Kikawada Masaya


[CHARACTER] Motoki Furuhata.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: 古幡元基
Romaji: Furuhata Motoki

Role: Recurring character
Type: Human
Family: Makoto Kino (fiancée), Kamekichi (pet)
Alignment/Organization: Civilian
First appearance: Act Zero
Last appearance: Special Act
Status: Alive
Actor: Masaya Kikawada


  • The characters in the name “Furuhata Motoki” (古幡元基) respectively translate to: old (古; furu), flag (幡; hata), origin (元; moto), and fundamental (基; ki).
  • Motoki and Makoto eventually dated in this series. Their relationship was basically platonic in the manga and both anime series.
  • He did not appear to have a sister (Unazuki) in this continuity.
  • Usagi thought Motoki was Tuxedo Mask for a brief time. Furuhata’s actor  Masaya Kikawada later played a masked hero in the 2005 feature film Kamen Rider THE FIRST.
  • This version of Motoki was more goofy. Some fans consider Motoki to be a replacement for Gurio Umino, who was absent from the live-action adaptation. Like Umino, Furuhata provided comic relief.
Kamen Rider the Next

This is a review for the sequel of Kamen Rider the First. Please read the review for that here.

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  • Title: Kamen Rider the NEXT
  • Also known as: 仮面ライダーThe NEXT
  • Episodes: Theatrical Release
  • Genre: Action, Horror, Science Fiction, Drama
  • Release: 2007-10-27


Two years after the events of Kamen Rider the First, a strange series of bizarre murders occur with the victims mutilated in a most gruesome fashion while pop star Chiharu’s “Platinum Smile” is being played, becoming an urban legend. Meanwhile, Takeshi Hongo has become a high school science teacher with a troublesome class with one catching his attention, a troubled girl named Kotomi Kikuma who was best friends with Chiharu and is worried about her. By the time Hongo and her find a dying “Chiharu”, they learn she’s actually an imposter as the Shocker Inhumanoid Chainsaw Lizard arrives with the six Shocker Riders to carry out the task of executing Hongo, forcing him to reveal himself in as Kamen Rider 1 to Kotomi before escaping his hunters. At around the same time, Hayato Ichimonji is shown still alive but slowly weakening due to his body’s rejection of the cybernetic changes which made him Kamen Rider 2.



What is it with the Kamen Rider films and not being able to stay on topic? Ok, argualy the movie was on topic but I really felt like the entire “Chiharu” subplot could be done away with and we could have had an awesome movie just focusing on the Riders. This movie combined Action and  traditional Henshin-genre with Japanese Horror (think the grudge or the ring). I will have to say that I was spooked during portions of the movie and I even jumped out of my seat once. It really does a good job at that. Is it out of place for a Kamen Rider movie? It is pretty strange and by the end I feel like it was something put in not for Kamen Riders fans but for other unsuspecting movie goers. The story also is supposed to tell the origin of V3 but I still feel that kamen Riders 1 & 2 are the focal point. In that way perhaps this installment has failed.

Bottom line: the supernatural and horror bits were interesting and entertaining but they hurt the Kamen Rider aspect of the film. They should have focused more on the integrity of the series. LEARN TO STICK TO THE PLOT OF GRASSHOPPE



Hongo Takeshi is back. No longer is he a college student. Now he is a high school science teacher and still a doormat with no girl. He is so adorkable and awkward I can’t help but love him. Ichimonji also is much the same though I find him to be much more a hedonist than before. My complaint is with the new Kamen Rider introduced in the movie: V3. Even with the subplot I couldn’t feel myself to bond or sympathize with him.

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An improvement with this movie’s characters is that the villains have more personality but not by too much. The reform of V3 makes you wonder about what makes him different from the others though. I don’t think a convincing case is made on that part.

The girls in this movie consist of V3s coworker, Hongo’s student, and idol star Chiharu. I believe the story may have benefited from more of V3s coworkers and less of Chiharu.

The background music in this is great and fit the tone of the scenes it was used for. On top of that Jpop fans will really love the idol song “Platinum Smile”. The theme song for the movie, ISSA of Da Pump’s “Chosen Warrior” made me want to dance as soon as it started playing during the ending credits. A little note: Da Pump did the theme for Kamen Rider the First and ISSA also did the song for Kamen Rider Faiz series.


Where’s Asuka (the girl from the 1st movie)? Did she die?
Hongo Takeshi has TERRIBLE taste in women!

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