Key Club


Two years ago, I was part of a one-night art show at the Key Club in L.A. put on by RAW Artists. As part of the event, I sat down with the video crew to talk about my work. I had totally forgotten about this video until now, so, here it is! 


When you decide carry on your shoulders the role of a leader, know what you’re getting yourself into.

  • People are going to be judging every single action you take so yes, everything you do or don’t do is noticeable.
  • People will look up to you, for inspiration, advice, and possibly a shoulder to lean on so be prepared to be socially adept.
  • People will expect you to fulfill the oaths you’ve taken upon yourselves so know what you signed up for.
  • People will expect some results for having chosen you as the one to lead so don’t slack off or you’ll get burned for it.
  • You will become the public face of the party you’re leading so if you decide that you want to present yourself a certain way, take heed of possible consequences.
  • Know what priorities come first, to yourself, and the party.
  • COMMUNICATE AND INTERACT WITH THE MEMBERS. Seriously, don’t just leave them hanging in the dark.

Everyone knows the typical literary meaning behind the word “leader” but there’s a deeper implied responsibility behind it.