Can they hear?

I just came home from the gym and took a quick shower,

“Kian? Jc?” I shouted

“In here!” Kian shouted

I headed into the editing room where kian and Jc were with headphones looking at their rather large computer screens. I smiled and went to give kian a kiss, he was so focused… Which made it extremely attractive. He quickly kissed me and laid his eyes back on the computer screen while moving the mouse around and replaying some clips over. I could tell he was tense, so me being witty I glanced at Jc and seen he was too into editing to even notice his surroundings which meant I was in the clear. I stood up looking over kians shoulder and rested my chin on his shoulder while moving my hands up and down slowly behind his back. I got up and started to rub his shoulders, I could tell he enjoyed it by the way his eyes relaxed at each time I unknotted a knot. Sneakily I slid my hands down to his waist and gripping not too tight his bulge, I looked at him and giggled as he bit his lip. He took off His headphones and sighed in sexual frustration looking at me,

“Baby what are you doing?” He asks

“Nothing, I’m just… Helping you relax?” I say giving him puppy dog eyes while I bite my lip

I could see his eyes traveled from my eyes to my lips,

“Jcs right there… And I’m editing… You’re making it really hard to” he says

“He doesn’t seem to know what’s going on, and am I? Maybe we could…” I say signaling him

“You know I would but I have to finish up this video” he says

I get closer to him and whisper in his ear,

“Maybe you could finish me” while lightly nibbling on his ear

He groaned, “fuck..” He says under his breath

In that room we both felt heated, but Jc on the other hand… He was just editing away

“Jc!” Kian shouted

“Yeah?” He says taking off one ear set

“Uh.. I think I’ll finish editing later. I need to help y/n with something” kian says

“Yeah no prob. Just make sure to finish it” Jc says

Kian nodded then we headed upstairs, I was in front of him walking up the stairs. He slapped my ass and it made me giggle running up. He slammed the door shut and locked it,

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you baby” he says in a husky voice which caused me to bite his lip

“Please do” I responded

As we laid down we started making out, he gripped my ass and began to spank it which I yelped because I loved when he did that

“Now get on your stomach” he demanded

I did as told and lifted my ass into position, “God this is so worth it…” He says

I could feel his tip teasing me, “just do it!” I say

“I will, but you have to be quiet, Jc downstairs and Dom is a couple rooms down” he says

I nodded, then I felt him. He trusted in me and out of me. So fast,

“Fuck baby, faster… Harder” I moaned

As he continued to thrust into me he managed to continue to slap my ass and moaned. After we both finished we laid there, hot and sweaty.

“So why out of all day did you choose today to be so sexual with me?” He asks

“I like to see you edit, it’s turns me on” I laugh

He laughs too, “you’re weird babe” he says

We throw on our clothes and head back downstairs where Jc gave us the look,

“Dude I could hear you guys through my EARPHONES” Jc laughs

Kian laughed and there came Dom rushing down the stairs,

“Kiian Kiiiiian faster!” Dom mocked

“Shut up Dom” I laughed

“Surprised that you don’t like to be called daddy” Dom jokingly said to kian

“You’ll hear a lot more” kian responds

So much for being quiet…

Kian Lawley smut

I laid beside him, first hearing him breathe in and out. His hands slid around my waist as I smiled closing my eyes too. I slowly fell asleep and woke up to him beeping in my ear

“Babe!” I whine

He chuckles, “what?” He asks

“Stop it!” I say snuggling back into the blanket

“Or what?” He asks me

I sit back up then sit on top of him making him stop laughing for the time being. He’s looked shocked but then bit his lip, I laughed and got off sliding the blanket back on me

“Oh no you don’t!” He says tickling me as I laugh and beg him to stop

He grabs my waist and scoots me over near him. I stopped laughing seeing the lust in his eyes, he grabbed my face NAND began to place kisses from my lips to my neck. A small moan left and he chuckled which snapped me out of it

“What?!” I shout

“It’s just cute seeing you like this” he says continuing to kiss me

I smirk and get on top of him once again, “and how about like this?” I ask kissing him then tugging the bottom of his lip

“You’re making me crazy” he says in a husky voice that drives me insane

“How crazy?” I ask

“I’ll show you” he says sliding my shirt over my head and onto the bed then unclasping my bra His head reaches down to my breast,

“Fuck” I say
“Now for some fun” Kian says flipping me over which caught me by surprise
He held my waist as he positioned me to his liking. I bit my lip knowing how he was slowly turning into his rough self

His lips reached my near as he whispered, “now, you’re going to listen to me alright baby? Or else there will be some consequences” he says I nod my head and he continues to look at the imagine,

“My god you’re beautiful” he says smiling

** Not sure if I’m too crazy about these but.. I guess it’s worth a try? Tell me what you think!