Khronicles of Khaos


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Full-colour Thrills in today’s 2000ADvent calendar, with this stunning series from the early 1990’s, featuring everyone’s favourite war droids, the A.B.C. Warriors: Khronicles Of Khaos (Pts. 1& 2) by legendary creator droid, Pat Mills (Nemesis the Warlock, Charley’s War) and supremely talented art droid, Kevin Walker(Magic, The Gathering; Thunderbolts).

Return of the Mek-nificent Seven!

After the awe-inspiring Black Hole storyline, the ABC Warriors are back, and Kev Walker has the unenviable task of following Simon Bisley (and S.M.S)’s b/w masterpiece, but he admirably delivers in this dizzying Mills-scripted technicolour adventure.

Deadlock, Grand Wizard of the Knights Martial, leads this anarchic mission - to collect Seven Heads For Hekate and instruct his war droids in the ways of Khaos!

To restore the balance of Khaos and Order, in a galaxy ruled by Termight (Earth, thousands of years in the future) and it’s alien-hating tyrant, the arch-bigot Torquemada, the ABC Warriors must assassinate some of Termight’s most powerful military, political and religious leaders, taking their heads for a ritual to the goddess Hekate, thus restoring the natural state of the universe…

Kronicles Of Khaos [Pt.1] (Progs750-57,28Sep-16Nov'90) & [Pt.2] (Progs780-90,25Apr-4Jul'92).Pat Mills(w)/Kev Walker(a).


After successfully bringing Khaos to the planet of the Night Maras,the A.B.C Warriors,including the normally uptight Hammerstein,cut loose and indulge in a month-long party. However when it comes to leave,Deadlock master of Khaos,finds he has taught the warriors too well as no one adheres to commands anymore. This of course is Deadlock’s final lesson and announces he’s leaving as there’s nothing left to teach them,and that anarchic sewer droid,Ro-Jaws is going with him! End of Kev Walker’s triumphant first series;“Khronicles of Khaos”(Book II,Progs780-790,excl.785&786)

Having drawn a handful of Future Shocks,then working closely with British comics great Steve Dillon,inking his pencils on Harlem Heroes(90’s reboot)and pivotal Rogue Trooper story “Cinnabar”,Kev Walker was ready to tackle his first solo series.
And he could not have asked for a bigger assignment;the new A.B.C Warriors run,“Khronicles of Khaos”(this cover Prog750,26Sep'91).
The previous series,“The Black Hole”,had arguably been the best to date;written by 2000AD creator,Pat Mills and exquisitely drawn by new sensation,Simon Bisley,Walker had some pretty big shoes to fill..