When Key changed the A-Yo Lyrics to Jonghyun 😊#jongkey

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  • Me:*breathes in deeply*
  • Me:Ah... The lovely smell of fall air, pumpkin spice flavored food that should have never been thought of...
  • Me:Leaves falling and the sound of them crunch under my shoes....
  • Me:Also the flood of Minho's 'SHINee's back' meme's with the pungent smell of all hell breaking lose in the fandom.
  • Me:This fall is going to be great.

I knew it…I KNEW IT…he’s gonna fall for her 

Drinking Solo ep. 7


He’ll do anything to put off studying…  

Drinking Solo ep.7  ~ side note: DO needs that shirt :)


That’s right, dream big  :)

Drinking Solo ep.7