Finished my Iron Fang Pikeman commission tonight and couldn’t be happier with the results. My client had already painted Irusk(he’s the one in the hat) and I was to use him as the example for the rest. I went with a slightly more battleworn look compared the their nice clean leader, adding some rust pigment streaks to break the white up a little, and a splash of red for the standard and the Kovnik’s shoulder pad for extra contrast amongst all the cool tones. I really enjoyed these guys, even with all the white, especially all the little details at the end that brought it all together.

Next up for Sly Fox Studio is another Warmachine/Hordes commission, which may be followed by some Dystopian Wars, and some LoTR figures too. Its a busy bench at the moment!


Warmachine/Hordes MkIII has been announced! This is a magical day! And while I’m hoping dearly that my beloved Archangel gets a buff and will finally be relevant outside of niche matches, I think Khador’s Man-o-Wars deserve recognition. For too long have Khador’s supposed ‘elite’ suffered in mediocrity. Maybe now, just maybe, PP will buff them up and they’ll actually see play!


Tarot Desk based in “Iron Kingdoms- Whitchfire Trilogy” campaing “mastered” by Jorge V. Perez. Characters and designs are propertly of Privateer Press. We imitated the Dragon Age cards style and this is the result.

00-The Fool- Vinter Raelthorne by Esther Sanz
01-The Magician. Vahn Oberen by Esther Sanz
02-The High Priestess- Alexia by Esther Sanz
03- The Hierophant- Father Dumas by Esther Sanz
04-The Empress- Ayn Vanar by Guillermo García-Valdecasas
05-The Emperor- Leto Raelthorne by Guillermo Garcia-Valdecasas
06-The Lovers- Princess Sherhazha and King Malagant by Guillermo García-Valdecasas
07-The Charriot- Locomotive to Corvis by Esther Sanz

Part 2 of desk:

Part 3 of desk:


Just finished the first model of my Khador army. As someone who has only painted WHFB armies, a small Hordes force and a modest Tyranid army, I’m not at all used to painting large areas of armour. But it was fun! I really enjoyed giving the base some extra love, I did not feel like I had the time for the water effect to dry before taking the pictures however.
Have a nice day! :)
Love Isaac

Warmahordes Spiel Part 1: Core Warmachine Factions

The most important part of any miniatures game, I feel, is the kinds of factions you can play. Having a variety of playstyles is vital to maintaining interest and appealing to different personalities, and if a game maker expects players to spend lots of time and money buying, assembling, and painting their miniatures, those miniatures had better look damned cool.

Fortunately, in this case, they do. These four factions are the ones that existed on Warmachine’s release, and present the largest number of options to prospective players.


Cygnar is a large, wealthy kingdom located centrally in Western Immoren, the setting of Warmachine and Hordes. King Leto Raelthorne respects the people’s rights and freedoms, and tries to rule justly and fairly. Unfortunately, past rulers have not been so even-handed, and many people bear Cygnar old grudges. The kingdom of the Swan is now under siege from all directions, even within, as the long-oppressed trollkin rise up to defend themselves from corrupt Cygnaran aristocrats. Cygnar’s deep pockets have gone to paying for a variety of mercenaries to help defend their lands, as well as expensive, but effective research and development programs to fund exploration of Cygnar’s powerful storm magic.

On the tabletop, Cygnar focuses on combined-arms tactic, with strong ranged elements backing up quick and hard-hitting melee forces. Cygnar has incredibly powerful warcasters, nimble and accurate warjacks, and hard-hitting, but fragile infantry, as well as the largest variety of mercenary options in the game. Cygnaran forces also take advantage of a number of lightning-related effects, such as disruption (which cripples enemy warjacks) and electro-leaps (bolts of lightning that arc from a hit model to its companions).


The largest nation in Western Immoren, Khador is a cold northern land ruled by Empress Ayn Vanar. The descendents of the Khardic Empire, Khadorans consider all the lands of that empire to be rightfully theirs, and they have engaged in a war of conquest to take it back. Poor in the resources to make cortexes but wealthy in steel and people, Khador has relatively few warjacks, and those they have are heavily armored to preserve the fragile cortex within. This lack of numbers is mitigated by vast swarms of infantry and cavalry, including the Man-o’-Wars, elite soldiers encased on warjack frames worn as armor.

Khador plays as a faction of extremes. They will rarely have more than one or two warjacks on the table (due to the cost in focus and the strength of Khadoran infantry), but those warjacks are some of the hardest targets in the game. The infantry, by contrast, can become almost impossible to hit via combinations of Defense-increasing abilities, leading to opponents shooting futilely until they fall to a wave of patriotic soldiers. Khadoran magic draws upon the icy winds of their homeland, leading to many soldiers and effects focusing on freezing opponents in place and rendering them helpless.

…It’s fantasy Russia with steam-powered robots. This is a cool thing.

Protectorate of Menoth
Menoth is the creator of Humanity. Once his harsh dictates were followed all over Western Immoren, but other religions have since become widespread. Centuries ago, devotees of Menoth rose in rebellion against the Cygnaran kingdom and its favoring of other faiths. These Menites created their own land in the harsh deserts to the east of Cygnar. Driven by zealous faith, the Protectorate’s population is small, but entirely dedicated to the crusades that will see the fires of Menoth’s will spread throughout the world.

The Protectorate is a faction of synergy. Its warjacks are initially unimpressive, but become engines of destruction when supported by other elements of the army. Menite warcasters focus on defending their armies with denial abilities, particularly against enemy spells. Menite infantry is hard, and grows stronger the more of their brothers and sisters fall in battle. Fire is the purview of the Protectorate; many of their weapons are fueled by a crude oil called Menoth’s Fury, and their warcasters can bathe the enemy in flame.


For over a thousand years, Toruk, the father of all dragons, has lived off the coast of Western Immoren. In eons past, he split his soul into many parts to create new dragons in his image. His children turned on him, and now he will not rest until he has consumed them and made their power his own. His tool is the Nightmare Empire of Cryx, a realm where cruel lich lords drive living and undead thralls alike in fueling the infernal foundries that produce Cryxian weapons of war. Even warjacks are made from the dead in Cryx, with parts of humans and animals incorporated into their designs. Cryx has a unique talent for coming up with insane and wicked new mechanical means to augment their undead soldiers.

Cryx is the faction of cruel tricks. Their warcasters have very potent spells dedicated to debuffing the enemy, making them easy pray for swarms of powerful undead infantry. Cryxian warjacks are weak in a stand-up fight, instead moving under or around the enemy to hit them in weak spots, or simply providing a platform for warcasters to unleash devastating necrotic power through arc nodes. Even living Cryxian warriors are mighty; the beautiful yet demon-like Satyxis raiders are fast, difficult to kill, and deadly in close combat. Cryxian elemental magic focuses on splattering opponents with poisonous acid that corrodes them over time.

There are three more Warmachine factions to go, as well as the five Hordes factions. I’ll probably end with a ‘bits and bobs’ article about things like tournaments, colossals, and anything else that comes up. Hope y'all aren’t sick of this yet!


Khador Spriggan and Demolisher!

These guys cane in the Khador all-in-one box, and they sure look mean! I went with a dirty red color scheme on these guys cause i always imagined that a Warjack would be constantly dirty and greasy from all of the steam-magic and fuel that they would need, as well as constant maintenance and movement. I’m happy with how they turned out, the gritty-oily look really makes them look tough.