Watching Gucci Mane’s success and growth after coming out of jail is dumb inspirational and I truly am proud of him and how this year is going for him. He looks like he’s taking care of himself physically and mentally, has the #1 song in the country right now, and just got engaged.

Chapter 14

“We just havin’ sex I’m gonna get you wet. We not makin’ love tonight.” -Sex (Chris Brown)

“I told you she was going to flip the fuck out on you but nah, you didn’t want to listen to me.” Tone shook his head at me.

“She’s not usually jealous of anybody man,” I’ve never seen Toi act like that, bitches are after my ass all day every day and she’s never said anything mainly because she has no reason too. I’m not about to do anything and she knows that so why the fuck she’s flipping out now is confusing me.

“You got history with Isyss you fuckin’ idiot. What woman you know is alright with their nigga hanging around their ex?”

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