So the KCA’s are here and I think it would be great for Steven Universe to win for a change instead of SpongeBob winning constantly. Plus it would make Cartoon Network realise that Steven Universe is more popular than they seem to think and play new episodes more frequently so we won’t be constantly stuck on hiatus :“’))

I’ve voted at least 20 times now, just keep refreshing the page and go down to the cartoons section to vote!! WE CAN DO THIS


Here’s the link:

i know i have like -5 followers, but i want everyone to listen:

gravity falls has been nominated for a kids choice award for favorite cartoon. i know that steven universe was nominated as well, but the post about it is already spreading.

gravity falls is such an amazing show that, as you all know, is ending soon. so there’s no way it will be nominated next year. so, i ask all of you, as gravity falls fans to vote until your fingers fall off. it’d be nice for at least something to beat out spongebob. thanks.

here’s the link: