All Tied Up

The small skeleton shouted at the top of his ecto lungs for his brother, anger obviously being heard in his tone. “Ya fucker!” He tugged at his wrists with an irritated grunt, groaning when the ropes wouldn’t budge. “Ya can’t just leave me in my bed completely naked ya PRICK!” Sins kicked his feet before slumping against the bed. “Why don’t ya leave the door unlocked too while you’re at it! No! Next time put up a sign for everyone else to know!”


A Recounting of Keats' Dislike of Everyone

Keats’ response to his contemporaries is so funny.
About Wordsworth: “The whims of an egotist… I will have no more of Wordsworth… Why should we kick against the Pricks, when we can walk on Roses?”
“Your letter gave me more pleasure than will the 4th Book of Childe Harold.” (Referring to Byron’s enormously popular poem)