I M REALLY HYPED FOR SUN AND MOON BUT HOW DID RED AND BLUE GET THERE. I mean Wally is probably there to get stronger and Cynthia kinda goes wherever she feels like (see: black/white and hg/ss) but WHY ARE THE BOYS THERE. Did they meet up after the tournament in bw2 and decide to go to Alola together?  Did they both hear about the tournament and independently decide to go by themselves? I think blue was on vacation in Kalos prior to X/Y so is he just here on vacation at the right time?? But then why is Red there? Did Blue march to the top of Mt Silver and go “okay you need to leave the cave now we’re going on vacation, come on” and drag Red down kicking and screaming? WE PROBABLY WON’T FIND OUT BUT IM SO EXCITED 

I want to cry and scream until my lungs hurt or I run out of tears. I want to throw things until they break and punch walls until I can no longer feel my hands. I want to kick down my door or throw myself onto the floor until my body stops shaking. I have so many pent up emotions, anger, hurt, sadness, betrayal. I want to hurt everything because everything is hurting me.
—  but all i’m going to do is pretend that everything is fine ( 11:15 )
*all while listening to future hearts for the first time*
  • *listening to Satellite*
  • Me:this is the best song on the album
  • *listening to Kicking & Screaming*
  • Me:nope it's this one
  • * listening to Something's Gotta Give*
  • Me:Holy shit it's this one
  • * listening to Kids in the Dark*
  • Me:sorry it's this one
  • * listening to Runaways*
  • Me:nope this is the best one
  • * listening to Missing You*
  • Me:sorry this is king
  • * listening to Cinderblock Garden*
  • Me:nope best song right here
  • * listening to Tidal Waves*
  • Me:never mind you're all irrelevant this is the best right here
  • * listening to Don't You Go*
  • Me:whoops it's this on
  • * listening to Bail Me out*
  • Me:hahaha it's this song
  • * listening to Dancing with a Wolf*
  • Me:okay I made up my mind it's this song right here
  • * listening to The Edge of Tonight*
  • Me:holy hell it's this song
  • * listening to Old Scars / Future Hearts*
  • Me:it's this one

can we talk about the way ten laughs at johnny??