Key Clubbers

Key Clubbers.

Whenever I’m down, going to a Key Club event just cheers me up immediately. Being able to see such nice and happy people doing good for the community, it makes me want to be just as happy and useful to others. Seeing so many people who are willing to go out and help out the world because they can, it just inspires you to join in. Knowing that Key Clubbers are so nice and friendly, it’s so easy to be friends with each and every one of them. Key Clubbers, you make me happy and never seize to cheer me up with your encouragement.

I wish I could see my lovely Key Clubbers everyday.. especially these lonely, boring summer days. :(

This is Kyle Dimla. c: hehe I’ve known this guy ever since LAST YEARS DCON. LOLOLOL We gots a loooooong story with this firebender. haha x] 

Well I first met Kyle on here actually XD I saw his blog from a key club post I made (I think) and I followed him c: I then joined the DCON page for that year and yeah I saw him on there and I added him! LOLOLOL We talked and junk and I was excited to meet him. c: Sooo I then did countdowns and junk xD haha 

Theen DCON came around. haha I was hella excited cos I didnt know what to expect. How many key clubbers there were. How many hugs I gave and got. It was amazing. haha Then I realized that I had people to find. LOLOL Soooo I began and I met them, took pictures and what not. c: THEN BOOM. This guy’s name popped into my head. So I decided to find finally find him. 

Saturday morning came and I was like “ALRIGHT GOTTA FIND THIS BOY!” went around my floor cos it was full of villains, not there. Then went down for breakfast. (sadly there was no bagels left…woke up late TT ~ TT LOL) Then workshops. I was looking around crazy and I couldn’t find him at all!! Later that day we got on break soooo I headed over to the elevators to go back to my room upstairs. Too many people in one place. Omg I swear claustrophobia and people decide to jump in there to stop it….NO NO NO. Homies be extra man. LOL xP But yeeeah I couldn’t find him!  But then I forgot to get something from my friend who was 2 floors below me. So I decide to go get it. And it was me and 2 other guys. 

GUESS WHO ONE OF THEM WAS!!! lol XD THIS GUY!! But I didn’t know if it was him or not. Sooooo I stayed quiet. And then when it stopped on the next floor, he left. And I then realized it was Kyle Dimla. I was so derped man. Like to be honest, I regretted it soooooo much. Cos like I didn’t see him at all ever since that moment. xD I know I should of called him to make sure. I’m a derped out shy child okaii?? Okaii LOL 

After DCON and stuff I regretted it soooooo bad. LOL I eventually told him that I saw him in the elevator and didnt say shizz but yah. We both decided that we’d hunt each other down at next years. LOL Which we did c: <3 hehehe this pic wasn’t the first time I saw him though xD I saw him more than once this year :D hehehe <3 <3 

This picture was like by chance though. Cos I just left my room to go egg more people cos I had some left still xD And I saw people leaving so I decided to yell out “HAVE A SAFE TRIP HOME GUYS!!!” And RIGHT when I was about to leave, I noticed it was him, Chris, Erin and Gabby. c: hehehe I totes have the best timing EVAHHH! <3 xD haha <3

But yeah in the end, this attractive guy will forever be in my heart <3 :) hehe I LOVE YOU KYLE!!! :D <3 SEE YOU NEXT YEARS DCON!! :3 <3 hehe you totes perf and adorbs Kyle omg <3 

P.S. YES, I made you your own post c: <3 haha tis how much I love you ^ ^ <3 

Last Awake-a-thon, Pleasant Grove Awake-a-thon 2011.

It was a fun night meeting new people. Sure, there was those few minutes of awkward-ness, but it was fun seeing new faces and building some friendships out of the blue. Listening to the reason behind being at the Awake-a-thon really brought me to see the true reason of being a Key Clubber. From seeing drawn-up faces to playing the weirdest of games, it was just that simple fun. I put myself out there and got involved with activities during the opening ceremonies. It was just too funny when @andiwong123 and I tried starting the wave, major awk-fail btw? haha. I was able to meet oh so many Franklin bulldogs and D7S Monsters. I finally got to meet @allen-vc when I was trying to find the bathroom. What a pretty guy he is, with that fancy makeup. haha. Fun times was best when I was playing Silent Library and being the awkward turtle that I am. haha. It was just too scary/funny when Dorian’s little sis threatened to slap me because I was bothering her Super Smash Bros session. haha. The 1AM dance was a fail, but awkward dancing was funny with Conway’s pillowpet. Dodgeball Tournaments was cold without a warm SLEEPING BAG, and real intense with Team Raisin. lol. I was happy when I was able to watch Secret Garden (asian drama nerd FTW) with Vivian, Patrick, and Betty) and getting to share similar interests. Cool uke players like @huuykiwii made singing to Cheap Date with @booboopoops just the more better. There were instances when I just didn’t feel like being there, but I felt happy when I finally got to feel comfortable being around the people I met. I didn’t meet as many people as I had hoped, but I valued the quality of friendships I made over the quantity. :) I really do love all my Key Clubbers. Thank You Pleasant Grove High School.

Here's my two cents, KCI, but I'm keeping the other 48

Well, I am officially no longer a member of Key Club International, and I’m leaving with a very poor taste in my mouth. Over a massive fifty cents too.

For those who DON’T know, as of July 5, 2014, every Key Clubber now has to pay AT LEAST fifty more cents to join this organization, probably more to be completely honest. To many, it’s not a big deal (very debatable); fifty cents can’t even buy you coffee or boba, but it’s International’s reasoning for pushing the amendment in the first place that’s embarrassing.

Let me get this straight, I still love Key Club. I may be burnt out, and I may not want to do work anymore, but this last ICON just makes me feel gross about where this organization is going. $40k on a two minute video that could have been produced by a high schooler, $60k on a godawful Key Club app, and thousands more on who even knows what have dropped us tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and what does International do to fix this problem? Make Key Club members across the world pay for their mistakes.

What kind of message are we trying to send if our organization isn’t even fiscally responsible enough to keep ourselves from dropping $170k in debt? Are we to follow the branch of Key Club that can barely run themselves administratively? Are we to learn from their example and make sure we make others pay for our mistakes? Are we to be honest and caring servant leaders when those we’re SUPPOSED to look up to lack even the most basic transparency so that WE can understand what will affect us in this organization?

This is an embarrassment to ALL of us as Key Club members AND as a branch of the Kiwanis Family. Whether or not this amendment was truly necessary is no longer even the question. The question is whether or not the example that the “leaders” of this organization are setting is one that we should all follow to be model Key Clubbers.

Here’s to you, Key Club International. I’ve given you all my 2 cents, but until this mess is made up for, neither I nor many of the other individuals that are the ones truly affected by this amendment are willing to give you the other 48. Cheers, and I truly hope that someone fixes this, for our sakes and the sake of the organization we all love.


To those who complained about CNH fighting the amendment as well, I do hope you realize that WE are doing our duty to represent the members that could not attend this convention. Yes, I am sure that you are dying to go buy your overpriced dinners. There were many of us that would have rather been eating as well. Although we may be obnoxious and loud and spirited, we know our duty as leaders in this organization. Do you?


Part 3 of DCON 2013 <3 :) 

This DCON was my 2nd time going and to be honest, it was the the best one. haha I cried a lot too. MY EYES ARE STILL RED COS OF IT!! LOL XD 

I regret nothing from joining this club back in my freshman year. :) It’s been another amazing year my CNH ohana <3 YOU ARE ALL PERF <3 

Next year I’m going to explode I just know it…lol SENIOR YEAR NEXT YEAR!!! AND ITS IN SAC-TOWN!!! <3 :3 See you all there <3