liria-lanna-ribakova  asked:

Hello ! I'm a newcomer here. I've seen a lot of movies with Kevin. He's marvelous actor ! But I can't find a complete list of his theatrical works, early and in Old Vic. Can you help me?


I doubt this list entirely complete, but it’s probably pretty darn close: (Note that Kevin has most of these listed on his website :)

Henry IV, Part One (1981)

Robbers (1982)

Life and Limb (1982)

Barbarians (1982)

The Mouse Trap (1982)

Uncle Vanya (1982)

Ghosts (1982)

The Misanthrope (1983)

As You Like It (1983)

HurlyBurly (1985)

The Seagull (1986)

Long Day’s Journey into Night (1986)

As it is in Heaven (1987)

National Anthems (1988)

Right Behind the Flag (1988)

Lost in Yonkers (1992)

Playland (1993)

The Iceman Cometh (1997, 1999)

National Anthems (2005) The Old Vic

The Philadelphia Story (2005) The Old Vic

Richard II (2005) The Old Vic

A Moon for the Misbegotten (2006) The Old Vic

Speed-The-Plow (2008) The Old Vic

Inherit The Wind (2009) The Old Vic

Richard III (2011, 2012) The Old Vic, world tour

Clarence Darrow (2014, 2015, twice) The Old Vic

Kevin has also directed Cloaca (2004) and Complicit (2009) at The Old Vic