Here's my two cents, KCI, but I'm keeping the other 48

Well, I am officially no longer a member of Key Club International, and I’m leaving with a very poor taste in my mouth. Over a massive fifty cents too.

For those who DON’T know, as of July 5, 2014, every Key Clubber now has to pay AT LEAST fifty more cents to join this organization, probably more to be completely honest. To many, it’s not a big deal (very debatable); fifty cents can’t even buy you coffee or boba, but it’s International’s reasoning for pushing the amendment in the first place that’s embarrassing.

Let me get this straight, I still love Key Club. I may be burnt out, and I may not want to do work anymore, but this last ICON just makes me feel gross about where this organization is going. $40k on a two minute video that could have been produced by a high schooler, $60k on a godawful Key Club app, and thousands more on who even knows what have dropped us tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and what does International do to fix this problem? Make Key Club members across the world pay for their mistakes.

What kind of message are we trying to send if our organization isn’t even fiscally responsible enough to keep ourselves from dropping $170k in debt? Are we to follow the branch of Key Club that can barely run themselves administratively? Are we to learn from their example and make sure we make others pay for our mistakes? Are we to be honest and caring servant leaders when those we’re SUPPOSED to look up to lack even the most basic transparency so that WE can understand what will affect us in this organization?

This is an embarrassment to ALL of us as Key Club members AND as a branch of the Kiwanis Family. Whether or not this amendment was truly necessary is no longer even the question. The question is whether or not the example that the “leaders” of this organization are setting is one that we should all follow to be model Key Clubbers.

Here’s to you, Key Club International. I’ve given you all my 2 cents, but until this mess is made up for, neither I nor many of the other individuals that are the ones truly affected by this amendment are willing to give you the other 48. Cheers, and I truly hope that someone fixes this, for our sakes and the sake of the organization we all love.


To those who complained about CNH fighting the amendment as well, I do hope you realize that WE are doing our duty to represent the members that could not attend this convention. Yes, I am sure that you are dying to go buy your overpriced dinners. There were many of us that would have rather been eating as well. Although we may be obnoxious and loud and spirited, we know our duty as leaders in this organization. Do you?

This is the biggest favor I’m asking of my followers and friends ever.

My plan is to attend Icon this year for Key Club International and, of course, the expenses for this trip is about 1.6k including my airplane fees. I know this is a large sum and I know this is so difficult to make in such a short time but I’m planning to do the 2 payments plan where I pay half on May 15 and half on June 15. I’m also asking for a sponsorship from my Kiwanis Club and hopefully from my home club. This trip means a lot to me. Key Club is what changed me, shaped me, into being a better person. It helped me realize that I am a better person, as long as I make the choices that make me feel right in the long run. Key Club has changed me so much that I want to be as involved in it as I can possible can. This has become my path, key club. It’d be so great if you guys would help me in such a small amount of time.

How can you guys help? Well? Talk to me, and we can work out a sponsorship. As little as coins or small bills will help, because these coins do add up! I will do anything for this :/ But if I don’t raise enough funds then I will simply not go.

I don’t even know if this will work, but I’m going to give this a try.


Goal: 1075 + 525 (air fare)

Current: 150



Retirement Speech

Wow. I can’t believe it. It’s the beginning of a brand new year. For those of you who don’t know, The Key Club year goes from Mid April to Mid April of the next year. I want to thank you all for committing so much time to service and being active members of this amazing club. There have been so many things that our club has done which I’m proud of. The 2nd most fundraised club for American Apparel Jackets for our division and ending being part of the most fundraised division overall. Being the powerhouse of the division with our strong presence and loud spirit, and being one of the largest clubs? Fundraising $5500 for American Cancer Society?! , you guys are incredible. Which is why it makes me sad to have to retire today.

Key Club has been such a large component of my life the past three years, if anything it was my life. I came in as a young sophomore only doing this for the required hours, I didn’t expect myself to end being awarded outstanding President and Divisional Executive Assistant two years later and lead this newly awarded DISTINGUISHED CLUB. I got sucked in after seeing how happy the community was when I had the opportunity to help them, and three years later, it was over just like that.  So many events and memories came from this organization alone and I am proud to have served as your President. Although there have been ups and downs with this whole journey, I don’t regret a single moment of it. I’ve seen many of you grow as a member and leaders.  It makes me excited to know that the future of the club is in great hands.

I want to thank all of my officers for doing their jobs to the best of their ability. Our amazing advisor Ms. Filice who has assisted us even when we had obstacles. I want to give special shout outs to Mennen Kassa, who has been an officer since her Sophomore year and being one of the most responsible officers ever, I don’t know what I’d have done  without you. Thanks for all the long phone chats and for just being so amazing. James Chen for being there when times were rough and immediatly knew what to do and for always wanting what was best for the club. You’ll do great this upcoming year and remember that the sky is the limit as long as you push it.

Last and imporantly, Jomel Bautista. You came in your freshman year already acting like an officer. You were publicizing this club and making sure everyone came to do service. You became a sophomore representative.  You helped assist even when you didn’t need to. You later became my vice president, always keeping me in check and for making sure that whenever I had to make a choice, it’s the members that matters the most. You have a wonderful board who will assist you to the best of their ability, keep remembering how much our club has impacted the community, our division and district overall. Know that I’ll be there if you need some advice.

What you all do is amazing, keep doing service and be active members of the community. Keep that waddling D34S penguin spirit going.  So now, I officially retire as your 2010-2011 President and officially turn the president position over to your new President for this upcoming year, Jomel Bautista.
This is your Immediate Past President Chris Dam for the last time. 

Key Club International, Cali-Nev-Ha, Region 17, Division 34 South, Cupertino Key Club, It’s been real. Three years and it’s all over. I will always hold Key Club dear to my heart. 

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Once a super villain, ALWAYS a super villain.

Dear D12S lovely super villain seniors,

     I have no words that describes how much of a difference you guys have made for the year 2011-2012.  Once again, like every year, all good things must come to an end. Don’t forget all the memories we all cherished as a whole. Winning spirit stick at FRN, RTC, OTC, Eliminate benefit rally, cheering our heads off at DCON. Remember that people may change, but memories will never change. The impact that graduating class of 2012 is enormous and on Behalf of D12S, I want to say THANK YOU.  Don’t forget that you can feel good all day everyday, that you are loved by many others, you are a part of something bigger than just yourself, we are a team, we are in this together, and most importantly; we made a difference and we will continue to make a difference. D12S will miss you all and we are proud to say that you are part of our family and each year, we grow bigger, better, stronger. 


-Ashley Lam D12S LTG 2012-13

KeyClub, AIDS Walk..

So tiring yet so fun, yelling, shouting, being prideful of my division, bragging about D3, reppin that sharkey. YOU know it went down. Picking up Dia as my girlfriend hahah. meeting with friends i havent seen in the longest, it just brings back the greatest memories of summer, seeing keyclubbers that know you or of you. The bestfeeling when a random person callls your name. Its amazing how small this world actually is. Taking the bus at 6:30 in the morning. This event was crazy running on 2 hour sleep. tired as can be. yet pushing myself to carry the D3 stick. reppin my Sharkey pride. Love you all good company .