SCP-354: The Red Pool

SCP-354 is a pool of red liquid located in northern Canada. The liquid is similar in consistency to human blood but is non-biological in nature. The density of the liquid increases proportionally with depth. Periodically, entities emerge from the pool and attempt to escape from the enclosure. Thusfar, nearly all creatures emerging from SCP-354 have been extremely hostile and highly dangerous. A log of entities which have emerged from SCP-354 can be found on the main article. One attempt at exploring the pool has been made. A log of the exploration can be found here.

Tree of Life and Flower of Life as they relate to the Human figure.

One of the oldest ideas in Kabbalah is a correspondence between the Sefirot of the Tree of Life and the human body. The Sefirot represent the active, creative potency of the Divine names, and their relationship to the body emphasises that we should view the Sefirot as components of a single organism. The human shape is the “form” of this dynamic, and is the prototype, shape, or image at the largest scale (Macrocosm), and at the human scale (Microcosm).
The Sefirot of Keter is the crown of the King. Chokhmah and Binah correspond to the cerebral hemispheres of the brain, and perhaps more properly to the Mind. Chesed and Gevurah correspond to the right and left arm respectively, Tipheret to the trunk, Yesod to the genitals, and Netzach and Hod to the right and left legs. 

SCP-871: Self-Replacing Cake

SCP-871 is a collection of 237 cakes varying wildly in size and appearance. When any instance of SCP-871 is consumed by a human or a collection of humans, it is replaced approximately 24 hours afterward with a similar cake. This cake will appear on a flat surface in the vicinity of the location where the previous instance was eaten. If any of these cakes is substantially damaged through any means other than being eaten by a human, including being eaten by a non-human animal, it will be replaced instantaneously.

SCP-871 is classified as Keter due to the consequences of not being eaten. Any instance of SCP-871 which is not consumed will cause a new cake to be created in its vicinity after 24 hours. While this is similar to its normal “replacement” behavior, the original instance will continue to exhibit the same properties, replicating if damaged and continuing to “replace” itself every 24 hours. This behavior has been observed in all cases where more than 10% of the mass of an instance remained unconsumed. As there is no known mechanism for halting SCP-871’s replication, any uncontained instances could replicate exponentially, quickly becoming unmanageable. No maintainable plans for the containment of more than 20,000 instances of SCP-871 have yet been devised. It is estimated that an uncontrolled outbreak originating with a single instance would render the earth uninhabitable within 80 days.


Sum and Void.

I realized I never posted these together, which doesn’t make sense because they’re meant to be a sort of opposite and equivalent pair. Because sharing headspace isn’t the same for everyone.
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All personnel, Please log in to verify status once you have reached the safe zones. All personnel-

Hey All,

It’s been a while! We have finally slogged our way through to the marketing campaign, which has launched as of today. I know there will be many, many questions so let me preface by answering a few:

It’s been like a year, and you’re just now releasing the marketing campaign!? What about the episodes?!

We knew we were going to need some help financing the series originally, so we launched a campaign ourselves to try and get sponsors at the start of this project. We also hit up our own members and crew, (who have paid around $500 on this project at this point) and looked into a variety of other options. We’ve had a lot of sit down talks about finance, as well as the goals for the series. We all know SCP is under a creative commons license, and that put a bit of a damper on our sponsor parade. Online crowd-funding is what we ended up turning to. Ya’ll know what you want. We know we can give you that-and more. You just have to get us down the home stretch.

So what do you have right now?

Whole lotta pre-production, and of course promos and teaser trailers.  We have scripts, storyboards, crew, (and more interested people than we can keep track of-the projects gotten a lot of interest in terms of cast and crew, though we didn’t want to permanently attached anyone cast-wise until we had locked down shoot days.) breakdowns of scripts and episodes (which means we know what props, costumes and locations we need, etc.) We’ve scouted locations, have bought some props/costumes, and of course, did the entirety of REDACTED. Our teaser trailer, as you will notice did not launch with the campaign. It’ll come out in the middle. The other video did launch with the campaign. It’s within REDACTED.

