Rivalidad Domingo

There are two fabulously intense rivalries poppin’ off in the NBA today. 

Currently the New York Knicks are facing off against the Boston Celtics in Boston. These two teams played against each other in the NBA opener on Christmas Day. It was like watching a game 7 of the play-offs. This rivalry runs deep. It makes the game so much more fun to watch. I’m cheering for the Celtics because I’m obviously a long-time KG fan and I enjoy watching Ray Allen & Paul Pierce play. 

After this game the Heat will take on the Lakers. Viva la Kobe. But seriously, as if this rivalry isn’t already fierce & zealous, it’ll be the first time Kobe, LeBron and Dwayne are on the floor together post All-Star game. For those who don’t recall, Dwayne Wade is the reason Kobe is wearing that silly mask, having broken his nose. Oh, and I’m pretty sure Kobe called LeBron out for being a wussy who is too scared to take the last shot. 

I want the Timberwolves to develop a rivalry that runs as deeply & intense as these teams have. Maybe Denver? Maybe Houston? Who knows. 

Other games around the NBA today include:

Golden State v. Toronto

New Jersey v. Charolette

Clippers v. Rockets

Bulls v. Philly

Scaramento v. Suns

Denver v. San Antonio