So like, my favourite non-Jedi Finn headcanon is medic!Finn, but imagine if Finn, while wandering around the base, stumbled across a creche or classroom. And he just kind of pauses outside the door, listening intently to these little things as they laugh and scream and run around without regard for anything. I mean, they don’t know about the bad stuff going on in the universe. They don’t know about the First Order and stormtroopers and all the bad things Finn has seen. They are pure and innocent and filled with such wonder it takes his breath away.

But it hurts, too, because this is what he missed. This is a thing that was taken from him. He didn’t know a childhood. He didn’t know innocence. There were no blocks to play with or costumes to play dress up with or songs to sing at circle time. But for as much as Finn envies them their childhood (for as much as their joy reminds him of all that he didn’t have) the sight of them fills him with unexpected joy and Finn finds himself coming back time and time again just to watch them.

That is until Leia notices and then suddenly the lost pieces connect and she knows (knows) this is a place Finn belongs. So she asks him to help out with the class. Not to teach them anything, just to help supervise and redirect them whenever they get upset at a broken toy. And at first he doesn’t think anything of it (he’d do anything for Leia) so he goes and helps out as best as he can. Except, the more time he spends with them the more he realizes he is good with kids. He likes them. And they like him. And eventually it gets to the point where he can’t go anywhere on base without kids running up to him.

Uncle Finn, they call him, and he gets hugs and sticky hands grabbing at his sleeves. And they draw him terrible pictures and make him the ugliest clay sculptures but he keeps all of them, until his half of the room is covered in gifts from his kids. And they are his kids, he realizes, Finn well on his way to being a teacher, the joy of watching these young humans develop into thoughtful, loving adults more satisfying than anything he could imagine.

Now imagining Finn noticing something different about one of his kids. Some kinship he doesn’t really understand. Imagine this being how Finn realizes he’s Force sensitive. Imagine Finn with a Padawan.

Teacher Finn, guys. This needs to be a thing.