I see from your campaign that you are asking for a stupid amount of money. Why are you asking for a stupid amount of money?

Couple of reasons! Several of our members have gone back and forth on the amount needed for a good number of months-its been the main thing we’ve argued about, in fact. The final verdict was that due to online campaign costs, costs of shooting the series legally (several team members debated over “gorilla filmmaking” the series vs doing it legally-the difference being that “gorilla filmmakers” do not pay things like location permits-which makes things a hell of a lot cheaper. The issue the studio, PSU.TV stood on was that because of SCP’s use of weapons (mainly guns) as well as our more voilent scenes, we’d have to do proper police procedures while filming (it’s common to inform police that you are filming with weapons, fake or real, as well as some of those voilent scenes, etc. in case someone gets the wrong impression and panics.) and once you do that you’re pretty much stuck landsliding into doing everything by the book.) and of course-quality. Our members are all dedicated to making high quality productions-not a soul among us will ever put their names on something they aren’t proud of.  We went through and did the budget step by step, cutting as much costs as we could (even if all goes to plan for example, our cast and crew still won’t be paid.Thank God they’re all filmmaking junkies.) and ended up with the budget currently seen in our fundraiser.

Didn’t you say that no matter what happened with money, you would do two episodes anyway?

Yup! And we are still doing that, and have scripts ready in case of that outcome. Our crew is rather attached to this project and has been chomping at the bit to go at it for some time. We will not be completely abandoning it no matter what happens. (particularly not after all the work we’ve put into it.) The scripts would be different from the original first two episodes and no matter how we look at it, the quality would be lowered, but we’d still give you a kickass video. Just not nearly as kickass as it could have been.

How many people do you have working on this thing?

We have a main team of five people, with several others popping in and out regularly and a list of people who have signed up to get calls when the production crew and casting calls go out. Most of our crew are college students, which has been the other issue (in terms of time.) We have had weekly meetings for nearly a year now (sometimes twice weekly.) as well as presentations and meetings with various interested parties and people. Just because a lot of the crew are college students, does not mean all of the crew and cast are college students-or that are college students aren’t experienced. We are very happy to have a lot of people volunteering for this project who have a lot of paid experience in the industry and are very, very talented.

I’m still not getting how this could possibly cost that much.

That’s film for you. But hey, if it works, it’ll be TV quality-better than what even we’ve put up at this point.

You keep mentioning REDACTED? What the hell is that?

If you go to the end of our campaign, you’ll see a section titled REDACTED: Phase 1.

Solve the puzzle and find out for yourself.

(But no seriously, while stuck in pre-production hell most of our crew turned their attention to REDACTED. It’s 100% complete. Go have fun with it.)

Excerpt from Log>
SCP-1440: Should you choose to challenge Death to a game of cards for your life,there is one thing you must never do.
Dr. ████: And what is that?

SCP-1440: Win. 
<End Log>

Item #: SCP-1440

Object Class: Keter

Description: SCP-1440 is a man of unknown ethnicity and age. When questioned about its name, place or time of birth, SCP-1440 will refuse to answer, although it is unclear if this is due to the subject being unwilling to share this information or not possessing it. 

 SCP-1440’s anomalous nature becomes apparent once it comes into contact with human population or man-made objects and remains in contact with them for longer than a few days; SCP-1440 has an acute adverse effect on everything connected to humanity. Prolonged exposure of any man-made object or person to it will cause increasingly destructive events to occur in SCP-1440’s vicinity, until the destruction or death of said human element. The only exceptions to this are SCP-1440 itself and its belongings (its clothes, a sack made of unidentified material, a pack of worn playing cards, and a small glass cup).


Looking for magic → Keter

Kai rolled his eyes and turned away from him. “Whatever. I don’t have time for this anyway. Let’s go and look for the damn magic and get out of here. Or you stay here, I don’t even care.”, he said and started walking. He walked to the old supermarket, headed inside and looked for something that he could use for starting one of the cars that were standing on the parking lots. It wouldn’t be the first time he has done this but it was always annoying. He climbed into the car and waited to look if Peter would follow him. He didn’t really care about Peter but he could be a huge help, so why not wait and see?

