The Brazilian Christine wardrobe

These were the costumes originating in Mexico City and Madrid, and later also ended up in Buenos Aires and Moscow. I suspect we’ll see some of them in the upcoming Paris production this autumn.

There’s been changes along the way, with new decorations, new accessories and some new skirts. They also have some elder Canadian costumes in stock. But overall the costumes are still very recognizable. And quite lovely.

anonymous asked:

I feel like all the Christine actresses have brown eyes, can you find some with diffrent eye colors ?

….really? I think it’s a nice mix of all sorts of eye colours, TBH. Unless you mean Broadway specifically, where there’s been a dominance of brown eyes lately. But in total it’s been a nice mix. A random bunch can be seen here:

Sarah Brightman, West End and Broadway:

Julia Udine, Broadway and Restaged US Tour:

Mia Karlsson, Copenhagen:

Kristen Hertzenberg, Las Vegas:

Harriet Jones, West End:

Elena Bahtiyarova, Moscow:

Robin Botha, Johannesburg and Cape Town:

Emmi Christensson, West End and Stockholm:

Kiara Sasso, Sao Paulo:

So yeah, there’s been many Christines with blue, green and greyish eye colours, all over the world. :)


Hmmm. As requested, some of the palest Star Princess costumes. 

it’s not really that they’re pale. But they have a stronger ombre look, with silvery hem gradually turning into pink around the waist, and the blue shade and ruffle in the bodice is often very subdued. This is more typical for elder costumes; modern versions tend to pump up the colours. 

1. Anne Görner (Essen), 2. Felicidad Farag (Madrid), 3. Rebecca Caine (Toronto), 4. Susan Sereda (Toronto), 5. Sarah Ryan (UK tour), 6. Kiara Sasso (Sao Paolo), 7. Marina Prior (Melbourne), 8. Kimilee Bryant (Broadway), 9. Colby Thomas (Hamburg).