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At this point, I honestly hope they never release the damn thing. It doesn't stand a very good chance of being even average, especially with Kevin Munroe's mediocre directing career. To be fair, the trailer was actually pretty nice (with a couple 'are they really doing this' moments), but that's the trailer's job - make the film look good, make it sell. Sorry about dumping this here, it's just stressful to feel like it's an impending letdown if it ever comes out.

tbf I don’t think it’s Kevin’s fault as such, more likely studio interference.
I follow him on his various social medias and he seems very imaginitive and passionate about his work.

Ratchet & Clank fell flat for me personally because it tried to be a standard Disney/Dreamworks/Illumination film with inspirational quotes and uplifting smeg. Everytime they did that “Big heroes do big things” line I wanted to shove my hand through my forehead.
Ratchet & Clank to me was always a very pessimistic universe, a general theme of “Everything in the galaxy wants to kill you and you need the biggest gun to make sure you don’t end up as another guys toothpick.”
It’s not a great kids film basis, great for a video game, but not a film.

Same could be said for Sly really, but I don’t think we’re gonna see the film to find out.


Favorite Things of Last Night: Red Stripe Commercial

[In lieu of photographic evidence of Kevin Munroe hamming it up with a Red Stripe in tow]