Hello Keter.

And we end this sort of prelude portion. There will be a two or three week break now as I need to entirely rewrite the next portion to fit this comic format better. I’ll be at Rose City Comicon next weekend, so trying to update by then would be a bit of stretch to make happen. But a ride from Seattle to Portland and back? Prime writing time!


Angelarium by Peter Morhbacher

At the center of the Angelarium, the tree takes root. It is the archetype of all existence. Its ten branches form the iconic shape of the human experience.

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SCP-296: Armed Containment Site-03

Armed Containment Site-03 has been in the process of reconstruction since the discovery of SCP-296 in the geometric center of the destruction caused by enactment of Emergency Protocol XT-████. Upon examination of the blast crater occupying ACS-03’s previous location, a stone channel was discovered in the crater’s geometric center. The stone is of an unknown composition, and was utterly unaffected by the detonations of the fail-safe devices utilized by Emergency Protocol XT-████. It is unknown whether the structure designated SCP-296 existed prior to the annihilation of ACS-03’s previous installations. However, the contents of SCP-296’s interior suggest it was somehow created in the explosion.

From the exterior, SCP-296’s entry channel appears to simply be a set of carved, fitted stones arranged around a vertical, rectangular shaft. They extend into the ground for several feet before light simply ceases to penetrate and it enters into darkness.

Initial attempts to investigate followed standard procedure using Class D personnel. Each maintained contact for a few moments, then simply ceased to report back. After several personnel were lost in this manner, robotic surveillance was initiated, and revealed the presence of an amphitheater-type structure, around which were seated fifty-six (56) figures of similar appearance. Each was roughly humanoid and made of a substance similar at first glance to ice. Thermal scans indicated a variety of temperatures, varying from figure to figure, and most did not conform to temperatures low enough to support solidification of water.

Surveillance also discovered the remains of the Class D personnel. Each appeared to have suffered at the hands of one of the fifty-five SCP’s held at ACS-03 prior to its destruction. Further investigation has revealed that SCP-296 may be under the control of an entity who goes by the title of “Judgement.” Further information may be found in the main article.


coullioncowain replied to your post:

“Are you ever gonna do a Thaumiel class object?”

Let me get a breakdown on classes?

Sure thing. I put the LONG text taken from the official Object Classes guide under the read more.

Safe objects are easily contained, don’t do weird stuff unless we want them to. That doesn’t mean it’s not potentially dangerous.

Euclid objects are unpredictable, but aren’t a huge threat and are contained relatively easily. Usually sentient/sapient objects are Euclid.

Keter objects are neato. They’re a huge threat to mankind, and are contained with great difficulty. They’re the most dangerous ones, and sometimes there are attempts to destroy them or their effects.

Neutralized objects don’t do anything weird anymore. They did before, but something happened to them to make that stop (destruction, death, etc).

Explained objects are either completely understood, or containment has failed to the point where the anomaly is now considered normal to mankind.

Thaumiel objects are top secret, not many personnel know they even exist. They’re anomalous objects that the Foundation uses to keep other anomalous objects in check. See SCP-179, it’s a good example.

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SCP-990: Dream Man

SCP-990 is generally a human male dressed in a Cold War era business suit, who appears to Foundation personnel through dreams. Thus far no Foundation personnel have encountered SCP-990 in the real world; if he corresponds to an actual human being, we have yet to find him. Presently there have been no reports of SCP-990 appearing to non-Foundation personnel.

SCP-990 has been appearing to Foundation personnel since [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-990’s existence came to light when several Agents discussed having dreams involving a similar individual. Numerous other Agents reported dream-sightings of an individual matching the description of SCP-990. The phenomenon did not officially receive SCP classification until the aftermath of event-990-07.

SCP-990 appears to be warning Foundation personnel of coming disasters in hopes that the disasters can be prevented. However, interaction with SCP-990 has had detrimental effects in some cases. An interview with SCP-990 can be found in the main article.