"Noam Carver - Apex" by Kevin Calero
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Film directed by Kevin Calero
Creative Direction - Debbie Geltner
Model - Vince Robitaille (RED MODELS NY)
Music - Ango & Prison Garde, LeMatos
Set Designer - Aboudi Hassoune (ABNORM STUDIO INC)
Hair + Make Up - Jessica Hoff

New film by one of the most prolific fashion filmers out there. This one’s for designer and goldsmith Norman Carver’s line APEX. The fantastic set design and a very slick look make for a very appealing film. And it’s nice to see a male (&nude!) body mise en scene for a change.


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ERYCK + DEISS [ Kevin Calero x Dulcedo ]


JUAN Wednesday choice: Great simple video concept by Kevin Calero! 

Models:  Eryck + Deiss 
Photos: Saad
Soundtrack: Munchi ft. Mr. Lexx Shootas


Eryck + Deiss 

· Direction by Kevin Calero / Styling by Cary Tauben / Photography by Saad / Models Eryck + Deiss @  Dulcedo ·


Christian L’enfant Roi SS13 preview campaign film by our dear and talented friend Kevin Calero. Thank you to models Nelson (folio montreal) and Torben Rixen.




Director & Editor: Kevin Calero & Yannie Quesnel

Cinematography: Kevin Calero & Marina Klimoff

Sounds: CFCF


“CÆLUM” Christian L'Enfant Roi S/S 13


BOYTANICA - Gentlemen dancing around assembling flowers in chic tuxedo from Prada.

Ok, I came across this video from Kevin Calero not too long ago, and I can’t get the song or this video out of my head for that matter. The shoot is for last year’s Simons’ campaign. (The campaign was more like a rebrand for the department store.*) I think I love the concept the most (because the clothing is nothing new, really) : photograph someone falling onto a bed. (It’s just like chronicling the ideal insta-nap!) 

The video can’t be embedded, but you can find it here. (Watch it because the song choice, to reiterate, is nice and the live action falls are pretty sweet.)

(My favorite shot.)

But yeah, I still don’t get why I like the video that much. (Obsessed-with-it “like”.)

*If you are unfamiliar with SID LEE – the company specializes in brand communications (ie: branding for all walks of creative life).

UPDATE: Kevin sent me the song! At last, I can sleep tight every night!