A Wichita, Kansas, grandmother is reeling after she says she received a handwritten letter in her mailbox telling her that she and her nine grandchildren aren’t welcome in their neighborhood.

Nancy Wirths, 49, told local NBC News affiliate WCMH-TV that the letter has frightened her and her biracial family, and said that it’s “a shame” that someone sought to introduce her grandchildren to this kind of hate.

Wichita police are currently investigating the letter, which held a frightening message regarding six out of nine of Wirths’ grandchildren, who are black. Read more

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Two cute…. by Renee Lloyd


How would VIXX be as dads?

N: N would be such a good dad. Like SO GOOD. He’d have the perfect balance of affection and firmness. To me he’s a very. very family oriented person. I don’t think he’d care very much if he had a girl or boy (or how many kids), he’d love to just have a child. He’d have one of those huge happy daddy smiles almost all the time and would love to spoil his kids (but not too much). He’d be really nurturing and caring, more of mother than even you. He can’t help it, it’s who he is!

“Ah, let’s be careful. Let appa help you.”

“Is it a V for VIXX?”

“I don’t think he’s feeling well, did you bring some medicine with you Y/N?”

“Say hello to umma.”

Leo: Leo would be SUCH A SWEET father. Like seriously I can’t see him EVER scolding his kids. Personally I think he’d be the type to spoil them so much and you’d often have to tell him he needs to be firmer and not always soft because it would make you the bad guy if you were the only one scolding the children. But he wouldn’t really change. Not because he wants to be the “favourite” parent, but because he honestly would forget and become a smiling, nurturing, gentle soul every time he’d be with his children. I think Leo might like to have a boy, just so he could have that father-son relationship/bonding time with soccer. But honestly I don’t think he’d mind having a girl either, like seriously as long as there are kids he’d be happy. I think he’d want a lot of kids too.

“He fell asleep Y/N.”

Y/N: “Let me take him then.”

“No I’ve got it. He likes sleeping on me anyway.”

Ken: Honestly, just as there are literally no gifs with Ken and kids…I found like no footage with Ken and children either. So I ended up using pictures (still cute). The lack of gifs and footage match how he’d be as a father. I honestly don’t know. I’d assume he’d be just as much of a kid, so people would wonder who the father was and who the child was. He’d probably keep a good relationship with his children, I do imagine him struggling just a bit with dealing with them when it gets serious (in which you’d probably have to do a lot of the serious parenting stuff). That’s not to say Ken can’t be responsible, when he’s serious he’s very focused and thorough. I think he’d be the one to relate the most to the kids. He might be short on patience and get angry easily, but he would calm down just as quickly because despite his temper he’s really good at controlling himself before he acts. Whether he’d want a boy or girl, I also can’t say. I don’t think he’d particularly care. I think Ken would be happy with just one kid, although he might want more later on (I really have difficulty reading him).

Ravi: “Hyung can you hold her for a sec?”

Ken: “Um…I  might drop her…”

Ravi: “You’re right, never mind.” 

Ravi: Ravi is an angel. Like honestly he looks so tough and everything, but he’s just a cinnamon roll and he’d be so cute trying to handle kids. Like N, I think he’s super family oriented. He’d definitely want a daughter (but wouldn’t mind if he had a son). I can just see him spoiling his daughter and being REALLY protective of her. She’d be daddy’s little princess and NO PRINCE SHALL EVER COME BETWEEN THEM. You might even get a little jealous that they spend more time together than with you and when you pout they’d both run to tackle you and hug you until you all were a rolling, laughing mess. He’d probably be a little clumsy and you might have to do a lot of the work, not because he doesn’t want to help out but because it would be faster if you just did things (and safer too). Ravi would probably want at least two kids (preferably both girls). I can also see him really into choosing their outfits and taking them out on surprise trips.

“Ouch…don’t hit appa!”

“Where’s umma?”

“Say hi to the camera!”

We look so cute here. I wonder if Y/N’s jealous.

Hongbin: Hongbin I think would be the dad everyone expects. Does that make sense? Like your stereotypical, good father. Responsible, caring but also firm, and really encouraging. Although he gets flustered easily, and confused as well -when it comes to children I think he’d be very much composed and in control. He’d smile a lot like always and the responsibility would be evenly shared between you two. I don’t think he’d particularly care whether he had a girl or a boy, but I do think he’d probably want one of each.

“I’m holding him while Y/N finishes up. Is he asleep already?”

Will proceed to wait patiently, looking like a classy-ass dad.

“Oh you’re done already Y/N? That was fast, he just fell asleep a while ago.” 

Y/N: “Here let me take him.”

“No it’s alright, I’ll carry him to the car.”

Hyuk: Hyuk would be a really fun dad. Pranks, play and lots of laughter. He’d be like a best friend to his children. I also think he’d be pretty responsible when it came to the more serious aspects of parenting, but overall he’d be the instigator of all the mischief. You’d end up scolding him more than the kids. I also don’t think he’d care if he had a daughter or son because he’d teach them to be evil maknaes regardless. As for how many children he’d want…I kind of think he’d just want one. Maybe two? Or an army of evil maknaes.

“Soon my son, you shall be the next maknae-on-top.” whilst proudly imagining the future.

At the Mexican restaurant tonight, my girls came back from the bathroom with a waitress and hostess right behind them. And the women had really weird looks on their faces. And I was pretty sure my girls were to blame.

Apparently the girls had been discussing a story idea involving man-eating horses and all the people die until only two are left, which led to a heated debate that there had to be more than two people for human reproduction because brothers can’t marry sisters (their DNA is too similar-duh!).

So yeah. Weird looks understood.

No one goes to the bathroom expecting to hear a discussion about man-eating horses, human reproduction, and genetic diversity, all from 11yo and 8yo little girls.


[08.25.2016] // Friend’s visit + 31 weeks update!

Hi guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine!
Today was a very cool day! I received a visit of my friend Audrey and we had so much fun together! She is a little bit small next to me lol But she is very very cool! I like she so much, and we talked a lot!
Also, I’m with 31 weeks! I can’t be more happy! Just more 9 weeks and I will have my little baby in my arms! I can’t wait to meet she, hug she and kiss their cheek so much! <3
She is moving very more now! I feel their kick in more times of the day, and it make me so glad! That’s cool that she is a very active baby!
Also, I’m have some desires now, and it seems very different lol
So guys, let’s go for the update!

How far along? 31 weeks!
Maternity clothes? Yes!!
Stretch marks? Not much!
Sleep? Good, but she is very more active now! She kicks so much, and I don’t sleep more like in the past week.
Belly button in or out? In.
Belly? So big! I’m feeling a big whale lol
Best moment of this week? Feeling their kicks in the most of the day!
Missing anything? My friends for go out!
Missing any food? Brigadeiro omg
Anything that give nausea to me? Nothing more lol
What I’m looking forward to? My next ultrassound!
Ring on or off? On!.
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy :3
Baby in veggie/fruit terms - Coconut!
Weight gain ? 16lbs and 2oz!
Gender? A baby girl!

And guys, look these cuties! I love them so much, and I can’t deal with them! They’re so lovely! I’m gratefull of how cute they be together, and how they play together!

So guys, that was the post of today! I hope that you all liked!
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you!
Thanks for read! Have a amazing day/night!