Shooting Star
David Rush ft. Kevin Rudolf and Pitbull

so stuck in my head.

Shooting Star - David Rush ft. Kevin Rudolf & Pitbull

[Chorus: x2]
I love just who you are
I ain’t gon try to change ya
You are a shooting star
That’s why you are my favorite

[Verse 1:]
I caught her when she fell from Heaven
1 to 10, Babygirl is an 11
And I ain’t tryin to spit no game but I’m trying to figure out from where you came
Because a star like hers man it rarely occurs in a world like this
Only way you ever meet a girl like this
Get up in a spaceship and take that trip
You gotta have a way with words to even start a convo to get at her
Every other chick becomes a blur
Be my Misses, I be your Sir
I love her the way she is, the way she are, a shooting star
Any I pray that you never change, never ever change
Please stay the same cause

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane
Nah babygirl that’s shooting star with your name
I ain’t gonna lie(lie), I told alotta lies and played alotta games(games)
But with you it’s not the same
For you I’m a ride, I want you by my side
I feel like them ghetto boys, you playing with my mind
I’m a tell you one more time(one more time)
For you I’m a hustle, for you I’m a grind
You were there through the pain, you stood right by me, thanks to you I survive
I guess it’s true what they say, love is blind
We together till the day that we die, till death do us apart
Baby you my heart, they can take all the houses and the cars
But they’ll never take my shooting star

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Now as I lay her down to sleep
Pray my Lord this girl I keep
Usually by now with a wetin creep with a PY that I met last week
But there’s something about this one to make me not have to go get none
That’s what I need and it goes get done
And the same thing back so it makes us one
So every morning when I roll over I pray she’s here on my arm and shoulder
And I can be the blanket when the world gets colder
Watch me make her, watch me mold her
She got me open like doors be dropping
Heart is beating fast like a stolen car
I never thought it would go this far
Now I’ve made my wish my shooting star

[Chorus x4]


Danny Phantom - Here’s To Us Comic AMV by AMVWednesday


One night when I couldn’t sleep, 
I heard a knock at the door. 
She put her hand on me slow, 
Then she opened my heart. 
I asked myself is this real? 
I’ve never felt this way. 
She said I need to escape. 
I said I know a place. 
So she laid down on my bed 
I said confide in me. 
She looked deep into my eyes 
And she invited me. 
She must lived for her sleep 
She never said goodbye. 
Her angels took her away, 
I guess now she can fly.