John Gerrard Keulemans [Johannes Gerardus Keulemans; J.G. Keulemans] (1842–1912): Dasyprocta azarae [Azara’s Agouti], 1876, Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London by Zoological Society of London for the year 1876, source: and Azara’s Agouti, Dasyprocta azarae, is a South American agouti species from the family Dasyproctidae. It is found in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. It is named after Spanish naturalist Félix de Azara (1746-1821), source:


Birds of Australia 1910-28 by Gregory Mathews
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The Birds of Australia 1910-28 by Gregory Mathews is a monumental work which took over 18 years to produce, comprising over 630 superb original hand coloured lithographs, drawn by J. Keulemans, R. Green and H. Gronvold. Rarer than John Gould’s work on Australian birds, with only 225 sets ever produced, most of which are in institutional collections and the last record of the complete individual lithographs being offered for sale in Australia was over 20 years ago. Gregory Macalister Mathews (1876-1949) born in NSW to a wealthy grazing family. He settled in England at the turn of the century and over the next 40 years with the help of his secretary Tom Iredale, he devoted his life to Australian ornithology. His contribution, particularly taxonomy was profound. Along with John Gould’s Birds of Australia, 1840-1869, Mathew’s’ The Birds of Australia, is a cornerstone of Australian ornithology.


Coloured figures of the birds of the British Islands 

By Lilford, Thomas Littleton Powys, Baron, 1833-1896 Keulemans, J. G. (John Gerrard), 1842-1912 Newton, Alfred, 1829-1907 Salvin, Osbert, 1835-1898 Thorburn, Archibald, 1860-1935

Publication info London :R. H. Porter,1885-1897.

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Ornithological miscellany 

By Allen, Edgar W., Chase, Robert William, Erxleben, J., Hanhart, Michael, Hanhart, N, Keulemans, J. G. (John Gerrard), 1842-1912 Mackintosh, Duncan Robert, Rowley, George Dawson, 1822-1878 Smith, J., Walther, T.,

Publication info London :Trübner and Co., Bernard Quaritch, R.H. Porter,1876-1878.

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