Dear Our2ndlife,

im very proud to say i’ve been here, subscribing to you since the very beginning. i remember that very first video you posted to announce the date of the first video and all the members, i was so excited. it was like i was with you in this - i already knew this was the beginning of something huge. i also remember ricardo and all the dramas it caused when he left the channel… and the surprises sundays with other youtubers which was really genius and allowed me to discover many new youtubers. but i mostly remember when kian joined the channel and how everything went really fast after that. you all started going to events and doing m&g, there was new o2l fan accounts everyday on tumblr and twitter and at this time i started thinking “ this is the start of something new, they’re not our little secret anymore, now they’re big ” . i was kinda sad at first bc it was fun being in this micro fanbase but then i realised i was being selfish here and didn’t see how cool this actually was for you guys. all these opportunities you had and still have thanks to this channel, all this love you get everyday, how you get to travel the world to meet all the viewers. its just amazing to think that im a part of this big family and that its only the beginning. bc yeah, i know you’re not gonna stop here, i know that even if the channel stops, you’re all gonna stay bestfriends and do amazing bigger things on your own, pursue your dreams…
i also would like to thank you for everything you did during more than a year on this channel, everything you accomplished together and also for being who you are everyday. watching your videos was the best part of my year really bc everytime i felt like shit i would just seat in my bed and watch your videos and smile like never before. same when i was with friends, i’d just show them your vids and we’d laugh for hOURS, im not even kidding. every single one of you is just different but you’ve got so much talent and patience and dynamism it blows my mind. you manage to make a video with a theme imposed EVERY week, plus doing your own videos for your main channels and never fail at anything!
i dont really what to say now, besides you guys are really my heros and idols and i love so freaking much you can’t even imagine. you inspire me everyday and its really important for me.. you clearly changed my life and i met some incredible persons here thanks to you and i spent more time on photoshop and made made for fan videos and yeaaaaaaaah you’re problably never gonna see or read that but whatever, i love you guys ♡