Kevin Sun

I’ve called so many characters ‘my child’ that I probably have more children than Magnus does

Favorite BATB Soundtrack Parts
  • Audra McDonald becoming my new idolized singing heroine
  • Emma Watson becoming my actually achievable singing heroine
  • the dip in his voice “…..athletically inclined”
  • the juxtaposition of “he’s such a tall dark strong and handsome prince/” “/BRUTE
  • Motherfucking Kevin fucking Kline being a fucking….garghhh I love him so much
  • tbh I have kind of a hard time with “Be Our Guest” just because Jerry Orbach’s version is a permanent masterpiece installation in my brain, but I need to give it a shoutout here for being extra, with like the sitars
  • oh right yeah the fuckin SITARS??? like WHY i did not ASK FOR THIS also the ending of ‘pudding?’ that isn’t in the soundtrack but is in the movie is perfect
  • plumiere duet in ‘Days in the Sun’
  • emma thompson saying ‘wot’ in ‘Days in the Sun’
  • the way all these glorious singers are giving it their all and then Emma just cuts in so smooth—I honestly like how simple she sounds here, contrasted with Audra’s incredible flourishing
  • the four?!? five??? multi-part harmony of the servants in “Days in the Sun.” like i know you all love Evermore but Days in the Sun is my smiling/crying jam
  • i’m listening to it right now. holy fuck. crying
  • Instrumentals of Be Our Guest/Days in the Sun/How Does a Moment Last Forever coming up all over the place in new ways
  • Emma Watson sounding autotuned and I don’t even care
  • The return of the Servant Harmonizing™ in ‘something there’
  • ‘neeeeeeew and a bit…..alarming’ how you can tell THE EXACT SECOND belle wonders if she’s a furry
  • yeah yeah yeah i know y’all love evermore
  • and yeah yeah yeah I’ve definitely listened to it on repeat an unhealthy amount
  • i love how Audra McDonald sings every part in this movie….wait are you saying she didn’t
  • new verses—’winter turns to spring, famine turns to feast, nature points the way, nothing more to say, beauty and the beast’
  • NEW VERSES: ‘then i shoot from behind’ ‘is that fair?’ ‘i don’t care
  • new SONNNNNGGGGGSSSSSSS, thank you Menken for “How Does a Moment Last Forever” in every iteration
  • the parts where the soundtrack sounds like ‘galavant’ but more expensive

Sample of my portfolio. And I finally found a title for my movie because Maui sounded too much like Disney obviously. So here’s “Te Ao”. It kinda means “daylight” or “Upper world” (where the gods live). And because my second name is Teau, short for Teauarii, I thought that it was interesting that my movie sounded a little bit like my name. It’s interesting right ? Right.

For those who don’t know, Maui is the guy who defeated the Sun because he was too lazy to provide daylight upon the world.

More later ! Take it easy !

The New York Knicks were reportedly involved in a 5 team MEGA Deal that would have sent both Carmelo Anthony and Paul George to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The deal fell through because no team (Indiana, New York, Cleveland, Denver, or Phoenix) wanted to take on the contract of Kevin Love. (Per ESPN)

What could have been… 🤔