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featuring Kevin Czap’s back because he is comics mom

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TCAF 2013! YEAH! As always, what a great con. I was a little sad I had to turn down my table this year for another commitment, but man it was nice just wandering around today completely stress free! It was so nice seeing so many of my comic pals again that are scattered across the globe. Such talented pals I am so lucky to have! Also finally got to meet in person some rad online pals of mine! Polly, Jones, Emmy, Cathy, Kevin, Joe, IT WAS A PLEASURE! 

A great moment of the day was sadly finding out the cucumber quest book from was sold out! Later I went back to the table to see there was a copy suddenly there. But it wasn’t for sale because it had been signed “to Heather”. So I talked her into selling it to me and now I have a wonderful copy of the book that is definitely not for Heather, and actually for me!

(Also, check out that glamour shot of mikejwitz up there :D)


“He fought like a little tiger in a trap,” by Kevin Czapiewski and Cathy G. Johnson

8 pages, 11" by 17" newsprint, grayscale

Inspired by the 1940 novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers. This comic takes a look at one’s sense of identity, its expression, and ultimately, the often-inhospitable conditions that tend to stifle it.

Kevin and I each wrote and drew half of the pages, splitting them horizontally. I’m very proud of the work we’ve done together.

Debuted at TCAF 2013!


You can get it from Kevin at Czap Books:

Or you can get it from me:

We are splitting the proceeds, so it doesn’t matter who you get it from, you will be supporting both of us. And we appreciate it and hope you enjoy it!

TCAF HAUL BITCHES!!! I had a killer time, bought and traded a lot of comics (Y'ALL SO GRACIOUS), though I think the best thing I spent dollars on MIGHT be this hot pink pussy ‘Wuvable Oaf’ tee which I immediately tanked, and wore to the after party (it was well loved, and a nice shoe-in with all the steamy Tagame sweaters). Check the tags, got 'em all.

Not pictured: very beautiful prints by Cathy G. Johnson, Rebecca Mock, and Kelly Turnbull

ALSO I got this pin from Britt Wilson:

So basically my life is awesome.


30 Days Comics, 2014

Constraints: 1) Choosing an image from the Black Fashion tumblr to draw with a blue, green and orange colored pencil on a quarter-sized square of blue cardstock (on each 7th day I’ll draw pick from the WNBA tumblr). 2) Pick a card from a shuffled stack of “oblique strategies” given to me by my friend Kristen to use as the text. 3) Draw an inset panel on the pink post-it reacting to the combination of image and text with process white and colored pencil.

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A prolific and versatile artist and designer, Czapiewski’s style is hard to keep up with – but it’s always a pleasure to try. His sense of colour and composition are nothing short of alive, and readers can find a hearty dose of both by following his current collaborative webcomic with Michael Peterson, Project:Ballad.

“Artist, designer, small-time publisher based out of Cleveland OH. Through Czap Books, Kevin Czapiewski publishes the anthology PUPPYTEETH, as well as his own work, like the collection of shorts Birthday Surprise…” - Full Bio at TCAF site

Artist’s Website:

TCAF is The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, taking place May 11-12, 2013, in Toronto, Canada. More at

Czap Books is coming to Autoptic!

Czap Books is a one-person publisher/distro operating out of Cleveland, OH. The goal is to expand the scope of Kevin Czap’s self-publishing to serve as a vehicle for comics work that teases the boundaries of the form. The work itself tends toward the design and poetic side of comics. Described as “the Comics Mom,” Kevin sees Czap Books as a growing family of artists to be supported and nurtured.