Gurrrrrrllllll you spilt a little tea in that interview….

Interviewer: Why does Olivia keep getting these huge red flags about Fitz, but keeps going back?

Kerry: “Well, I mean a lot of it is Tony Goldwyn ya know…What woman wouldn’t.”

"What woman wouldn’t?"

And Tony….Chileeeeeeeeeeeee

"Tony’s very happy, but Fitz is unhappy. I actually like having Kerry yell at me, it makes me feel loved." - Tony Im-so-in-love-with-the-blackberry-juice- Goldwyn

That’s all i’m gonna say.

But did it sound like Tony and Kerry were using the same phone like the background noises sounded too close and similar af. Maybe it’s just me. I’m just reaching right now. I need my OTP back dammit.