Why is she running ? 😝

To be honest, I’ve never liked kids. They were just annoying, screaming, toothless and bald little humans and I wasn’t a fan of them. I’m working in the clothing store on the children section and had no love for kids. But after reading @sembell’s beautiful story, I must admit, those little toothless weirdos are kinda okay. But Eaden Duchovny is still the only child I like, ha.
Measuring what matters
Start-up Reflection Sciences is closing the opportunity gap by putting a simple tool in the hands of teachers.

U of M professors Stephanie Carlson and Phil Zelazo know that executive function (EF) skills—the ability to control our thoughts, actions, and emotions—also allow us to pay attention, listen, and follow directions. And for kids just starting to learn, that’s incredibly important. Recent studies have shown these skills are more predictive of academic success than IQ, and that kids who don’t have them begin to falter immediately.
Crossing Back Over: ‘Reading Rainbow’ Revitalized
Remember Reading Rainbow? As a kid I lived for those 30 minutes each week when my teacher would wheel in the TV, pop in the VHS tape, and LeVar Burton…

Reading Rainbow is still inspiring and encouraging children everywhere to love the world of books and reading! Check out the details on their new Skybrary app! #kids #bookworms