Khan Noonien


My name is Khan.

I cosplayed again! Damn. I’ve missed this. After some movie projects I’ve been involved in (costume) I finally found the time to grab my sewing machine, fabrics and some money to work on Khan.
He’s been on my ‘want to cosplay’ list for a long time and Leipzig Bookfair just was the perfect location to wear it.

Photographer: @itsloki

And don’t panic, me and @itsloki will return as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson soon(ish). We’re currently working on the Victorian outfits but they take time (and money, bye bye!) so stay tuned 8]


As I promised before the new Star Trek trading cards came out, I scanned in HQ all the new Khan images. :D♥♥♥
(And some others with Kirk looking lovely also.<3
The rest of the cards which I didn’t scan are either angles we already saw or cards that don’t primarily feature either Khan or Kirk. Eventually I’d like to scan everything but that’s potentially 220 images to scan and huuh… ^^; Maybe someday if enough people is interested.)


PLEASE DO NOT REPOST my scans. Please reblog this post.


I had to buy a lot of packs to get a full set, then I had to scan everything in HQ, and because they are tiny cards, that means that any dust particle or printing graininess is really visible in HQ, so after scanning I had to spend forever cleaning up everything as much as possible, then organizing it all and making this post, so it took money, time, and effort, simply because I want to share those with the fandom so that we can all enjoy the loveliness of the never-previously-released images of Khan.

So edits and everything are fine obviously, but if you want to use my scans please put a source link back to me. ^^

The images above are the front of the cards, for which we had seen previews (which I posted before).

Once I got my cards I discovered with delight that it’s not just the 110 card front images, the backs have smaller images also, some of which are new too! \*-*/
They are much smaller and thus a bit grainier (even more so), but I scanned in HQ also so that it could be more visible and a nicer size to post. :D

Some of these are of them in the middle of scenes that were visibly cut and never made it onto any of the deleted scenes released, so either a lot of fascinating footage was cut and thrown away (as it’s sadly often the case ;-; ), or there is a treasure trove of deleted scenes somewhere at Paramount! Let’s cross our fingers that it’s the second and that maybe someday we might get it on DVD! :D

External image

External image

External image

One of the following ones was used as an alternate cover image for the Khan comic, at one point. :D

External image

I REALLY really hope there’s a deleted scene somewhere that explains why in this version of the moment Kirk talks to Khan in medbay, Khan’s hair is in such disarray…? 8D~~~
Did Kirk accept the ‘offer’ to punch him again until his arm weakens? XD;;
Or did they make out wildly and Kirk was gripping Khan’s hair? XD<333

External image

And now for something that had me melting the instant I discovered this card… Khan looking adorable immediately after removing his helmet after the space dive! :D

External image

Kirk had epic helmet hair for a bit, but Khan was quick to fix his hair again as he always does. X3
It seems to be ingrained in him to try to avoid looking unkempt etc., perhaps an augment instinct to always look controlled. :D

Later on, Kirk seems to have fixed his own helmet hair too, and Scotty an him are intimidated by Khan’s long time hair-dressing abilities. XD

The truth about why Jim decided to have him stunned…? The way Khan is so much better at taking care of his hair? XD j/k

External image

And some different views of the “brawl by the bay” atop the garbage barge:

External image

As usual when uploading something big, Tumblr downsized the images, so I uploaded it all separately, that way if you want to save the largest size, you can.
And since it’s at the end, you lovely people who read this post all the way through will be getting the actually full size images that the people who don’t read will be missing out on. XD lol

007 | 008 | 011 | 017 | 018 | 019 | 020 | 034 | 037 | 042 | 048 | 049 |
054 | 057 | 058 | 059 | 068 | 069 | 070 | 073 | 074 | 076 | 077 | 079 |
082 | 085 | 086 | 087 | 089 | 094 | 101 | 102 | 103 | 104 | 107

Back sides:

010 | 011 | 018 | 019 | 020 | 041 | 045 | 057 | 068 |
072 | 077 | 080 | 082 | 085 | 094 | 101 | 103

Enjoy! :D♥♥♥

And because I can’t resist pointing it out, I’m trying so hard to hold in my pervy comments about how glorious Khan’s butt looks in this pic, sitting on that medbay bed. XD<3

External image

And that thing on the bed, which Khan is sitting on… is it just a medbay bed sheet of sorts or is it one of those paper cover things they put on medical beds when they examine you naked on them…? XD *is shot*

So many epic mind images now, whether it’s just from the lovely new pics, or also from the fic urges related to Khan on that medbay bed… XD lol