I see your hoe tips and girl I love them but I gotta say something. DO NOT USE COCONUT OIL ON YOUR HAIR ESPECIALLY IF YOURE WHITE. I’m a hairdresser and we get girls coming in all the freakin time saying that they did a coconut oil conditioning treatment they saw online and now their hair is damaged. There’s a compound in coconut oil that will break down keratin (your hairs protein) after a couple uses, and the only reason it feels “soft” is because the oil coated the strands and is eating it. If you want to do a all natural treatment, use olive, almond, avocado oils, nuts are also really good. Just a girl tryin to save some hoes (also it’s not too good to use on your face unless you’ve got EXTREMELY dry skin)

- @luplnstar Thanks again girl!

UPDATE: I see a lot of angry and confused hoes in my mentions coming for my NECK on this. Can we all just calm down a bit? I am NOT speaking for all hair types. I am NOT speaking for all skin types. In fact, a follower sent me this message and I copied and posted it. If coconut oil works for you girl I am so happy. I am here to HELP you not HURT you

South Africa Just Made It Legal To Sell Rhino Horn. Just a few weeks after poachers broke into a rhino orphanage in South Africa and killed two baby rhinos for their tiny horns, the country made the domestic trade of rhino horn legal. Worth more than its weight in gold, rhino horn is made of keratin, which is the same material as our fingernails. But organized crime groups profit from illegally trafficking the keratin from rhino horn across borders into Asia because of the unfounded superstition that it cures everything from hangovers to cancer. __________________________________________________ The trade of rhinoceros horn has been internationally banned since 1977 because high demand for the horns drives rampant poaching and threatens rhinos with extinction. Susie Watts of WildAid’s Africa Program, told The Dodo in a statement. “There is no domestic demand for rhino horn products and, as the pro-trade lobby very well knows, the reason why the moratorium was implemented in the first place was to prevent domestic trade from being used as a cover for smuggling.” 

The Multiverse

Marble Hornets Verse

  • Marble Hornets (2009) [Connected with the Slenderverse]
  • Clare Lakes 44 (2015)
  • Eckva (2016)


  • Pavel Hall (2012) [Connected with the Fear Mythos]
  • Trial of Leaves (2013)[Connected with the Fear Mythos]
  • The Alchemist Channeler (2013)
  • Entropy (2014)


  • EverymanHYBRID (2010)
  • TribeTwelve (2010)
  • Darkharvest00 (2010)
  • MLAndersen0 (2011)

Fear Mythos

  • The Undecided Five (2011) [Connected with the Slenderverse]
  • Keratin Garden (2011) [Connected with the Slenderverse]
  • The Architect Verse (2014):
  1. The North Woods Proyect 
  2. Jeff Woods
  3. Sirens in the Night
  4. PhantomVoices
  5. SIGMA
  • The Eschaton, The Exegesiz, and The Other (2015)
  • The Pandemonium Three (2015):
  1. The Two Amigos
  2. SkypeUser815
  3. AloneInAHouse
Advice on growing your hair
  • Brush with a wide-toothed comb and tie it up with soft ties that don’t snag
  • Brush your hair from the ends up
  • If you hear a ‘tearing’ sound, that’s your hair breaking, so try to avoid it
  • Hair is most fragile when wet
  • Avoid bleach and perms
  • Avoid heat-styling, and use the hair dryer on low/cool or not at all
  • Gently rubbing your scalp can stimulate hair growth
  • Putting too much tension with tight ponytails or braids can cause alopecia (hair loss)
  • Vitamin B, vitamin C, biotin (vitamin B7/vitamin H), niacin (vitamin B3), vitamin E and keratin have all been reported to improve hair and nails. The most important thing however is to eat a wide variety of foods.
  • Regular trims can prevent split ends and lead to healthier, longer hair long term
  • Wearing hair in loose plaits, wrapped in a scarf, or wearing a hat can protect hair from the elements
  • Leaving conditioner on the hair for longer than an hour has no proven benefit and can actually cause damage to the hair and irritate the scalp
  • Hair needs both moisture and protein. Eggs whisked together can be used as a protein treatment, and coconut oil can be used as a conditioning treatment. There are many more inexpensive DIY treatments to be found online
  • The rate of hair growth is tied to metabolism; the faster your metabolism, the faster your hair will grow. Exercise can help.
  • The most important thing needed to grow long hair is patience

anonymous asked:

I have a demon character with horns. Can horns break? If so, is it painful? can it heal / grow out? Thanks, and love your blog!

An excellent question my friend. It depends on what sort of horns we’re talking about.

(Ram Image Source)

Animals with true horns, which are mostly ruminants like the ram and friends, which is also the classical demon look, have a core of living bone in the center of the horn. The outer layer is composed of thick keratin, but it is the shape of the living bone core that dictates the shape, size and direction of the horns. The living bone core is often much smaller than the keratin component.

(Goat skull showing bone core of horns)

The keratin has no nerves and little blood supply. The living bone core has a whole bunch of nerves, an impressive blood supply (it is bone after all) and if you break the horn too close to the skull then you will also have a big whopping hole into the frontal sinus.

