Beauty Confession: What's Your Hair Smoothing Preference?

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If you want to go straight, you’ll have no problem finding a smoothing option. Keratin treatments are literally taking over hair salon. While not all promise super sleek result, most at the very least smooth out those annoying frizzies.

We’ve had quite the addiction to relaxers over the years (yeah, we realize that it’s probably slowing killing our strands. Now we’re interested in weaning ourselves off the harsh chemicals for a healthier option; even if the result don’t last as long. We have a couple of at home keratin options to try out so we’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

What’s smoothing technique do you prefer?

My Chi Iron...

So, clearly the Natural Hair Goddesses are telling me that I shouldn’t have the Chi in my possession because a piece of it broke off near the plug part and I had to throw it away.  Straightening my hair is not worth electric shock.  I got a keratin treatment with my flat iron so I’m rocking the full bodied straight look and wanted to keep it like this for a while.  So much for that.  The big curling iron I have will not halfway do what the Chi can do once I decide to wash my hair in a couple weeks.  :(  Maybe I’ll get a new one with my refund check (that’s some “back in school” thinking right there) …or be responsible and pay more money on my credit card. Decisions.

Review: Organix 30-Day Smoothing Treatment

I was pretty intrigued by this product because 1, it’s a Brazilian Blow-out in a box and I can’t resist DIY things like that, and 2, because my hair had not been colored, treated, or cut in a while and was just CUHRAY. Frizzy, dry, fluffy, and overly voluminous (which has always been an issue with me due to my ridiculously thick hair. Stylists who have to flat-iron my hair take one look and die a little inside).

Reviews on this thing are pretty 50-50. One side claims it’s a wonderful product, the other half says it’s a complete waste of time. Since I’m pretty cynical about most beauty products (read: they usually don’t do anything!), I wasn’t expecting this to replace my salon keratin treatment. If this managed to tame my frizz and bring down my hair volume a little bit, it was golden.

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It’s been years since my last Metrodeal Purchase! While other people find voucher sites such as this, kind of syndicated, I had always believed that proper research and a little bit of math can save you from bad experiences. In fact, it can save you actual money!

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Last Holiday Season, my mom decided to give me funds to have my hair fixed. I was honestly torn if I will be getting a Rebond Treatment or a Brazilian Blowout. While the Rebond Treatment promises to create new fibers on the strands of your hair, the process would have to include relaxing them and breaking the hair bonds in hopes of a rebirth. This scares me. I have read somewhere that since it includes breaking the old and worn-out bonds, there are instances that it does not go straight to the rebirth process, thus leaving the hair limp and lifeless.

So, I chose the Brazilian Blowout instead. According to what I have read on a magazine, unlike the Rebond Treatment, the Brazilian Blowout immediately creates a protective protein layer on the hair to eliminate the frizz. No need to break anything. A safe bet huh? Plus, it’s more natural looking. If you have a naturally curly hair, it does not stick straight your locks to the point of “light as a feather, stiff as a board”.  Due to this,  the Brazilian Blowout is more expensive.

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Luckily, as I was browsing through Metrodeal’s website. I came across the offer: “Hair Rebond or Brazilian Blow Dry with Nourishing Treatment & Haircut at Queen’s Lair Salon for P899”

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I checked where the salon is located and to my delight, one branch is near my house (Proj. 4)! Of course, I purchased the voucher and paid through the SM Department Store Business Center, had myself scheduled over the phone, and gave Queen’s Lair a visit the next day. Scheduling was such a breeze! I just gave their hotline a call and I was able to talk to a nice girl who politely helped me find a good hour to visit. The call didn’t even last 5 minutes!

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When I arrived at the place, the front-liner immediately accommodated me on a seat and had my voucher verified. As soon as everything was set, I was assisted to the wash area. The front-liner shampooed my hair and was very gently in doing so. I was even at the point of falling asleep!

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They sat me down on an empty booth and asked for me to wait for the stylist. It was definitely a full-house and she apologized because the wait time might take a while. I was cool with it. I could really see how busy everyone is. Another factor is that there were only 3 people on duty versus 5 to 6 customers.

