Smile ~ Chanyeol Scenario

Smile ~ Chanyeol Scenario

Word Count: 920

Type: Angst

*Trigger warning: suicide*

Brief: Chanyeol is in the state of ruins after you had gone. He reads your letter to him, written the night before you passed.

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He scrunched his unkempt hair in his fists, yelling, screaming, kicking as he entered the room that you both shared. He roughly loosened his black tie and undid the first few buttons of his black shirt, throwing himself on the bed. Black circles down to his chin, sad, tired eyes, dry, chapped lips and tear stains on his face… Chanyeol’s appearance told the story. In his hands – the memorial card and a white, enclosed envelope with his name written neatly on the front. His breaths increased in instability and frequency as he tore the envelope, taking out a hand-written letter with his trembling hands.


Chanyeol, if you’re in the position where you are sitting on our bed, in endless floods of tears, attempting to read this, I must firstly and foremostly apologise. I apologise for the pain you’re currently being pounded by and for the upcoming pain that I have learnt from experience, destroys those close the most. But please, I beg of you, rest assured. I am in a better place now.

I am happier than I ever would have been, had I still been living and breathing, walking and talking. Know that I love, appreciate and truly cherish you, and have from the first day our eyes met across the cafe. I’ll treasure our memories together and guard them with all I have, just like how you did with me. I cannot thank you enough. For making me happy, caring for me, laughing with me, crying with me and most of all, loving me. I hope the memories I have had the time of my life creating with you will be enough to pull you through this. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for being so selfish; I left you alone in this world when we promised that we’d always be there for each other, no matter what. I’m sorry you had to let me go this way.

Please smile. And continue doing so. Your smile lit up my world and I would feel terrible if anyone was deprived of your spark. I know you’re in agony and I know you won’t know how to accept this or how to handle it but if you want to make me happy in return, I only ask of one, final thing from you.

Move on. Keep your head held high and your chin up and move on. Forget about me. Forget I ever existed and move on. Find someone who wouldn’t put you in a position like this and cherish them with all you have. Find someone who can make you truly happy, someone who lives to see you smile and hear you laugh. Be the shining happy virus you have always been.

I’ll always be with you, whether you know it or not and I’ll always love you. Please. Don’t ever forget that you’re loved. So when you’re forced to go through my belongings and pictures of us, don’t cry… smile that smile I love so dearly. I wish you all the best. I know you will come to be a great husband and father.


I’ll always love you,

Y/N, xoxo


Smile? How could Chanyeol smile now that you were gone? He hasn’t smiled for days, refusing to meet people, go out or even talk to his own members and family. All he had been doing was lying in the bed that you both shared. Your side of the bed still smelt like you and he was not ready to let you go yet. Given the choice, he would never let you go. He didn’t want to move on or forget you. The time he spent with you was the happiest he had ever been. He wouldn’t trade his time with you for anything the world had to offer.

Little did you know, Chanyeol blamed himself for your death. Failing to realise how you were truly feeling and unable to talk to you due to his schedule, he assumed you were doing fine. He kept beating himself up, telling himself ‘if you paid more attention, she wouldn’t be gone. She would still be here. You are the one who is responsible for her death. You couldn’t even look after the love of your life and you have the nerve to be crying.’ You had never once blamed him for the way you felt. It wasn’t his fault. Even if you could tell him that now, he would be blinded by his rage and frustration with himself.

His cries and sobs grew louder as he zoned out of reality, memories of the pair of you flashing before his very eyes. 'Would it be better if I joined her?’ The dates you went on, songs you wrote together, jokes you shared… they all replayed in his mind, one after the other on repeat.

He tried. He tried to force the corners of his lips up into a smile. All he ever wanted to do was to make you happy and he had failed that. This was his last attempt in doing so. To show you how much he really loved you, just in case you were in any doubt. 'She told me to be happy. To smile. Fulfilling that is the least I can do on her behalf.’

His mouth form a weak crescent, before falling almost immediately as more tears fell like waterfalls down his face.

“You know, your smile can light up anyone’s life. You should really smile more!” Your words echoed in his mind.

'Smile, Chanyeol. Smile.’

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I want to cry and scream until my lungs hurt or I run out of tears. I want to throw things until they break and punch walls until I can no longer feel my hands. I want to kick down my door or throw myself onto the floor until my body stops shaking. I have so many pent up emotions, anger, hurt, sadness, betrayal. I want to hurt everything because everything is hurting me.
—  but all i’m going to do is pretend that everything is fine ( 11:15 )

💣 Dick has a special skill set. Skills that only his siblings know about. Skills that all–ALL–of his siblings have been forced to participate in.

I think we all know what I’m talking about.


The Dirty Dancing jump.


buck being all protective over alfonso and steve being… well, steve.

Funny story: I promised myself this go ‘round that I was under no circumstances going to analyze the Holby City: Winter Trailer.  At all. I was going to be very mature and watch the Trailer one time like all the normal people in the GA general audience who have watched it the way it was meant to be viewed. Once.  And that was going to to be that.

Apparently the actual, literal translation of I’m not going to analyze the Holby City Winter Trailer this time around is: Imma gonna watch that sucker 75 times, backwards and forwards, in slow motion, frame by frame, screenshot Serena’s scenes, catalogue and label blouses, earrings, hair-line and makeup, cross reference with spoilers and official synopses and a preview video to come up with some ideas.  Forget one theory. I’ve got six. I could blame @nicolaruth27 because she tagged me this morning and asked for some CSI level investigation, but that would be unfair as we all know I would have done this anyway.  In any case I’m shoving it all under a read-more, mostly to save my six, I can’t believe you’re hanging in you precious people followers who don’t watch Holby City and obsess over Serena and Bernie and anyone else in the tag who simply like to watch the pretty gifs and have no use for the rambling prognostications of the obsessed theories.

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