Scandalous week in DC

I had the craziest of weeks in DC, attending HRC fundraiser, going to Smithsonian panel, hanging out with newly found friends from the fandom and the doing a bit of Tony-stalking. 

My first event was HRC fundraiser that was held on Wednesday. HUGE shout out to @sues52​ who was going with her family and invited me along. I would never be able to get to the reception, let alone a private one we had with the cast. 

I don’t think we could have smiled any wider even if we tried. They all came into the room very unexpectedly. We (me and Sue) really wanted to talk to Tony, but he went on the other side of the room. Bellamy stopped by us and chatted with us for like 10 minutes. No disrespect for her, but I really wanted her to move along so that we could get to Tony. By the time our “chat” was over, they were lining everyone up for group pictures, and then we went back to the larger room with 130 or so other people where there were some speeches. 

Someone mentioned that Tony is in the wrong profession before he spoke. This was my first time really listening to him doing a political speech, and damn that person was right! He he so passionate, articulate, educated and engaging. US politics could have used more people like him!

We had to get another picture with him (greedy, I know..). The event manager was trying to usher him out because it was taking forever for him to take all these pictures, he turned around to leave, but came back after I called his name. I really wanted to friend to have a chance for a picture with him since this was the first time she met him, so here we are, grinning widely again. 

I am still not sure how I managed to sleep that night, I was buzzing with excitement after this event!

Next day, we did a bit of touring of DC and then I went to check out the place where the Smithsonian panel would take place. I really didn’t like the fact that there was no assigned seating so I came to stand in line 2 hours before the event. The organizers were very “nice” to keep us in the rain and cold outside since they wanted to “close the building” before the event. Like really?

It was well worth the trouble, because we had excellent seats and got front row view to all Terry interactions. 

This was seriously one of the best panels they ever had. Shonda managed to be nice, and Kerry and Tony were just all over each other :) 

Here are some of my favorite shots (another huge shout out to Sue for sharing these amazing pictures!! I took like 3 of them because I could not stop staring at Tony and Kerry!) 

I love when Kerry has her “real” smile one, the one that actually always reaches her eyes… 

I forgot to mention that we watched the episode prior to the panel, and I actually enjoyed the episode. I have not watched Scandal since 508, and I am not planning to watch it ever again (because Olitz is dead, and Olivia is written as rubbish), but we had to make do of the situation. Watching with a crowd and whopping when Tony/Fitz was on was SO MUCH FUN!!

I loved the moderator and the questions she asked. I wished they opened up for audience questions and that they made the whole panel a bit longer, but alas… 

My last encounter with Scandal or Terry related event was when I and another fandom friend went to watch out for Tony attending pre-WHCD brunch. He looked damn FOINE as always, but I think we scared him by our fan-girliness (Tess was also with him, so maybe that’s why he was extra tense). 

He said he had time for one picture only, so we took a group photo. Ladies, give me a shout if you don’t want it up and I will remove it. 

I really hope they will do more events like this in late fall (especially now as it seems the filming will be pushed off). Interacting with the cast (preferably without Shonda and blissfully without Malina and Foley) reminded me why I fell in love with Scandal and became such a fangirl!


Oprah talking about how Kerry, Nnamdi, and Isabelle visited her at her house!

Kerry Washington

I’m so happy for her and husband as they prepare to welcome their second child. She’s such an inspiration and I love what she stands for. Keeping her private life private - meaning her husband will not respond to questions about their pregnancy because as a couple they’ve decided together to not talk about their relationship.

That does not and should not mean Tony is the father of her children and she has a secret relationship with him! That’s totally disrespectful to both Tony and Kerry.

My vent, I’m done.