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(You know she will do this to Kiata one day or another XXD) Ice Bucket

Send “Ice Bucket” for my muses reaction to your muse pouring a bucket of ice water on my muse.


Kiata stiffened when Crystal poured the ice bucket of water onto her. “CRISSIE!!! THAT’S COLD!!!” She complained. 

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✉~~~(And the spams continues!~ XD)

Send me a ✉ and my muse will send yours a barrage of text messages.

[Text:] Crystal! I need to talk to you! [Sent]

[Text 2 minutes later:] Okay, I guess you’re busy… [Sent]


[Text an hour later:] CRISSIE!!!! [Sent] 

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how did you meet crystal? (kiata)

Send my muse “How did you meet _____?” for their reaction.

“We met a two years ago, I think? I was lost in her kingdom and she noticed that I was lost so she helped me out. That’s when we became close to one another.” Kiata answered. 

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kiata, what was your father like?

Kiata bit her bottom lip, they want to know about her father? She sighed. “Well… I don’t really much know about my father… I only remember little of him…” That was true, she was around 5 or 7 when her father left for the war in Ishval. 

“My father was really kind, he would do anything to help people. He’d even go out of his way to help Kalin and Jessica with their homework and also he would play with us.” She explained. “That’s all I remember of my father… Sorry if it wasn’t much…”

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then do not take Kasumi's trust lightly. this kind of trust is fragile and easily broken and once someone's trust is broken once it never be fully restored do you understand Kiata? she may simply be trying to take back the child hood she never got to live out.

“I do understand that, grey face.” Kiata answered, it was true. That was the reason why she hadn’t told anyone about Kasumi’s past was because she promised that she wouldn’t tell anyone and she knew that Kasumi trusted her on not telling anyone what had happened. 

Kiata continued on. “I know that she may be trying to get the child hood that she never got to live out but sometimes she has to grow up.” That was the truth, sometimes Kasumi will get into certain situations she may have to be a grown up. “We all want the child hood that we never got to live out. But, it doesn’t always work out the way we want it.” She added. 

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one more question... did you know she was adopted and how her adopted parents treated her?

Kiata sighed and closed her eyes. “Believe it or not… I was the first one of the first few who she told that she was adopted…” She answered. “She made me promise her not to tell anyone about how her adopted parents treated her…” 

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why does kasumi act like a little kid all the time, kiata?

“I’m not really sure why she acts like a kid.” Kiata answered. “She claims that she doesn’t act like a child but in other’s eyes she kinda does. I remember when she told me that she drunk texted this Young Xehanort guy… I told her don’t go to parties with friends who aren’t really her friends but she didn’t listen." 

Kiata sighed, she sometimes wishes that she could go back and tell Kasumi not to go to that party because something bad might have happened. She was glad that nothing happened and that Young Xehanort took her home safely. But, the stories that she heard about him makes her think bad of him. Either way she was thankful that he found her and took Kasumi home. 

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kiata, are there any embarrassing stories about kasumi?

“There are a few embarrassing stories about her…” Kiata said. “One of them is that one time she fell for her own April fools joke… It was meant for Maiko… But, when Kasumi walked into Maiko’s room the water bucket fell onto her head and she got soaking wet." 

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how often does kasumi talk about riku and yazoo? -kiata-

“Almost everyday…” Kiata answered. It got fairly annoying to her whenever Kasumi would talk about Riku and Yazoo. But, if the two makes her happy then it’s fine with Kiata. 

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kiata, when was the last time that kasumi acted like a kid besides a few minutes ago?

Kiata thought it over for a minute. “The last time she acted like a little kid…? I’d have to say… When the mun took all of us with her and her friends to the mall and there was a candy shop…” She answered. “That was the only time I seen her act like a kid… Never again.. The mall had like… Three different candy shops.”

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i so totally didn't laugh at you're conversation with kasumi. XD (kiata)

“Kasumi can be a handful sometimes… I’m one of the few who can contain her… Maiko, Beth and Greg just stand by when I take care of her…” Kiata muttered. “I swear she’s like a child… Beth and Greg are more grown up than she is… Kasumi acts like a fucking nine year old sometimes." 

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“♪” (Kiata)

Send a “♪” for the Muse to sing part of a song the Mun has recently listened to.

“I’m frightened by what I see
But somehow I know
That there’s much more to come
Immobilized by my fear
And soon to be
Blinded by tears
I can stop the pain
If I will it all away
If i will it all away….”