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UK Fast Fact

Someone asked in a comment about why in “Sherlock” stories people seem to always be “plugging in the kettle.” I can tell you why:

The writer has not been to the UK.

There’s nearly no reason to say, “John plugged in the kettle” because I have yet to come across anyone here who unplugs the thing. Every kettle I’ve seen in the UK is electric, and all have a base that stays plugged in, and a kettle that switches itself off and you lift from the base, like the one above.

I tell you just, you know, in case you wondered, too.

P.S. I need a new Tumblr series like I need a sullen unicorn with a reality TV habit, but if you have similar fic-related questions, do please ask!

P.P.S. Amended this entry because some folks maintain people do unplug theirs but again, I haven’t seen it yet in four years of being here.