I recently had the supreme honor to witness the debut of my friends’ band Charm Basement at the Dirt Palace!! :O And there were seats so I could get some drawings in of Karen Charm (aka Kevin Czap of @czapbooks) on guitar and Halo Charm (Olivia) on bass, though tragically I could only see one of Magic Charm (aka MJ Robinson)’s sticks.  They sound exactly like their name and they killed it!  They grooved together under paper mache monster masks and anarchy graffiti and glittering art installations and shelf after shelf of weird old books and a truly enormous fiberglass hippo head mounted on the wall and  it was a magical night in a room full of wonderful people. 

I managed to get a few sketches of the delightfully bizarre Baby; Baby after (got their name wrong though) and two frantic scribbles of The Daffy & Daisy Chain too (last image on the left).  I love drawing people playing music, but they insist on moving all around, which is highly unfair.  Hold still!!! >:P  It’s exhausting but leaving the house is worth it, maybe, sometimes.


The Rise of Czap Books Kickstarter is Live!!

My name is Kevin Czap and I’m the Comics Mom, aka the publisher, of Czap Books (pronounced “chapbooks”). We’re a micro-press based in Providence, RI dedicated to publishing genre-defying comics that celebrate the poetic, the personal, and the weird.

We’re turning to you to help us fund the production of our next three titles: WITCHLIGHT by Jessi Zabarsky; DON’T TELL ME NOT TO WORRY (I’LL WORRY ALL I WANT) by Kelly Kwang; and EGG CREME #1 by Liz Suburbia! This is our big leap forward toward a more secure future for comics with heart and we need your help! Head over to the campaign to see more about this dream lineup and what else is in store for you in return for helping us out!



TCAF 2013! YEAH! As always, what a great con. I was a little sad I had to turn down my table this year for another commitment, but man it was nice just wandering around today completely stress free! It was so nice seeing so many of my comic pals again that are scattered across the globe. Such talented pals I am so lucky to have! Also finally got to meet in person some rad online pals of mine! Polly, Jones, Emmy, Cathy, Kevin, Joe, IT WAS A PLEASURE! 

A great moment of the day was sadly finding out the cucumber quest book from was sold out! Later I went back to the table to see there was a copy suddenly there. But it wasn’t for sale because it had been signed “to Heather”. So I talked her into selling it to me and now I have a wonderful copy of the book that is definitely not for Heather, and actually for me!

(Also, check out that glamour shot of mikejwitz up there :D)


Czap Books at SPX – Table W8!

Is @SPX Comics New Year? It feels like we only mark the passage of a year every time the Small Press Expo comes around, and that time is now upon us! Once again, Czap Books will be holding it down at the North Bethesda Marriott this weekend, September 17-18, to sell comics to you!

This year, we’re going to be against the wall on the other side of the room, right next to Cathy G. Johnson and across the way from the mighty Koyama Press. We are very excited about this, and even more excited about what we’re bringing. Practically our entire spread will be new since last year’s show, so there will be plenty to see!

Our big new release is Ley Lines: The Letting Go by Kevin Czap, the brand new issue of this year’s Ley Lines schedule. Inspired by the work of Bas Jan Ader, it’s a poetic piece about the harrowing act of embracing vulnerability. We’ll also have the penultimate issue of Jessi Zabarsky’s Witchlight (which we’re releasing as a collected volume in December!). AND AND, how about a brand new issue of Liz Suburbia’s Cyanide Milkshake?!? Yep, Liz is putting out CM#8 and we can’t wait to see it. Liz will be bopping around the show, but expect her to be planted with us for at least a third of the weekend. If not she’s not here, you might want to check out Out of Steps Arts (W44-46) or Silver Sprockt (M1) :>

We’re also looking forward to bringing Úlcera and Bug Boys to DC for the first time, as well as our Ley Lines with Erin Curry, Aaron Cockle, and Mimi Chrzanowski. Oh, speaking of Bug Boys, Laura Knetzger will be at the show at table G2A. She’s got a brand new issue of Bug Boys already, making two since the collection came out. She continues to be unstoppable!

Please do come say hello! Especially if you backed our Kickstarter, we wanna shake your hand! We’re gonna have fun! See you soon!!

TCAF HAUL BITCHES!!! I had a killer time, bought and traded a lot of comics (Y'ALL SO GRACIOUS), though I think the best thing I spent dollars on MIGHT be this hot pink pussy ‘Wuvable Oaf’ tee which I immediately tanked, and wore to the after party (it was well loved, and a nice shoe-in with all the steamy Tagame sweaters). Check the tags, got 'em all.

Not pictured: very beautiful prints by Cathy G. Johnson, Rebecca Mock, and Kelly Turnbull

ALSO I got this pin from Britt Wilson:

So basically my life is awesome.

The other big thing I’m most excited about today is that I plan to release my next comics album, Fütchie Perf, at SPX this year!

Fütchie Perf (y'know, future-slang for “Future Perfect”) will collect the majority of work I’ve done over the past year (as well as some brand new stuff) dealing with a future utopian vision of Cleveland, OH as well as other speculative fiction vignettes.

As with everything else I’ve talked about this week, more details to come.