“If you’ve seen Ghostbusters, then you know all about Kevin’s dog, Mike Hat… This scene is remarkable for several reasons. One, it’s hilarious that Kevin has a dog named Mike Hat, which he pronounces like “My Cat”. Two, the comedic chemistry between Hemsworth and McCarthy in this scene is 1,000 flaming fire emojis. And three, the entire thing was improvised by Hemsworth.“


I can just imagine Eddy’s thoughts on the next house he comes to.

“I’ll just do the old turn around, didn’t see yah there, and… OH, HOLY COW!”

Priceless reaction from Eddy!

Nazz is Eddy’s third shot at being adopted.

Well, Nazz looks festive. Her sweater is slipping over her shoulder and her belly is showing.

This outfit feels a little out of character due to her tom boy nature. Throughout season 5 and 6 Nazz begins dressing more girlie clothing. It may have been part of her act to get more attention or she wanted to have a change in her attire.

In BPS, she is seen in her trademark outfit the whole movie. Nazz finally starts acting like her own self. She doesn’t need this get up for attention. She is happy with who she is whether others like it or not.

Without any explanation from Eddy, Nazz let’s Eddy into her home. She immediately warms his hands and lets him know that she’ll be able to find him a present.

Nazz has a genuine kind heart, but don’t you find this strange?

These are all her gifts. Why would Eddy want something that is hers?

There is so much to analyze in this scene. We only spend less then a minute in Nazz’s home, but look at how many presents are under the tree. And they’re all for Nazz.

I have talked about what Nazz’s home life is like. My head canon is that her parents are divorced. Nazz lives with her mom and she rarely ever sees her father.

I feel like Nazz’s parents tend to play favorites mostly around the holidays. I don’t believe Nazz to be spoiled like this scene is trying to sell. Her parents were trying to beat one another in buying their daughter presents.

Nazz is unhappy with her home life. She loves her mom, but she longs for her father. This is why she attaches herself to Kevin. And vice virsa because Kevin’s parents may also be divorced.

Nazz always portrays herself as a happy person who knows what she’s doing, but she’s afraid to let people in on who she really is. This is why she struggles with her true personality throughout the series.

She’s the character who viewers know the least about. She’s always played as the girl next door. There is a lot more to her then that and I love learning about her when we get clues like these.

The writers may have also had something to do with why viewers know so little about Nazz. I always think her character norms are intentional. Every kid at her age is trying to find who they are and may go to stakes where they act out and embarrass themselves.

She has a genuine heart, but has gone through a tough time. It gives background to the year where she was very fat. The stress from her home life caused her to stress eat. She was able to get help, but she craves for attention.

I wonder if both of her parents are present. They could be offscreen fighting. If this is so, it gives more of a reason to why she lets Eddy in without a word. She is trying to distract herself and give away what is bothering her.

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Someone missing the fusion they had with Kevin. Missing him because Rip

Every fusion is a unique experiance. No two are alike, no two will ever be the same…

With him, it was like a warm embrace. Fusion came very naturally to me and Kevin. Alone, we were both powerful… Enough to take out multiple enemies without much assistance. But, together we were unstoppable. Our strengths became stronger, our breaking point seemed nonexistant. And after all of it, I still got to see his smiling face…

…but, Kevin was gone now… 


(*I get that I’m oversimplifying the Jasper-Lapis consent/relationship dynamic but I don’t have the energy to parse out the nuances of that clusterf*ck)

It’s going to be really interesting to see the sexual assault statistics for the generation that is growing up with Steven Universe.


It starts with “Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days”, and then, you become part of the adventures of two brothers, a fallen angel, a grumpy old man and a car, getting to know the people that become part of their lives, from The Roadhouse, a badass nerd, a phophet and to the wayward girls. And suddenly, you become the invisible passenger of the Impala, and you fall in love with the show, the characters and the cast. And even though the show breaks your heart, it brings you an incredible joy, because for a moment, this show and these characters make you forget about the terrible aspects of your life and it makes you go on even when you don’t feel like it. You find a place where you finally belong, a place where there are more people like you and for once, life doesn’t seem so scary anymore. And yeah, these characters don’t exist, and I will probably never meet the amazing cast of this show because I’m broke, or the people I met on the internet thanks to this show, but it’s still there. I’m part of this and we have built this. And the best of all is that I found my family. Happy Supernatural day.