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A salon staff finally began my treatment and started applying the chemicals and blow-drying my hair. She was courteous enough to warn me that I have to protect my eyes because of the strength of the treatment. I followed her tip and it went smoothly from there. The treatment lasted for a good 2 to 2-and-a-half-hour resulting to a fully rejuvenated hair!

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They offered me a product for maintenance but I had to decline since my mother just had her treatment on another salon and she bought the same thing. The staff was nice and transparent to inform me that I need not go and have the Brazilian Blowout Treatment every 2 months. Just proper care using the product was acceptable.

I asked for the haircut after and got myself something not too fancy. I had my hair trimmed 2 inches and layered. Honestly, I wanted to have it styled but the staff was sort of talking me out of the idea for whatever reason. You see, I am fully aware how the voucher-site-industry goes, if you do not ask for things included in your deal, they sometimes wish you’d forget. Same with getting the quality of the “side” services. It’s not always what you expect it to be. Like this, for example, it was literally a “haircut” and nothing more.

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The interior of the salon is elegant and clean. It has this vibe that would make you feel important and taken care of. It’s not necessarily relaxing because of the buzz, but hospitality is there.

The other staff member is also helpful in lending a hand. Although I was told before that this strategy is to actually force the customer to tip everyone, I felt sincerity over the help. She was kind enough to relate a story of how she ended up working in a salon, and why she loved it here. It was nice to have these neutral conversations to kill time.

Once the treatment was done, I was ecstatic and very appreciative of the result. My hair looked naturally straight and the frizz was gone! My hair regained life and felt better on my head (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*.

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As for the tip, I handed a bill and just had to ask them to divide them among themselves. This, I believe, is the best way to resolve any difficult decisions you may have on who to give what or how much.

The Verdict


This Metrodeal Voucher is not really a good one, sad to say. Although it’s valid and not a scam, it is misleading. You do not actually save 74% as their ad claims. Look at the computation below:

Brazilian Keratin Blowout (this includes the “nourishing treatment” mentioned on the ad) (normal price) – 999 Php
Haircut (normal price) – 79 Php
Total: 1078 Php

***74% of 1078 Php is 797 Php which means that if the service is 74% off, I should only be paying 281 Php. Not 899 Php.

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***…and yes, I have discussed about the haircut. (。•́︿•̀。)

***This is sad, though, because if there is one thing I loved, it would be the staff. The 3 of them were nice and took care of me all throughout the service. Thank you po!!!

Few Notes:

–The Metrodeal offer has already expired. There is a new one, though. You can avail it HERE.

–The Project 4 branch is already closed, sad to say. However, you can still enjoy their services at their Mandaluyong and Makati branches:

CROSSING: G103 Grand Central Residences Edsa cor. Sultan St., Brgy. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong

MAKATI: G4 Tower 4 Cityland Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City

MANDALUYONG: G11 BSA Twin Tower Banks Drive, Mandaluyong City

METROWALK: 88 Gold Park Center, Meralco Avenue, cor Julia Vargas beside MetroWalk, Pasig City

–Queen’s Lair Hotline: Tel. 0947-5399604, (02) 782-1107, (02) 703-3800



Metrodeal x Queen’s Lair: Hooray for Brazilian Blowout It’s been years since my last Metrodeal Purchase! While other people find voucher sites such as this, kind of syndicated, I had always believed that proper research and a little bit of math can save you from bad experiences.
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Keratin Treatment from Ion

So I did a keratin treatment from ion last night, I also died my hair again a real nice dark rich, red! I work so much that I don’t have time to do my hair, so im hoping after waiting 72hrs to wash my hair, the treatment does wonders J My natural hair was extremely unruly. I had a head full of fly-aways and split ends. I have been coloring my hair for years so I think the damage of the coloring process took its toll on my follicles. My hair could never be left to air dry and it was starting to wear me out. I’d spend at least an hour or more blow drying, straightening and then sometimes even curling my hair. As I get older, spending hours getting ready is too exhausting. As newer technologies and treatments begin to become available, I am more than willing to try them out in order to make my life easier. As of right now, my hair is very straight, flat and boring as I love to have big fun hair (cannot put any products in it for 72 hrs) but I do see it to be much shinier and feels very healthy. Ill post after my fist wash!!!! So far so good

Organix 30 Day Keratin Treatment

Yesterday I dropped by CVS to pick up the Organix 30 Day Keratin Treatment without formaldehyde. I, then, applied the treatment last night. It’s a 4 step system.

