I have spammed 3 of my reps with 5 faxes each with the same message tonight.

Send “Resist” to 50409 to start the fax system.

You’ll give your name and address when prompted.

Select who you want to send messages to.

Just send “Congress” if you want to send to your rep, governor, and senator at the same time.

Type your message, as long as you want it to be, then send “done.”

After that, you have the option of starting over, adding to it, etc. If you’re done, send “send.” It’ll tell you it’s queued up the messages/faxes, and then send you a confirmation when the faxes/messages were delivered.

Honestly, if these people aren’t sick of me by the end of the week and into next week, then I haven’t done my job. I plan on recording voicemails tomorrow to send them as well. I’ll just keep sending both all week. They won’t get any of it until after Thanksgiving, but they’re getting them dammit.

Feel free to join me in annoying the hell out of our government to stop the elimination of net neutrality. I don’t plan to go down without kicking and screaming and bugging the shit out of these people.

These two apps/systems are great for people like me with severe anxiety and can’t make phone calls to save ourselves.

The message/fax system is called Resist, and the voicemail leaving app is called Stance.

Y'all join me.

  • Jem: Why are you whispering?
  • Will: [whispering] For dramatic effect!
BTS Reaction to you not wanting to be lifted up because you think you’re too heavy-

(for anon)


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When Jin tried to playfully lift you up off the ground while hugging you, you instantly pushed him away and backed off, trying to make it look like no big deal. Leaving Jin to think that he did something wrong. Once you shamefully explained that you felt you were too heavy to pick up, Jin wrapped his arm around you and held you closely to him “You know i’m the strongest of us all right baby?”


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You were casually sitting beside Yoongi on the couch when you both decided to head to bed. He decided to mess around and try to lift you bridal style to your bedroom. You planted your feet to the ground and pushed him away, laughing nervously. He gave you a confused look but left it alone. When Yoongi brought it back up in bed together, you told him how you thought you were too heavy to pick up. Yoongi sighed and shook his head. “Have you seen my big ass muscles?” He teased. “Baby I can lift a car.”


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Hoseok was such a playful and loving boyfriend and that’s one of the things you loved best about him. But sometimes he takes it too far for your liking. While walking hand in hand with him one day, he suddenly went behind you to wrap his arms around your waist and lift you up. You intermediately screamed for him to put you down and get away so he did so with a shocked look on his face. After you explained to him that you were too heavy for him to pick up, Hoseok sighed and pressed his lips to your cheek lovingly. “Baby that’s not true. But if you don’t like it, I won’t do it.”


Originally posted by ksjknj

Namjoon was always so respectful and laid back but he had his moments. While holding you tight one day, he tapped the bottom of your thighs, indicating that he wanted you to jump up on him.You instantly pushed away from him and shook your head no. He knew something was off immediately. Once you explained to him that you felt you were too heavy for him to pick up, Namjoon looked at you with sad eyes. “Not true whatsoever but if you’re not comfortable with it baby, I won’t try it again.”


Originally posted by princejimin

After Jimin tried lifting you up out of nowhere, causing a distressed you to kick and scream for him to put you down, you ran off in tears and ashamed. Leaving Jimin thinking he did something wrong. Once you were both able to talk at the end of the day, you told him about how you felt you were too heavy to pick up. Jimin only smiled that gorgeous smile and moved his face centimeters away from yours. “Okay baby, just dont scare me like that again. I thought you were mad at me!”


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When Taehyung playfully decided to pick you up, you went into panic mode and became flustered while telling him to get off of you. Taehyung was confused and slightly hurt until you told him that you were too heavy for him to be picking up. He shook his head and gave you a silly face. “Believe what you want, silly cutie pie.”


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Jungkook tried scooping you up to take you to your bedroom, causing you to jump up and back away from him. He asked what was up and you finally told him. “ I’m too heavy for you, Kookie…” Jungkook suddenly swooped you up in his arms and held you tightly to him, like you were a little feather.  “I’m literally the strongest of us all, baby. You KNOW this.”

