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Let me tell you about this super adorable kids’ book

I got it for my niece for her birthday and it’s super freaking cute, I love it!

It’s called “Interstellar Cinderella” by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Meg Hunt.

So yeah, it’s a Cinderella story, but it’s also so much more.

Basically Cinderella fixes stuff around her step mom’s house, but really she wants to fix rocket ships!

There’s this spaceship parade that Cinderella’s family is invited to see, but she’s not allowed to go. So her Fairy Godrobot, yes that’s right God-Robot, gives her this super rad space suit and tools to fix up an old spaceship so she can go! Isn’t that fucking sweet? She fixes the spaceship herself!

So anyway, Cindy gets to the parade and meets the Prince, who’s ship is being a piece of shit, so Cindy freaking fixes it for him.

Prince takes her to the ball, and instead of dancing and romance and stuff, they bond over their mutual love of spaceships. THEY BOTH FREAKING LOVE SPACESHIPS, HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

Midnight comes, Cindy has to run off because her space suit is going to loose power, but she leaves behind not a glass slipper but her super rad socket wrench!

Prince tracks down Cindy’s family (of course she’s locked in the attic), but instead of the classic “Wear this article of clothing so I know you’re the girl I’m looking for” test, the Prince gives the stepsisters a real test: use the socket wrench to fix a broken spaceship. How badass is that?!

Anyway, of course Cindy arrives after the step sisters horribly fail, and the Prince is all “You are the coolest person ever marry me!”

But you know what Cindy does? She literally says, and I quote, “I’m far too young for marriage, but I’ll be your chief mechanic!” CHIEF. FUCKING. MECHANIC. Girl has serious game.

So Cindy goes and lives with the Prince and they spend their days fixing space ships together, the end!

I just- I love this book so much! It’s the classic fairy tale all little girls know, but with the message it’s okay to like fixing things and getting dirty, and you don’t need to marry the prince to get what you want.

It’s just super adorable, and if you have a little girl in your life you need to buy a present for I highly, HIGHLY, suggest this book! And my crappy phone pictures do not do justice the the adorable artwork.


The Colors of Us (1999)

“My name is Lena and I am seven. I am the color of cinnamon. Mom says she could eat me up.”

Lena is going to paint a picture of herself. She wants to use brown paint for her skin. But when Lena and her mother take a walk through their neighborhood, Lena sees that there are many different shades and tones of brown. Seen from an artist’s point of view, skin colors are subtle, varied–and cause for celebration!

Karen Katz created this book for her daughter, Lena, whom she and her husband adopted from Guatemala six years ago.

By Karen Katz 

Get it now here

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Why THE GRAVEYARD BOOK is a Great Selection for Kids

It’s written by master storyteller neil-gaiman.

It’s creepy, spooky, (of course it is; it takes place in a graveyard) and yet still heartwarming.

It won a Newbery Medal and a Carnegie Medal—it’s the only novel to win both—which means it’s officially marked as awesome by book experts in the U.S. and the U.K.


It teaches kids that families come in all shapes and sizes.

“But my dear,” Mrs. Owens said to the shape, now all that was left of the three shapes that had appeared in the graveyard. “He’s living. We’re not. Can you imagine…”

The child was looking up at them, puzzled. It reached for one of them, then the other, finding nothing but air. The woman-shape was fading fast.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Owens, in response to something that no one else had heard. “If we can, then we will.” Then she turned to the man beside her. “And you, Owens? Will you be a father to this little lad?” (p.16)

The setting is one of the coolest you’ll ever find in a book—a graveyard in England!—and it’ll transport readers to another place entirely.

The black-and-white illustrations by renowned illustrator Dave McKean add an extra layer that helps to bring the story to life.

It teaches kids the importance of growing up to define the world on one’s own terms.

Sometimes he could no longer see the dead. It had begun a month or two previously, in April or May. At first it had only happened occasionally, but now it seemed to be happening more and more.

The world was changing. (p. 295)

Not only will it expand a child’s vocabulary, it’ll also teach them some fun English slang.

“Hullo. Um, hullo?” said a voice from behind her. “Awful cheek of me, I know…” (p.220)

Scarlett said that she didn’t want a cup of tea, thank you. Or a chocolate biscuit. Mr. Frost was concerned. (p.237)

“They get cold so fast, don’t they, chips. One minute, you’re burning your mouth on them, the next you’re wondering how they cool off so quickly.” (p.241)

It teaches tolerance, patience, and respect for education, and celebrates life in a way that only a story halfway filled with dead characters can.

“I’ve learned a lot in this graveyard.” said Bod. “I can Fade and I can Haunt. I can open a ghoul-gate and I know the constellations. But there’s a world out there, with the sea in it, and shipwrecks and pigs. I mean, it’s filled with things I don’t know. And the teachers here have taught me lots of things, but I need more. If I’m going to survive out there, one day.” (p.180)

It’s an intriguing mystery, to boot!

What do you love about this neil-gaiman classic?

This is funny, it shouldn’t be but it is. Happy Friday everyone! 

black illustrated fairy tales:FYI

I work in a book store and was brought in these kids books called “Jump at the Sun Fairy-Tale Classics” that re-draw fairy tale classics as with characters of colour! 

Prices online are a little high, but the original prices on the little paperback picture books are $4.50ish (CAN)

Princesses and Princes are featured with locs, cornrows, natural hair and a variety, as well as slightly varying skin tones. Everyone in the stories are people of colour. Here’s a couple of the covers I found online:

Fishing With Pop (2016)    //  Lemon Starfish Books

“Grab your fishing pole and spend your day at the lake with Pop and Bud. How many fish will they catch? Fishing with Pop captures the magical connection between grandfathers and their grandsons. Written in rhyme, this book is a fun read for little boys and old fishermen.”

Story Chuck Greenawalt, Kelly Greenawalt, art: Thomas Park

Order now here

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Celebrate Caturday with this great book for kids on space: Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space written by Dominic Walliman and designed and illustrated by Ben Newman. I spotted it in the window of the Strand Bookstore this morning and looked it up when I got home. It was actually featured on Brain Pickings last fall (which is where I saw these great illustrations). 

Cats + Space is always a winning combination in my book.*

- Summer

(*pun always intended)