This would be at least as painful as breaking one of your bones.

Horns can certainly heal, but they often heal in a not quite right manner. If you haven’t completely fractured off the living bone then the shape template for the new horn will be different. If your character has lost the living bone core, but still retains the germinal layer of cells around the base, then they can develop scurs.

A scur is like a remnant horn growing without a template. They often occur when de-horning hasn’t quite been done right or after trauma. They have an unpredictable shape, can grow in any direction, and are frankly quite annoying.

(A particularly funky scur)

These are often tipped (cutting off a portion near the end) and sometimes have no blood supply. They have no feeling, and can twist around to grow into other areas of the animal’s head.

There are other structures animals have which we often refer to as ‘horns’, even though they’re not true horns like these.

(Rhinoceros image source)

Rhinos do not have a living bone core in their horn. You can cut off parts of these horns, they’re made of keratin and can be thought of similar to a very fancy finger nail.

But uh, don’t be tempted to do it like the poachers do it, where they cut a straight line including both horns and part of the skull. That is going to be the equivalent of fracturing a true horn at the base and entering a sinus (or nasal cavity in this case). I’m not posting those pictures on here.

But lastly, another anatomical feature we humans sometimes think of as ‘horns’ are antlers.

Antlers are dead bone with no covering when mature. They are shed every year. When they are mature they have no feeling and no blood supply except at the very base. While they are growing they have a good blood supply,  but when mature they are inert. Antlers don’t grow bigger as such, they are shed each year and regrow, sometimes into a bigger or more pronged shape, depending on the species.

So take your pick. I don’t know which sort of horns your demon has, but I hope that’s answered your question.

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It’s that time of year where you break out your scarves and hoodies, cuddling up with your pokemon while hiding from the coming cold in comfort. Today’s pokémon is perfect for that: Cinccino, the Scarf Pokémon! 

Cinccino, of course, is based on a chinchilla. Like a chinchilla, Cinccino’s most amazing trait is its fur. According to the pokédex, Cinccino’s fur is soft, fluffy, and coated in a special oil.

So what makes Cinccino so soft? The secret lies in the sheer number of fur. Humans, like most mammals, only sprout one hair per hair folicle. Chinchillas on the other hand grow 60 hairs from every folicle. This results in a huge number of hairs. Humans have about 100,000 hairs on our head. A chinchilla of the same size has 300 times as much. That’s 30 million hairs! On average, a chinchilla has 20,000 hairs per square centimeter of area.

Fur and hair is made of a thin fiber strand full of proteins called alpha-keratin. Keratin has a spiral structure, which makes it easy to form long chains as strands of hair.

Functionally, fur has a few purposes. The first is heat regulation. A thick fur coat can help an animal stay warm, by trapping heat close to its body. Strangely enough, hair can also help an animal cool off, by increasing the amount of area heat can dissipate from. Fur isn’t a flat surface, so every individual hair increases the surface area of an animal. A chinchilla has the same surface area as an SUV, just because of how many hairs it has.

The second purpose fur has is help keep an animal clean. You can imagine fur acting like a feather duster as the hairs rub against each other, removing dirt and dust and helping keep an animal clean. 

However, chinchillas make that a little complicated. Like most mammals, they secrete oil from their skin. This oil can get stuck in their thick fur, causing it to become greasy, stick together, lose its softness, and overall become ineffective at being fur. To clean themselves and remove the oil from their fur, chinchillas actually need to roll around in sand. 

They have to get dirty in order to stay clean! Keep this in mind next time you’re giving your Cinccino a hug.

Cinccino is soft because it has extremely dense fur. It sprouts 60 hairs from every follicle, growing over 300 times as much hair as a human head.

Dating Bruce Wayne Would Include (Pt. II)

Because apparently more people love Bat Daddy than they’re willing to admit

  • Dates – or rather, the process of planning them – are a little weird for the two of you
    • Despite him being wealthy and having had a reputation as a philanderer, Bruce is still a very devoted businessman with an entire enterprise to run. This may or may not clash with your own schedule, depending on what you do, but it is more likely Bruce’s schedule that needs the most consideration when plotting out a date
    • Then, of course, there’s your lover’s obvious nighttime job. It’s not even necessarily that he can’t take the night off; it’s just that those nights are few and far in between. Though now that he’s getting older and has a significant other to appreciate in his life, he does attempt to make more of an effort to take at several nights or so per month off.
    • This may not seem like much, but considering what he does…

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In a hurry

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 600-ish

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sexual intercourse (let’s assume Dean’s girl is on the pill)

A/N: A to Z kinks - Quickie for @tardis-full-of-fallen-angels This was written and posted entirely on my phone. Sorry if it sucks!

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“Hey, gorgeous!”

“Oh. Hi, you!” Your hands went to your stomach to lay on top of Dean’s as he held you from behind.

Coming into your shared room you stood by the dresser to splash some perfume over your body when Dean surprised you, wrapping his arms around you middle and kissing you just below your ear.

“You lookin’ all glowy today,” he spoke inhaling your scent.