FIC REC’S OF 2017 part 9 ( november)

We’re starting to get to the Christmas/Holiday season and I, for one, am sooo excited! I wanted to write “I loved this” at the end of each of these fics, so I’m just going to say it here now. I loved all of these. :D Happy reading!

You Love Me, If You Love Me Don’t Let Go by @shadowofyoursong / ao3 (98k) CHAPTERED 

His name is up there. He’s the only Harry in this group. His eyes land on Louis, who swallows thickly. He gives Harry a small smile, brows raised a little. Harry is not dancing a solo. He’s dancing with the boy, who he never remembers. How the hell can he ever get anyone’s attention, when he doesn’t have any connection with this guy.

Or the one where Harry and Louis are students at The Juilliard School of Performing Arts and are dancing in the same group. Harry never notices Louis, the boy who is a year younger than him, mostly sticks to himself and practices hard (or that’s what Harry thinks). Louis on the other hand always sees the confident and focused Harry. Now they’re paired for a duo performance and they have to make it work, even though Louis’ eyes are towards London and Harry’s are towards a career after graduation, which he thinks he can only get with a solo performance. DANCER AU, HATE TO LOVE

(Take Me Home) Country Roads by @a-writerwrites / ao3 (86k) CHAPTERED

“Sir, I can help you. Just let me — “ He tried moving closer but the eldest child blocked his way. He backed off, putting his hands out in a passive gesture. “I’m a physician. I can help,” he tried again.

The man shook his head vehemently, passing the cup back to his grandchild. “Tol’ ya. Don’t need ya.” All of the fire had gone out of his voice, leaving behind a frail, sick old man with barely any breath to talk.

“I have medicines…I could make you comfortable…” Louis’ voice was still small, but pleading.

“Mountain Mama cares for wha’s ailin’ me. Don’t need no fancy city doctors.”

Louis blinked at the man, still shaking from the coughing spell. Mountain — well, fuck. That backwoods, uneducated scam artist…

“Of course he is,” Louis said curtly.

OR a Northern Exposure AU featuring Louis as the big city doctor, Harry as a natural healer, Niall as a secretive barkeep, Liam and Zayn head over heels for each other but they don’t know it and a lot of hurt, comfort and moonshine in between. HATE TO LOVE

You Might Want To Marry My Husband by @all-these-larrythings / ao3 (25k) CHAPTERED

When Harry’s husband dies, he asks one thing of him; to find love and happiness again without him. It’s a request that Harry is happy to disregard, until he meets the one person who is impossible to ignore. MOVING ON

It’ll Be by @styleandsin / ao3 (13k) ONE SHOT

Louis has always wanted children and he decides he’s done waiting for love to come first. However, after adopting a baby girl just days after she’s born, he quickly realizes how hard parenting is. Louis hires Harry to be his Nanny, and it all works out great. Until Louis falls in love with him. KID FIC

Oops, Baby, I Love You ( In That Order) by @suddenclarityharry / ao3 (25k) ONE SHOT 

Later that night, when he’s lying in bed thinking of all the things he’s longed for in his life, he can’t stop hearing Fizzy’s words in his head.

Who says you have to get married?

It’s true, Louis wants to get married one day, to have a spouse to encourage his crazy promotional ideas for his book shop, to have someone to cuddle into at night, someone who will love him even on his moody days. But she’s absolutely right, isn’t she? Who says he has to have that before he can have a baby?

When he finally falls asleep, he sleeps restfully, having made a very important decision about his future.

Husband or no, Louis Tomlinson is going to have a baby.

OR The minute Louis Tomlinson decides he don’t need no man to start a family, Harry Styles literally falls into his arms. MPREG

Couldn’t See Past Me, Till I Saw Your Face by @lululawrence / ao3 (12k) ONE SHOT 

“Look at us, living the dream,” Louis said softly. “But Harry, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to finish my last semester with the baby. I don’t know how far along I am or anything. And what about my internship and all of that?”

Harry shook his head emphatically and pulled back once more from Louis, this time placing his large, strong hands on Louis’ shoulders and squeezing them tight.

