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What are your thought S's resemblance to Rose?

I think Pearl has a type~

…More seriously, what I think is interesting is that S looks like Rose but she is also not a dead ringer for Rose, and she presents in some very different ways.

Rose had full princess curls and a full-length dress, while she was very powerful, her body language and overall demeanor reflects grace and poise. She acts like someone used to being in court.

And that’s all fine and good! The interesting thing is that while superficially, S resembles Rose- the heavy-lidded eyes, plump lips, chubby yet tall and sturdy frame, the pink hair- when you actually get a good look at S besides the “gosh you look like Rose” you realize there’s a lot they don’t have in common.

S has a different eye shape and different eye design- compared to Rose’s shiny black eyes, S has an iris design much more like Pearl’s, the circle iris without visible pupil. She’s, I believe, the only green-eyed character we’ve seen in the cast and it’s rather striking, and there’s more green in the shirt wrapped around her waist. Compared to Rose, whose pink color scheme tints her entire body, S doesn’t have particularly pinkish skin (hers is darker), her eyeshadow is black, her lip ring is silver- she’s mostly monochrome, and the main color accents she has are, again, green- which seems to be her character color.

At a glance she looks like Rose and that’s what gets Pearl to look, but in fashion, mannerisms, body language- she’s nothing like Rose.

And Pearl keeps looking. Pearl continues to be charmed by this person even after it is very clear that she’s really not much like Rose at all- doesn’t have the airy decorum. And Pearl doesn’t relate to her the same way. 

This is why I think that it’s so promising that there’s the implication Pearl and S are going to spend more time together and potentially build towards something- because from what we’ve seen despite the potential being there, Pearl hasn’t really projected Rose onto S as much as a passing resemblance was what initially drew her eye. And S shows up in an episode that is largely about Pearl pushing outside of her comfort zones a bit and proudly doing things that she likes- reaching outwards, trying new things, and enjoying it. 

The fact that S shows up not in a time where Pearl is sentimental or a context like the strawberry battlefield that’s about looking back, but in a context where Pearl is engaging heavily with human things and newness and, again, enjoying it, suggests positive things about Pearl and S’s relationship, if it does in fact go somewhere from here.

I mean, I don’t think that Pearl’s past relationship is going to never come into play or have an effect on her possible relationship with S- but I think that if that issue comes up, it won’t be the very core of the relationship, and it’s something that they’d work past together.