Kiba the Cosplaying Corgi


Meet Kiba The Cosplaying Corgi! Since cosplay is already awesome, our scientific calculations have determined that this adorable cosplaying Pembroke Welsh Corgi is Super Awesome. When Kiba lives in Peoria, AZ-based and when he isn’t charming fellow cosplayers, he likes to play, bark and work as a therapy dog.

Visit Kiba’s Facebook page for many more photos.

[via Kotaku]

Excited and proud to announce our #AX2015 Cosplay Senpai: Aicosu, Chocolate Covered Cosplay, Chubear Cosplay, Dustbunny, Futange, Garnet Runestar (Elrowiel), Kiba the Cosplay Corgi, VAMPY BIT ME, and WindoftheStars Cosplay

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