First day at Camp Halfblood: Welcome!! here’s your cabin, here’s your new family, hey, don’t wanna fight? That’s fine! You can help out on the farm, invent, play, just have a good time you’re part of our family now and we love you and are so proud of you and

First day at Camp Jupiter: Ok here’s where we force our campers to battle to the death on a daily basis now go train in the woods for months with a pack of wolves who will probably eat you if you aren’t good enough to be here welcome to camp you little shit


Tyga scares King Cairo in the bath, via Tyga on Instagram, 19 October 2017.

Και μη ξεχνάς που και που, να πάρεις μια ανάσα.

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It’s great to have success, do great things, have kids and be married.. but honestly.. the only thing that is going to matter at the end of your life is going to be whether you surrendered to Jesus. This life is temporary and I hope this life has been great for you, but think on eternity for a moment.. don’t leave this world without accepting Jesus. Please.