Step One: Wash hair with the Pre-Shampoo packet provided (I have medium length hair and I only used half so I would say don’t just waste all of it because you can use it for another treatment). DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT USE CONDITIONER. It will prevent the treatment from penetrating your hair.

After that, get out of the shower. Towel dry and comb your hair. Wait until it is 80% dry and then apply the treatment to your hair from about an inch down from your roots to your tips. Do not apply the treatment to your scalp. I recommend you use the treatment sparingly. I used about half of the amount provided and that was WAY too much (I’ll explain later why). After you apply it, comb it through your hair. Once again, make sure you do not over saturate your hair.

After you do that you have to blow dry your hair straight and then straighten it, so that it is PIN STRAIGHT. Now this is where I ran into an issue… my hair looked like a grease ball. Not just my roots, I can deal with greasy roots, but ALL of my hair, down to the tip. It was sooo nasty. I couldn’t go outside… it was THAT bad. The reason it was that greasy was because I applied too much of the treatment.

I went to bed last night uncomfortable, needless to say because of the greasiness. I woke up in the morning and my hair was wavy in some places so I applied a bit of the treatment there, blowed dried it, and then straightened it again. I could no longer hand the greasiness by 6 PM as I could literally not do anything- couldn’t leave the house, couldn’t tuck my hair behind my ears, couldn’t put it in a ponytail or clip it (all of that creates bends and waves). So I decided to wash it out 24 hours earlier than the package tells you to (they say to keep it in for 48 hours).

I washed it out with the shampoo and conditioner provided and am currently waiting for my hair to naturally dry. I am not expecting stick straight hair. This isn’t a miracle product but I am hoping for more tamed, less frizzy waves. I have beachy wavy hair but it gets a bit frizzy and knotty, so I am hoping that the treatment helps with that.

I’ll let you guys know how it looks dry!

Beauty Review: Organix EverStraight Brazillian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Treatment

The claim: A fool proof-way to eliminate up to ninety five percent of frizz and curl for thirty days.

My issue:  I don’t mind my curl, but in the humid summer months, I could do without the frizz.  I have wavy/curly hair and figured I’d try this out.

What you do:  Wash hair with cleansing shampoo included in the kit, towel dry hair, apply treatment with gloves and let sit for thirty minutes.  Blow dry hair and flat iron hair with 7-10 passes for each section.  Keep product in hair for 48 hrs and flat iron as needed.  Do not wash or get wet in the meantime.

I’m almost at the 24 hour mark.  Shampooing, putting the treatment in my hair, and flat ironing was a breeze.  The tricky part for me is not to put my hair behind my ears! I want to do it so badly.  When I woke up this morning I ran the flat iron over my hair to make sure it was nice and straight.  My hair feels like it has some product in it, but nothing too drastic.  We’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow.

Stay tuned for an update tomorrow and the final results on Thursday. 

anonymous asked:

Hi. What are the downsides of using keratin on your hair? Will it straighten it or will it keep its shape but prettier?

Like a keratin treatment? Keratin treaments are designed to de-frizz, de-bulk, and just overall make your hair easier to handle. It will soften out curls by 60-80% depending on how curly your hair is to begin with.

Some examples.

It’s basically putting keratin back into your hair, which is the main protein hair is made of. I hope this helped!


Thinking of getting the Keratin Hair Treatment? Here’s a quick Before and After of my friend C who got the treatment for the very first time just last week.

For those of you that get the Keratin Treatment, what do you think about it?

i talked to my mother about my hair today and the steps ill have to go through to get it to how i want it. i’ve decided what style i want. i want it like Amelie’s hair (the movie). Except idk about the fringe…

but yeah i am going to bleach it first. then get the keratin treatment, then dye it a light pink.

This is the style:

how should i have the fringe?