What Shawols should do: want Key to be happy.

What Shawols should NOT do: insult Key’s friend for being a potential boyfriend because “NUUUU KEY IS IN LOVE WITH JONGHYUN HE CAN’T BE IN LOVE WITH HYEONGSEOP THAT ASSHOLE NOOOO”

Basically if Key is happy with Jonghyun, I’m happy.

If he’s happy with Hyeongseop, I’m happy.

I he’s happy being single and fabulous, GODDAMNIT I AM FUCKING HAPPY.

And no matter who you want him to be with, the same should go for you.

KeySeop Deconstructed. Or, what I think Key is actually doing with his personal life

Disclaimer: I am a white, gay, American male who can never understand the experience of being Korean, not to mention a queer Korean. But I’ve just been asked my opinion on KeySeop as a sort of follow up to my JongKey analysis from a year ago, so here we go!

1. I think Key is queer in some capacity.

2. Seop, as Key’s friend, supports queerness, and is perhaps queer himself. His lithe, graceful, fashionable, and confident image is not necessarily an indicator of sexuality, but possibly an indicator of his tolerance for effeminacy/androgyny in himself and others. A useful trait to have if you or your friend is queer and/or femme.

3. Hypothetically, KeySeop could function as a couple. They seem have plenty of shared interests, and they clearly dig each others’ personal styles. Why not? But also…

4. Let’s not forget that even if they were both gay, they might still just be platonic queer peers. Commonalities, yeah? It’s nice when your friends are similar to you.

5. As someone in the spotlight, Key might be very careful to avoid being seen with his lover (assuming he has one). That is, perhaps he IS in a relationship, but it’s with someone who isn’t a model/idol/actor. Maybe just a friend of a friend or a guy he met through happenstance. They might take taxis to meet secretly in the middle of the night. Maybe at this guy’s place, maybe in public. Gay men, historically, have long known how to find intimacy on the downlow. (This still goes on all the time if you were wondering).

6. There’s a strong possibility that Key isn’t getting any at all. Too risky. Too complicated. Too busy with being an idol! Perhaps the “true” Key OTP is key + his palm. Or perhaps Key + his second and third finger covered in soap suds while showering.

And for the record, if you were wondering, item #6 is my official stance on Key’s sex life. Not JongKey, not KeySeop, but gold old fashioned MASTURBATION. After all, who could love Key more than he loves himself?

7. What about JongKey??

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to be honest.. ever since key became friends with park hyeong seop, he became silent and nonchalant.. it’s like he isn’t interested in doing shinee’s activity anymore.. have you seen him on variety shows? it’s like he isn’t key.. he’s so quiet and it’s painful to watch him.. the only variety show that he isn’t quiet is the recent one with onew… idk if he is just tired or what but last year was even busier than this era but he didn’t act that way.. for me this whole “key in not his usual self” has to do something with Park Hyeong Seop.. i only see him smile with him.. I just want the old Key back soon! it pains meto see him this way because he is my bias :|

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I dont want to argue, but there are alot of jongkey shippers out there, me included. Lately there has been alot of Keyseop. Jongkey shippers are saying things like “I hate HS” “Screw Keyseop, Jongkey is real.” I personally dont want to say anything, but i mean what if Key and Hyeong Seop are dating? That would really hurt them. You would not believe how much “ew i hate HS go marry jonghyun” comments i saw on key’s instagram. key reads them.