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Is there a cruelty free keratin ? Or any replacement My hair need treatment it's really frizzy in annoying way

There is Keratin that is made from plant protein, but unless the product specifically says and promotes that it uses plant based keratin, it is a safe bet that it’s from animals (it is much like gelatin, made from hooves, skin etc)
Nunaat Is one brand that comes to mind that uses Plant based Keratin, my beauty bunny did a review of some of their products, so have a look.
If that isn’t available near you, check out these other vegan hair care brands:


Hugh is talking about the illegal trade in rhinoceros horns in Asia, and the resulting poaching in Africa created by high demand for the horns, which are an ingredient in herbal combinations treating everything from hangovers to cancer. The BBC news story on this subject may be found here.

Rhinoceros horns are composed of keratin, as are the hair or wool, claws, beaks, horns and hooves, scales, shells, feathers, and quills of both mammals and reptiles. Human hair and nails are also made of keratin. 


So after being natural for 9 months I had to straighten my hair for graduation (Grad caps+afros=disaster) Well anyway, I decided to straighten it on my own so I could get used to doing it…


Buying a keratin infused flat iron was the best decision I made since going to college. Along with it I used the Organix blow out cream and flat iron mist and shampooed and conditioned with Suave Keratin Infusion products…I capped it off with the Organix Morrocon oil and shea butter oil…my hair feels flawless!!!!!!


A lot of times keratosis pilaris fades when the person stops eating gluten or becomes vegetarian.

Personally, i love to eat whatever i want.

But i just googled food that includes a lot of keratin and i found a list of a few aliments:

The amount of keratin in 100g:

Salmon 700 mg 
Shrimps 670 mg 
Turkey hen 630 mg 
Chicken 620 mg 
Soya beans 580 mg 
Beef, Filet 570 mg 
Cashews 380 mg 
Wheat germ 280 mg 
Emmenthal 250 mg

Obviously there are parallels to being a vegetarian or eating gluten-free (wheat).

What i will do from now on is, i am going to avoid that food as much as possible, of course not completely, but i won’t eat it if nor necessary. Especially the meat - and i’ll have to say goodbye to my cashews.

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Hello! On the topic of horns and the like, could you possibly explain the velvet on deer antlers? It think that's what it's called anyway. Like what it is, and its function/purpose? I took a mammalogy class and we were talking about horns and antlers, and our professor asked like "what are antlers sometimes covered in?" and half the class (mostly huntin' fishin' good ol' Mississippi boys) just went "VELVET!" and I had no idea what they were talking about. Any insight?

Here’s how we can break it down: 

  • Horns: Bony core surrounded by a keratin (fingernail-like) growth.  Grows with the animal every year.  Never shed.  
    EXCEPTION: American pronghorn.  Horns grow every year, but they shed the keratin sheath.  Pronghorns = freaks of nature
    EXCEPTION:  Rhinoceros horns do not have a bony core, they are completely made of keratin.  
  • Antlers: Entirely made out of bone.  Grow every year, but are shed annually.  Hormones stimulate antler growth.  Imagine an extra bone growing out of your arm – it’s not going to grow out long and white; it grows out covered in a protective, soft-fleshy skin-like covering with blood circulating throughout it.  This soft tissue, the ‘velvet’, with the aid of of the blood stimulation eventually mineralizes into calcium phosphate, which hardens and turns into bone.  As the raging hormones slow down and the blood flow decreases and stops, the soft tissue sheds.  Here’s a basic description of this process, and here is a more in-depth explanation.
  • External image

This is what it looks like when the velvet is being shed.  

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я маю густе та кучеряве волосся.мені хотілося б мати пряме та блискуче волосся. як це зробити,за допомогою яких засобів? завчасно дякую за відповідь :))))

Добрий вечір!
Ваше питання хвилює весь колектив Beauty Bazar . На жаль такі кардинальні зміни можна на чаклувати хіба, що кератиновим випрямленням, або зміною власного геному:) 

Кератинове вирівнювання - це салонна процедура, яка випрямляє і надає лікувальну дію, відновлює структуру пошкодженого волосся. Кератиновe випрямлення волосся відрізняється від інших професійних засобів для випрямлення тим, що воно не змінює структуру волоса. Основним компонентом випрямляючого засобу є синтезований рідкий кератин. Саме він дозволяє рідини поникнути в порожнини волосини і заповнити їх, а під впливом температури кератин згортається і перетворюється на захисний шар. Завдяки цьому волосся знаходять блиск і гладкість.

Ціна такої процедури зі слів і-нет ресурсів від 50 $, ефект від 3 до 6 місяців.

Хоча в ідеалі потрібно просто полюбити свої кудрі і навчитись робити з ними зачіски і укладки. Беріть приклад з Керрі Бредшоу:)

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