Kuroko: Look what I found: Kise-kun’s New Year’s resolutions from middle school.
  • Kise: Okay, where’d you find that?
  • Aomine: Read it out loud!
  • Kuroko: Oh, wait, here’s a good one. “Stop pursuing Kurokocchi. He’s Aominecchi’s guy. Deal with it.”
  • Aomine: Deal with it! He’s my guy!
  • Akashi: Keep going and do not ever stop reading it.
  • Kise: I was very young and dumb…
  • Midorima: [reading along] Were you too dumb to “begin the search for the cocoon that will one day release my butterfly?”

Person B tells Person A that they love them two months after they start dating Person A tells them that they believe it takes time too actually fall in love and that Person A won’t say it back until they truly believe their in love with Person B. Time passes with Person B telling Person A they love them with Person A responding with something like
“I know.” Or “I’m rather fond of you.”
It isn’t until a year and half later when their watching a movie and Person B tells Person A they love them that Person A Say’s
“ I love you too.”
Person B then proceeds too
A) cry
B) blush
C) grin like an idiot
D) text everyone they know and tell them
E) all of the above

  • Kuroko: Daddy, can you please pass the salt?
  • Akashi: *casually reaches out for salt*
  • Aomine: *reaches out for salt*
  • Kise: *happily reaches out for salt*
  • Murasakibara: *munching while reaches out for salt*
  • Midorima: *reaches out something near him*