우리 둘이지만 함께 축하할수 있어서 좋다! 데뷔전에 놀이터에서 하던 생일파티가 생각나고^^ 너랑 보내는 일곱번째 생일이라니..시간이 정말 빠르다! 내동생 생일 축하해! 남은 촬영도 잘해보자🎉 @RedBeans93

It’s just us two but it’s nice that we can celebrate together! Reminds me of the time we had a birthday party at the playground before debuting^^ We’ve already spent 7 birthdays togehter..time sure is fast! Happy birthday my brother! Let’s work hard for the rest of the shoot too🎉 @RedBeans93

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Martha was my sister, Gabi. My sister is dead.
      Not all of her, Jacob. Not all of her.

I wish the fact that Jason was a street kid was more of an important fact in his character development, especially with how society is now a days. I wish Jason was used as a character to show the flaws in today’s justice system. If Jason went toe to toe with corrupted cops, if Jason was the robin that got more aggressive with criminals that attacked the underprivileged and other street kids, if Jason called Bruce on how he lives in a privilege bubble and that was something that separated them more, if Jason had a network of people that he was close with on the street, if some of them had gone bad over time and Jason has to face them as a crime fighter. If Jason’s character roots of being a street kid had been developed more into his character there is no way in hell that he would be seen as the “worst robin” 

  • Hermione:Harry whats wrong!?
  • Harry:I just had to threaten to throat chop a guy I thought was about to take a picture of me & Lily.
  • Hermione:Those Daily Prophet reporters are getting worse and worse every year!
  • Harry:Merlin I hope my kids get their Moms temperament.
  • Hermione:[laughing] Ginny would have bat bogey hexed them for even looking their way and you know it...
  • Harry:Exactly! That way I know they can defend themselves!

N (@achahakyeon):

오늘의 기록_20160928
연기를 많이 준비하지 못해서 걱정이 앞섰는데
감독님께 ‘연기가 좋아졌다’ 는 응원을 들으니
이틀밤을 새도 안 피곤할것 같다
새로운 이야기 새로운 캐릭터로 살아가고 있는 오늘.
금손이로 내일 하루도 잘 버텨보자 🎬
#투모로우보이 작가님이시자
#얘네들머니 감독님!! 태평이를 기억하시고 불러주시고
또 많이 가르쳐 주셔서 감사합니다
#차학연 #최금손 #얘네들Mㅓ니

Today’s Record_20160928
I was worried about acting because I couldn’t prepare a lot beforehand
But the director said 'Your acting has improved’ and I feel like I can stay up for two days and not be tired from hearing that encouragement
Today where I’m living a new story and as a new character.
Let’s endure tomorrow too as Geumson 🎬
#TomorrowBoy’s writer is
#WhatAreTheseKids’ director!! Thank you for remembering Taepyung and calling me
And teaching me so much as well
#ChaHakyeon #ChoiGeumSon #WhatAreTheseKid$

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Like this post if you remember these NON-DISNEY animated movies from 80s-90s:

Swan Princess
Quest For Camelot
Land Before Time
Fern Gully
Page Master
The Brave Little Toaster
Troll In Central Park
We’re Back
An American Tail / Fievel Goes West
Road To Eldorado
The Prince Of Egypt
(Also, what movies am I leaving out?)