From WSJ:

It seems Shino’s card in Boruto’s universe ninja card game is ranked as C-level ( = Common ), because he is not the famous/powerful type of shinobi. In fact, it seems the C-level is the most basic one.

This makes super easy for kids to find Shino’s card and that annoy them a little. In this short story, Kiba is walking Shino to his class when they hear about the whole card-game thing, and of course Kiba tries to hide his laughter (I guess he is higher ranked)

Other confirmed ranks:

R = Rare (e.g. Genin Naruto)
SR = Super Rare
SSR = Super-Super Rare (e.g. Hokage Naruto)


< When I’m with Iruka-sensei, I wonder if this is what it feels like to have a father >

Iruka you’re just a very important person to Naruto and me ! You’re really like Naruto’s father,brother,teacher ! Thank you Iruka Sensei ! Thank you so much for everything!!!!!

It’s last episode was aired today.
I don’t know what to say. I feel sad….