girl is born into the world,
bloodied, kicking and screaming,
doctor says her mother birthed a warrior.

girl is four and bedtime stories,
are her truths, somehow the monster,
lurking under her bed are deadlier than any poison.

girl is eight and she still mistakes,
fireflies for stars, sometimes angels,
father tells her she dreams too much.

girl learns how to say no,
for the first time in her life,
but somehow it just isn’t enough

girl is unripe grapefruits,
drip by drip, bleeding down her spine,
acidic and sickeningly sweet.

girl by nicole moon

real talk: do teenage boys not have anything better to do than harassing girls?

got harassed today while I was with my friend @floraldeerprince (who I had a great time catching up with 💙) and it was just like??? do u boys do this for fun?? like idek what the second guy said but the first one yelled at me “ur so butters [british slang for ugly] no one will ever want u!!!”

like. I’m cute and I’m not gonna take the screamed words of a pasty white boy seriously

unfortunately, some ppl will and like?? just leave girls alone?? and stop being a little shit?? like take up a hobby. maybe pottery, or stargazing, or smth that will calm u the fuck down

What’s this, multiple posts in “one” day?!?! Sorcery!

Fairy Fest is back again, hosted at Fairy-Tail-FC on dA, and here I am kind of against my better judgement lol orz participating for the 4th year in a row!!

This is the Solo Event submission for Team Nebulous Naiads. The event for this week was to draw something with the theme of despair, and after the release of chapter 498 I couldn’t NOT draw some Gruvia desperation angst.

Fairy Tail definitely feels like it’s winding down but it is going to go down kicking and screaming. It’s had an excellent run but honestly, Mashima-sensei seems to be making it a bit too complicated and drawn out. I JUST WANT THE PAIRINGS TO HAPPEN AND FOR NATSU AND ZEREF TO HAVE RESOLUTION IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!

Also apparently I don’t believe in a consistent art or coloring style because wha t i s t h i s.

Please vote for my piece, and for my group’s piece!!

Artwork ©: alazic02
Fairy Tail and Characters ©: Hiro Mashima
Fairy Fest ©: Fairy-Tail-FC

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talking about education stuff at all is so ehh because like, i don’t want to at all imply that working in academe/having advanced degrees/etc is somehow better than not having a formal academic background, or doing pink or blue collar work, or whatever – i don’t think that at all, and honestly i think the idea of ~smartness should be buried in a concrete grave kicking and screaming,

but like i know that not every post has to talk about dismantling the concept of Education™ and that things like that hold a lot of weight, so i use them sometimes? but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth

anyway so point is im a autistic cr*pple with an iep and no high school diploma working toward a phd in a massively irrelevant field, i don’t know what direction “left” is, and all in all everything you’ve ever been told about intelligence is a lie, all skills are equally valuable, and if how you got to your result mattered all that much then calculators wouldnt exist. if you’re an astrobiologist who only remembers the order of the planets in our solar system by humming the “well the sun’s a bright star” song from blues clues that’s totally chill, if you’ve never touched academia in your life and never intend to, that’s chill, and so is literally every other version of How To Do Adulthood

do what you want to do and do it any way you can

Paying Tribute To Jack Kirby On His 99th Birthday

@elana_brooklyn and @karcossa talk about #jackkirby for #kirbyweek

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On August 28th, 1917  Jacob Kurtzburg, an American artist of Jewish descent, was brought kicking and screaming into the world  – at least I assume he came in kicking and screaming. Jacob Kurtzburg may not be a name you immediately recognize, but I’m sure you’ve heard of Jack Kirby. There’s been so many great things written about Kirby over the years, so this isn’t going to be another piece…

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nxrestfxrthewicked  asked:

Ship that needs more love:💖

Did you know Unicorn, in fact, has a lot of DR ships?

Ship that needs more love: 💖

IBU-KI & SOU-DA!!!!!!!!!!!

IBU-KI & SOU-DA!!!!!!!!!!!

IBU-KI & SOU-DA!!!!!!!!!!!

LISTEN U CAN KICK AND SCREAM & TRY 2 TELL ME THAT IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE BUT L I STEN……… LISTEN………… weeps……… they’re so cute okay they could be so cute TOGETHER and he’s such a dork but she’s 1000% okay with that bc she’s a loser but like the COOLEST loser their ever was and!!! i just!!!!!!!!! want them!!!!!! to be cute 2gether!!!!!!!!

IBU-KI WOULD LOVE ALL THE STUPID THINGS SOU-DA DOES OKAY……… he may be the biggest dork ever, but she’d think he’s the bee’s knees && she wouldn’t be embarrassed to, like, TELL him that all the time in front of EVERYONE if he wanted her 2. it would be such a healthy pairing and i will!!!!!!! bang my pots && pans together fOREVER!!!!!!!


*all while listening to future hearts for the first time*
  • *listening to Satellite*
  • Me:this is the best song on the album
  • *listening to Kicking & Screaming*
  • Me:nope it's this one
  • * listening to Something's Gotta Give*
  • Me:Holy shit it's this one
  • * listening to Kids in the Dark*
  • Me:sorry it's this one
  • * listening to Runaways*
  • Me:nope this is the best one
  • * listening to Missing You*
  • Me:sorry this is king
  • * listening to Cinderblock Garden*
  • Me:nope best song right here
  • * listening to Tidal Waves*
  • Me:never mind you're all irrelevant this is the best right here
  • * listening to Don't You Go*
  • Me:whoops it's this on
  • * listening to Bail Me out*
  • Me:hahaha it's this song
  • * listening to Dancing with a Wolf*
  • Me:okay I made up my mind it's this song right here
  • * listening to The Edge of Tonight*
  • Me:holy hell it's this song
  • * listening to Old Scars / Future Hearts*
  • Me:it's this one