shinee interview bingo*

*or drinking game

make a mark every time:

  • jinki makes a pun
  • taemin touches jinki
  • jonghyun calls someone by name
  • minho makes a compliment
  • minkey at some point grab each other
  • kibum laughs
  • taemin fiddles with his hands/jewelry
  • ttakbam!
  • jonghyun answers before [x] can reveal too much
  • high-five


  • jonghyun’s legs aren’t crossed
  • minho’s are
  • no puns

feel free to add to the list


I can never and will never get over this video!

Credit : UltraKdramaMama

sabakunocasali  asked:

I was wondering about what do you think about their personalities and stage personas, im pretty new to kpop and shinee but id like to know them more <3

Wow, okay this is a big question.. and I’ve been putting off answering it. I’ll break it down by member and then stage vs. real life. I know some of these cross reference each other, so I will try to focus on the main differences that stand out to me. Before I get into this, please remember that these are my opinions and are most likely completely wrong. I also hope you don’t mind if I post this.. but, because I’m putting so much effort into it, I thought it would be fun to share ^^

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