Riverdale Writers:

Ah yes we give all our characters equal screentime Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper [looks at smudged writing on hand] Melvin Meller [rolls up sleeve to reveal more writing] Rosey and the diddlydogs.
  • Me: *takes a deep breath*
  • Me: i lo-
  • Anyone who has ever spent five seconds around me: yes, you love andrew rannells, i know, you love andrew rannells so much, he's the light of your life, your sun and stars, you love him so much, you just love andrew rannells, i KNOW, you love andrew rannells you fucking love falsettos, book of mormon and elijah on girls, ok i know, i get it, you LOVE ANDREW RANNELLS. I. GET. IT.


a homestuck nostalgia mix, in rough plot order

- [listen here]

showtime (piano refrain)malcolm brown & kevin regamey // sunriseerik sscheele // homestuckmark hadley // doctorclark powell & michael vallejo // creationtyler dever // alterniaseth peelle // keeperstoby fox // candles and clockwork (alpha version)alexander rosetti  // underfooterik scheele // cascadetoby fox // moonsettertoby fox // stargazenick smalley // do you remem8er memalcolm brown // heir of griefjoren de bruin // mother (piano)erik scheele // thanks for playingmax wright

I am over the moon about Bughead...

But there are some other major things that happened in this amazing finale:

*Betty being 100% happy for her friends dating.
*Veronica sitting at lunch with Jughead.
*Cheryl apologizing to Jughead.
*Secret sibling reveal.
*The core four saving Cheryl and everything about that scene.
*Josie singing Archie’s song in appreciation for Cheryl.
*Betty dragging the town of Riverdale.
*Proof that yet again the B/Archie “jealousy” was baiting.
*Jughead being the first to clap.
*Southside Serpents stepping up and Hot Dog!
*Fred Andrews! I mean, what the actual fuck??!!


Black History Month Round Table

During Black History Month, MLS invited five members of the soccer community to discuss race and the black experience in American soccer.

The five participants got together for brunch in New York City:

  • Jozy Altidore, forward for Toronto FC and the U.S. Men’s National Team;
  •  Lynn Williams forward for North Carolina Courage and U.S. Women’s National Team; 
  • Greg Howard, a David Carr fellow at the New York Times;
  •  Irv Smalls, founder of FC Harlem, 
  • Moderator Kevin Brown 

i have made a brand new icon page dedicated to riverdale ! i’ve already uploaded 40+ icons from the first six episodes, which you can also find under the cut, enjoy !

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