I dont want to argue, but there are alot of jongkey shippers out there, me included. Lately there has been alot of Keyseop. Jongkey shippers are saying things like “I hate HS” “Screw Keyseop, Jongkey is real.” I personally dont want to say anything, but i mean what if Key and Hyeong Seop are dating? That would really hurt them. You would not believe how much “ew i hate HS go marry jonghyun” comments i saw on key’s instagram. key reads them.

KeySeop Timeline (Credit by @ gayness on


I’m just simplifying what this person wrote! (and according to the facts we all can/could find on their personal twitter and/or instagram) If you want ALL the translations/photos and ‘theories’ please visit the website linked above!

From June 2013 to present = credits to Keyseoplove

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October 22: Key goes with Jonghyun to Dominic’s Way fashion show. HyeongSeop is one of the models. 


January 9: HyeongSeop uploads a picture of a conversation with Key from Kakaotalk on his twitter. (it has been deleted since.) See here

January 10: Key and HyeongSeop meet for coffee. (Both Key and HyeongSeop uploaded pictures of them from that date. They deleted them since.

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 (all the pictures from that night are in the keyseop photos page.)

January 12: Key texts HyeongSeop and they talk about having a meal together. See the picture HyeongSeop tweeted. (trans: Key: let’s eat meat - let’s eat rice. HS: Oh yeah

January 14: HyeongSeop tweet a picture of him with Key at karaoke. He says they are singing SHINee songs together and they went to eat after. Note: This happened in Kuala Lumpur. The very next day was the Golden Disk Awards where Key attended so they most likely traveled together to Malaysia.

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January 23: Key and HyeongSeop meet friends. Seop tweeted ”Daegu family!” So they are most likely Seop’s friends.

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January 25 & 30: HyeongSeop posts pictures of Key.

February 8: Infinite Woohyun (Key’s close friend) started to follow Seop on Twitter.

February 9: Key attends Woohyun’s birthday party with HyeongSeop.

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February 18 & 19: HyeongSeop tweets about SHINee’s Dream Girl.

February 20: HyeongSeop meets backstage with SHINee after their comeback for Dream Girl.

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February 24 & 25: HyeongSeop still tweets backstage pictures of SHINee’s comeback

February 27: HyeongSeop cheers for SHINee through his twitter.

March 3: HyeongSeop tweets a picture from Key’s room. See here.

March 4: Seop tweets an other part of their kakaotalk messages. This time he asks Key to sing to him over the phone and calls him ”jagi” (which can translate to ”honey”).

March 18: HyeongSeop says in an interview that he knows Key from their childhood in Daegu and that now they meet like friends, going shopping and get coffee.

March 25: Key goes to the Seoul Fashion Week and meet with HyeongSeop backstage. Seop tweets a picture of them and more are publicly posted.

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March 26 (my birthday, yay!): Key goes to the second day of the Seoul Fashion Week and meet Seop again. They both posted pictures of themselves. 

(see more pictures on the keyseop photos page)

See Kibum’s cute reaction when he sees Seop on the catwalk.

March 27: Seop uses a picture of them from the previous day as his twitter icon.

April 1-7: During that week, Seop deleted thousands of his tweets and all of his pictures with Key. (a few days before there was rumor about a possible gay idol/gay couple scandal to be reveiled) 

April 16: Key and HyeongSeop goes to the restaurant with Lee Hyo Sup. The restaurant his called Mamamia and is located in Itaewon, close or in the Homo Hill district. (where you can find gay bars, clubs and restaurants..) + Seop follows Key on instagram.

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April 14 and April 22: Key and HS posted pictures of themselves in a park wearing similar clothes. Also, Seop is wearing a necklace pretty much the same as the one Key bought when he went to London a few months before.

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May 13: Key reuploads a picture of them at Mamamia restaurant from april. Seop liked it. (a few hours before, a homosexual director announced his gay marriage publicly)

May 16: HyeongSeop uploads a picture of him with Key’s dog.

May 23: Lee Hyo Sup (from Etude House) post a picture from the Mamamia restaurant with other friends and models. Seop tweeted him and LHS replied by inviting him and Key to the restaurant saying ”we should go again when Kibummie’s schedule is combining with yours[…]”.

May 28: Key and HyeongSeop meet with friends at Mamamia restaurant.

May 31: HyeongSeop is in Daegu.

June 5: Seop’s brother goes to Daegu.

June 6: Key goes to Daegu. (HS is most likely still there.)

June 12: Key is seen at the airport wearing the same shirt he wore at the restaurant with Seop on May 28th. 

June 12: Key and HyeongSeop go shopping with Lee Hyo Sup and friends. See pictures HERE, HERE, HERE AND HERE

June 14: HyeongSeop uploads pictures of himself and Key shopping (not the same shopping session as june 12th) HyeongSeop buys white shoes that he is gonna wear with the couple shirt the next day.

June 15: Seop uploads a picture where he wears the same shirt as Key. See here We now call it ‘the couple shirt’.

June 16: SHINee leave for Japan

June 16: Seop likes a video of WGM on facebook…the video is Key’s cut.

June 19: Seop goes to the sea of Japan with an other model to shoot a MV.

Somewhere between June 20 and June 24: Key wears the couple shirt during an interview. in japan

June 23: Seop wears the couple shirt for the second time.

June 26: Seop starts to follow a keyseop fan on twitter.

June 29: Seop wears the couple shirt for the third time in a month.

July 3: Seop posts on his instagram an old picture of him and Key (when they went to a café back in January) and he wrote: With Kibummie! Very very!! Good friend, friend for life.   Click here

July 5: Key wears the necklace when leaving for Japan with SHINee. See post here

July 10: Key leaves for Japan.

July 11 (around 3am KST): Seop tweets a heart. He deletes it a while later.

August 7: It is 2am KST when Seop posts on his instagram a picture of them from their shopping session on June 12. See here.

August 8: Seop follows Jonghyun on twitter

August 10: Seop likes a video on facebook, it’s a video with Jonghyun and Key. See here.

August 10: Key and Hyeongseop attended the same event and sat at the same table with a group of friends. More info here.

August 27: Seop apparently misses his Kibum 

September 22:  HyeongSeop posts an old/unseen picture of them with the dogs from may 16. See post here

September (?) - Key wears the necklace again (and clothes that Seop modeled for) See here !

October 20: HyeongSeop likes a picture of Key on facebook. See here


February - Hyeongseop does not follow Key and Woohyun on Instagram anymore and they havn’t been seen together for months…is this the end? =(

(feb 2014)

Credit by @ gayness on

to be honest.. ever since key became friends with park hyeong seop, he became silent and nonchalant.. it’s like he isn’t interested in doing shinee’s activity anymore.. have you seen him on variety shows? it’s like he isn’t key.. he’s so quiet and it’s painful to watch him.. the only variety show that he isn’t quiet is the recent one with onew… idk if he is just tired or what but last year was even busier than this era but he didn’t act that way.. for me this whole “key in not his usual self” has to do something with Park Hyeong Seop.. i only see him smile with him.. I just want the old Key back soon! it pains meto see him this way because he is my bias :|

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