Wildest Dreams - 1/?

The poll I had was tied when it came to the question about what I should do with Wildest dreams, so I decided to flesh it out and post it as chapters, deleting the snippets I’ve posted here already. This is chapter one of that fleshed out fic. AFF link

Pairing: Onkey

Rating: pg-13 for slight violence in the beginning.

w/c: 5.5k or so? I apologize if the read more doesn’t work on mobile 

Summary:  Prince Kibum of the Kingdom of Joesan is saved by a mysterious, young swordsman who becomes a lot more than just his personal guard. 

         Jinki maneuvered through the village hypervigilant. One of his hands were around the hilt of his sword, and the other on the bag of money in his pocket. His mother had given him everything she had and he wasn’t about to let some petty thief rob him of his mother’s sacrifice. His stomach grumbled with hunger. He had been given a small meal while traveling with the caravan from the faraway port. They had been nice enough to travel with him and protect him on the long journey for a small sum of money.  

           The vast number of round ears came across as odd and it left an uneasy feeling in his stomach. There was a thick scarf tied around his ears to hide their point. There was no guarantee this new land was elven friendly, so until he was sure he would hide that part of his heritage as best he could. There was a fruit stand a little ways ahead of him to the left. It took him a minute to figure out the man didn’t understand his native tongue at all and he switched to pointing at the stack of mangos and bringing out two gold pieces. He noticed the man’s eyes widened and the money was gladly taken. Jinki smiled and bowed his head as he looked for a way out of the mass of people.

           He walked through two buildings with a cobblestone path and a moment later the stone turned to soft grass. There was a river rounding the huge city and a number of giant trees along the banks. He sighed as he leaned against a thick trunk and used the edge of his dagger in his boot to cut open the mango. He cut a small piece and stabbed it with the tip to bring it up to his lips. He was just starting to enjoy his fruit when a loud commotion caught his attention. It didn’t take him long to find the source of it. Against one of the buildings was a group of men and in the middle was a boy not too much older than himself by the looks of it. There were three men on the ground and Jinki quickly assessed those were the boy’s guards. He looked at the mango in his hand and frowned. “I’ll miss you.” He mumbled in his native tongue before he laid it on his bag and grabbed his sword.

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I’m so grateful and thankful for everything SHINee has done for us and shared with us. They could have left us in the dark but instead, they took our hands and lead us back into the light. They let us grieve with them and they let us heal with them. I’m so proud to be apart of SHINee World and I will love these five shining stars until the day I die.