???: “Have I gone mad…?”

???: “I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are…”

???: “You’re just saying that because you’re my precious porcelain doll… My gone mad Alice… Were you trying to get my frisky for your own needs? Naughty~ Hm… Not that I mind…” -hums slightly” “Ah! Very well! There is no time to sit and chatter! This is a tea party after all~! Ah! Alice! Come, don’t run late now~”

???: “Y-yes, sir…!”

IA/Alice: “B-but first…” -walks up to the screen- “Please do join us… Sir Mad Hatter always loves some company…! A-ah, we don’t mind if you join… but do know… we’re all quite mad here…”

Kou/Mad Hatter: “… What’s the matter my dear, don’t you care for some tea?” -hums as he pours some tea into the cup, holding the kettle quite high- “We all won’t bite… too much that is~ Come, sit~ Join the feast! It’s the very merry unhappy birthday to me!” -grins as he strings the kettle along and allow the tea to spill around- “Do sit~ Do sit!”

Mun: So it’s finally October~ Wohoo~ On this blog, I’m going to be putting up this special thing with these special sprites drawn by @hiodollz [ Thank you! ] which is gonna be called October Fest! If you haven’t realised in the tags that is… cx Basically I’m going to be writing/answering asks sent from you guys in character of Alice and the Mad Hatter~ They’re not fully canon considering the two aren’t romantically involved, however in this universe they are~ In short, the Mad Hatter grew feelings for Alice and made her his doll– yeah xD

Please do not steal and repost the art! Hiodollz had worked hard on them! Thank you and enjoy this fest on this month!