Kid Icarus


Kid Icarus Emblem!

Pit as a Pegasus knight with a javelin, I could’ve give him a bow, but I think the fact that javelin can do both direct and indirect attack fit him pretty well. (I could make him laguz, but I think I’d save laguz for the more animal like character, also his ability doesn’t match Heron tribe)

Palutena as a saint, because she is the goddess of light and everything. She had to be a Third-Tier class.

and dark pit is obviously dark flier.

other Super Smash Emblem design :

Mario/Luigi -

Peach/Toad/Bowser -

Kirby/Meta knight/King Dedede -

This is interesting

I mentioned this on the post from @splatoonus​ but the new Bomb Launcher Special

seems to be based on an ancient Nintendo toy called the Ultra Machine

it was a pitching machine designed by Gunpei Yokai who you may or may not know as  the creator of the Game & Watch handheld system, inventor of the Control Pad  (whose plus-shaped design nearly all video game controllers attempt to mimic today), the original designer of the Game Boy, and producer of a few long-running and critically acclaimed video game franchises, such as Metroid 

and Kid Icarus.

the Ultra Machine itself has shown up in a few Nintendo games

It was in a Warioware microgame

it was a piece of furniture in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

and featured very prominantly in Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

Nice little nod to a piece of Nintendo history, I would say