“And [our] family hasn’t seen its end… [W e ’ r e]   s t i l l   h e r e.”

Across The Narrow Sea - a beginner/ broom Closet witch friendly spell for preparing for transitions of all kinds.

*Inspired by Kahlessi’s journey across the Narrow Sea*

Can be used for moving, changing careers, or any major kind of change. If Im being honest I did write this spell with Trans People in mind. I only hope it can do some good.

Gather the following:

~ if the following stones can not be gathered get some small trinkets to represent them

- Garnet (confidence and survival skills)

- Jet (clear negativity and stabilize emotions)

- Labradorite (to help find your way)

- Moonstone (Inner Peace) v good for mtf

~ can be interchanged with Goldstone for ftm

- Malachite (Balance emotions)

- two bowls

- an orange candle (change and bringing about desired results) or white (all purpose)


- set up your bowls on either side of the candle

- light your candle, and place all your stones or trinkets inside the left bowl.

- think about the transition you are going to make. Think about where you are. Now think about where you are going.

- pick up the Garnet, pass it over (not through) the candles flame and place it in the next bowl. Say or think: “it is time to transition. I know where I am, I know where I want to go. As I move this stone, I call to myself confidence in my decision and the skills to survive”

- next move the Jet and move it in the same manner say/think: “as I move this stone, I call to myself the removal of negativity, and stability.

- then move the Labradorite and say/ think: "as I move this stone, I call to myself the ability to find the path best for me.”

- move the moonstone next. Think/say: “as I move this stone, I call to myself inner peace.”

- finally move the Malachite. Think/say: “as I move this final stone I call to myself balanced emotions and the resilience and preparation to make the change nessicary.

- blow out the candle or dust off your hands to close the spell.

Best Wishes, Aesa <3 (this is my original spell, please do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission)

Originally posted by jondaenerysdaily

I just finished the chapter where Dany eats the horse heart while pregnant and I realised that it was not her unborn child but Dany herself who the Dosh Khaleen saw in her vision as the Stallion who mounts the world.  

“As swift as the wind he rides, and behind him his khalasar covers the earth…Fierce as a storm this prince will be. (Daenerys Stormborn)…His enemies will tremble before him…and the milk men in stone tents will fear fear his name.” (I believe these are the people of Westeros). And she even braided her hair like a Dothraki for this battle. 

I didn’t know this until now but the Dothraki believed that a day would come when all clans would gather in Vaes Dothrak and will be united into a single clan. “The stallion is the khal of khals promised in ancient prophesy, child. He will unite the Dothraki into a single khalasar and ride to the ends of the earth.” I wonder if this is why in the show, Dany made a display of strength by walking out as the unburnt from the temple of Dosh Khaleen as she knew they had all gathered in Vaes Dothrak, their prophesy of being united one day & the fact that dothraki follow strength above all - what is stronger than walking out of fire without a being burnt? 

No wonder they agreed to follow her beyond the narrow sea, which they believed to be the end of the world. I wonder if it happened because it was prophesied or if Dany used the prophesy to her own advantage.  But it’s so cool to realise that she’s the Stallion who mounts the world! That’s a good title, I like it more than ‘Khalessi of the great Grass Sea’