“We’ll make this work, Louis. I’ll help take care of you and your little one and I know you’ll help me make it through whatever happens with this. We’re always there for each other, right? Just like we promised when we were in middle school.”

Louis laughed a bit and smiled through his tears that finally seem to have left. Again. Hopefully they stayed away a little longer this time.

“We’ll figure it out, yeah?” Harry asked again.

“Yeah. We always do.”

Or the one where Harry and Louis have been best friends since they could remember and their friendship has withstood it all…but an unexpected pregnancy might change everything. MPREG

Home For Christmas by @haloeverlasting / ao3 (22k) ONE SHOT 

The Shameless Hallmark Movie AU you probably didn’t ask for.

Or, the one where Harry didn’t think he wanted a family, but with a little Christmas magic (and maybe one Louis Tomlinson) he realizes that he is very, very wrong. CHRISTMAS, KID FIC

Waiting For Wonderful by @becomeawendybird / ao3 (13k) ONE SHOT

The university class where he met Louis was the beginning of the end for Harry. It took all of an hour for him to figure out that he was in love with Louis, and there was no way around it. It was a part of his DNA; he was tall, he had green eyes, and he was in love with Louis Tomlinson. Louis was his soulmate, and they were going to be together. Eventually.

Harry is willing to wait as long as he needs to for his best friend to realise that they’re supposed to be together, but it kills him to watch Louis struggle in his relationship with Mackenzie. All Harry wants to do is be supportive, and sometimes that’s all it takes. BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS

We’ll Rise Up by @suddenclarityharry / ao3 (18k) ONE SHOT

“So,” Liam begins with a smile, “you were the associate pastor at your last church?”

“Yes,” Louis can already feel himself scrunching down in his seat, shrinking against even the reminder of the church he was forced from.

“Was that a good experience for you?” Liam steeples his hands in front of him as he leans his elbows on the desk in interest.

“It was for a while but, to be honest, things ended rather badly,” Louis leans forward too, he needs to get this out and he wants to tell Liam everything, have everything on the table.

Leaning forward even more, Liam seems to be looking for the same thing, “What happened?”

Louis can feel the trembles in his hands again, so he sits on them, biting his lip before admitting, “They found out I’m gay.”

In the hallway, there’s a terribly loud thump and then a grunt of pain and Louis twists around to see Harry, sprawled out on the ground just outside the doorway.

Or Louis is a Pastor with no church and a heart filled with uncertainty. Pastor Payne is more than willing to give Louis a new place to work, but it’s Music Director Harry that helps him rebuild his faith. RELIGIOUS

(We Will Be) As If Chosen by @alivingfire / ao3 (35k) ONE SHOT

There’s not a royal in the world who doesn’t carry some sort of secret, and Prince Louis has more than his fair share. To protect himself and his family, Louis withdrew from the public eye and tried to live a quiet life, biding his time until his sister Lottie could take the throne in his stead. Unfortunately for him, the national media and the worst person Louis has ever met team up to bring him kicking and screaming back into the spotlight.

Under the watchful eyes of millions, Louis has to figure out how to keep his carefully constructed house of cards from falling, and the first step to accomplishing that is to keep from falling in love with the irritatingly charming Prince Harry, who just won’t stop showing up and trying to whisk Louis out of the constraints of his boring life.

Or: the course of true love never did run smooth, because sometimes people are stubborn and sometimes people are scared and sometimes, just sometimes, love can cause just as many problems as it solves. MODERN ROYALTY, HATE TO LOVE

73 Questions by @literlarryreal / ao3 (6k) ONE SHOT

Louis is more nervous than usual about filming the upcoming episode of Vogue’s 73 questions. Musician and soon to be actor Harry Styles may have something to do with that. BANTER

club penguin is marxist

behold, the undifferentiated labourers. those with membership afforded that most bourgeois of privileges, individualism. their neoliberal agenda as stiff and as fake as their blonde spiky wigs or the long brown hair with the flowers that all the popular penguins wear. 

ill toil away surfing on my mine cart until the revolution comes. and all penguins shall wear the red skin colour as one.