Welcome to Night Vale 🌙

                                                                   Welcome to Desert Bluffs ☀


well it’s a idea that has been in my brain for like two weeks, since I was listening to the episode 19A and 19B (I listened to them like 5 times :P and for those who doesn’t know about it, it’s a podcast, you should really search it!) and this just came out to my mind. I guess the main reasons for this idea were something like:

Mark, with his deep voice, matching somehow Cecil and his way to… Idk, narrate things? haha Also the way that he sometimes does it in his videos, that “ominous” thing… I cannot explain it very well but I think you may understand (^^)ゞ

And Jack, with his gentle voice, matching Kevin “first impression” of a sweet and kind normal person… but it’s more like antiseptic after all, do not be fooled ;) 

Anyway, I am very happy with the result in relation to all the effort and time I spent doing it, and I had a lot of fun in the process too!~

(also, something very special to me is that I almost finished it the day of my birthday, so it’s kinda like a gift to myself I guess haha (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ go me! (?)


Nazz tells Eddy how she is so glad that he is okay.

I think this is brief cute moment between Rolf and Nazz. She just comes up behind him and touches him on the shoulders. Look at the way Rolf looks at her.

Rolf is the only guy who has payed no attention to Nazz. He hasn’t payed much attention to any of the girls on the show. Fans have speculated that Rolf might be gay, but I believe it is due to his culture. He has different customs and is always busy at work.

But, this moment shows how Rolf and Nazz are close friends. She, Rolf and Kevin all are. They’re not like the Eds because they don’t have a complete understanding for one another. This is what the cul-de-sac wants to learn from the Eds.

Nazz flings herself into Eddy and gives him a big hug.

And here is the moment Nazz/Eddy shippers have been waiting for.

Nazz kisses Eddy!

I guess she has broken up with Kevin and immediately moved on.

We have barely seen any of Nazz’s personality throughout the series. She’ll come off as the nicest person in the world who just wants everyone to get along, but then she has a possible nasty side.

She tends to take the kids sides and humiliate the Eds. She laughed in Eddy’s face when he thought they were dating. Nazz has very poor judgement because she has no idea who she is. Throughout the series she is testing out different personalities. Nazz will be nice, but a hint of meanness comes out.

I head canon that her parents are divorced and she lives with her mom. She is missing that other parent figure in her life. This makes her feel so stressed where she was very fat at one point in her life. Nazz has a close relationship with her mom, but isn’t sure about how to talk to her about who she is. Nazz goes about the series trying to figure herself out.

Eddy is so taken aback by this. I don’t blame him, everything is going so fast. He is still pretty beat up.

Thumbs up to AKA for keeping continuity going. This is a very life like situation where bruises can’t disappear in the blink of an eye whether you want them to or not.

Eddy loses interest for Nazz half way through season 4. He pays more attention to Edd. It doesn’t look as if Eddy really enjoys this kiss. It comes out of no where, but does Eddy have any feelings for Nazz.

I remember how Old Man Eddy didn’t show any interest in Old Nazz in his dream. He has no idea what Jonnt refers to when he says that Nazz still has it.

Nazz tells Eddy that he is awesome.

Eddy responds, “I am?”

Eddy really has no idea what is going on or if this is real or not. But, it’s sad how Eddy doesn’t think highly of himself. He doesn’t know whether to believe other characters when they compliment him. This is mainly his troubles from Bro who terrorized his mind.

It’s going to take a while for Eddy to be able to think straight again.

On a side note, I love how Nazz’s buzz cut hair is being shown all throughout the last act of the movie. Nazz has come to true terms with herself. She was hiding it under a bandana for Kevin’s sake, but figured that he never noticed anyway.

Nazz became more confident about herself.


(*I get that I’m oversimplifying the Jasper-Lapis consent/relationship dynamic but I don’t have the energy to parse out the nuances of that clusterf*ck)

It’s going to be really interesting to see the sexual assault statistics for the generation that is growing up with Steven Universe.