“Hm,” you chuckled, “it must be that keratin shock.” Carefully combing your hair with your fingers to avoid messing its shape, you pushed it all to one side, clearing the path for Dean to kiss down your neck.

“I don’t mean your hair. Though it does look good I gotta say.” He peppered your skin with soft kisses.

“Thanks,” you whimpered as his teeth tugged on your earlobe.

“I mean all of you, Princess. You look… Happy. Radiant” Each couple of words was interrupted by a kiss.

“Haha. Maybe it’s because I’m finally off my period.”

“Really?” Dean asked, suddenly ending the trail of kisses down the column of your neck. “Does that means no more pain or cramps?”  

Dean’s hands slid up your body, cupping your breast, gently kneading the flesh through your clothes.

“Wait…” you checked yourself for any kind of uncomfortableness. “Yep, all clear!” 

A moan left your lips as his whole body hauled you up against the dresser and you felt his growing erection against the crest of your butt.

“Dude, I’m so loving where this is going but we’re gonna to miss the movie and I already made the reservations online because I’m really wanna see Coco.”

“You sure?”  Dean rutted against your ass. One hand slipping under your shirt, the other popping open the buttons of your jean.

“Oh man.” You pushed back into him and twisted his left hand to check his wristwatch. “Okay, we’re in a hurry so you have 10 minutes. Fuck!” you jumped a little as his fingers crawled past the barrier of your underwear and found their way through your folds.

“That’s all I need!” Dean growled into your ear.

Rapidly you helped him push your clothes down your hips, just enough to allow him access and then you waited for him to do the same with his jeans, while his hand still toyed with your nipples.

You turned around just in time to watch him spit in his hand and spread it all over his length before pulling his T-shirt up his chest to hold it with his chin. His fingers went back to your pussy to smear your wetness around and with one of his legs Dean spread yours open.

A couple of desperate fails attempts were all of took for Dean to find that giving spot and he chuckled when you gasped as the sudden feeling of fullness.

“Fuck, sweetheart. I’ve missed you!” With a hand on your hip he kept you still as he buried himself to the hilt, pressing your ass apart with his hips.

And without preambles he started thrusting in and out of you. You held onto the edge of the dressed pushing back, arching you back, supportive your weight with the tip of your toes.

Dean alternated between rapids shoves and leisurely circling his hips whilst he remained inside you. His fingers landed back on your clit and he started massaging it as his release approached. You cried out his name as the pressure he was applying to pay off. But before things began to heat up enough for you to come Dean announced his imminent release, his hips stuttered and he howled loudly in your ear.

“Sorry!” he panted heavily. “So sorry. I-I couldn’t-”

“Hey!” you interrupted him. “It’s okay.” Turning your head and  stretching your neck to meet him halfway and kiss him on the lips, you assured, “Don’t worry. You’ll make it up to me as soon as We get back.”

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More Mass Effect head canons

This time about cultural sharing:

  • Asari don’t produce their own keratin, so stick on nails get very popular after the humans start integrating. Most species mixed crews have about thirty bottles of nail polish stacked in a box somewhere in the med-bay.
  • Humans using massive amounts of hairspray and bobby pins to replicate Turian crests with hair.
  • Turian children learning headbutting from the local Krogan kids. They have contests. The Turians never win, but coming third is a pretty big deal.
  • Krogans learning how to dance from Asari teachers.
  • Salarians going to their Krogan husband’s parent’s house to check if it’s okay for them to get the clan insignia tattooed over their back.
  • Humans going to Asari universities, even though each unit last for two years.

“Hey mate. Do the Krogan have a version of rugby?”

“What’s rugby?”

“……I have to show you something, and you are going to love it.”

Beak Trims Are Not Normal

Parrot beaks are composed of bone covered in a layer of keratin, the same substance our hair and fingernails are made of. The keratin layer of the beak continues to grow throughout the life of the bird to replace parts that become worn down. Unlike fingernails, parrots should not ever need their beaks trimmed, this is not a normal grooming requirement.

A parrot with an overgrown or misshapen beak has a health problem or a lack of proper environmental enrichment. There are numerous causes of beak overgrowth including:

Liver Disease
Improper Diet
Lack of Proper Toys
Birth Defect
Low Vitamin A

Diets composed mainly of seeds are high in fat which can affect the liver and low in vitamins which directly impacts how the beak grows. Parrots on seed diets should be slowly switched over to pelleted diets supplemented with fresh vegetables.

Proper diets also help parrots because they must manipulate the food with their beaks which helps keep them worn down. This is also why having lots of toys and other environmental enrichment activities is important. Birds that simply reach into a dish to eat and don’t have to work for their food become bored and the beaks overgrow from lack of use.

Some parrots are on wonderful diets and have lots of toys and other activities and still have beak problems. Often these are due to bird defects like an over or underbite or trauma. X-rays are often needed to diagnose this and these birds do need frequent beak trims but this is not common.

Trimming a beak is not a simple task like trimming a nail. The entire beak has to be assessed and it must be correctly shaped. Simply trimming it short in one spot will change how pressure is applied to other portions of the beak which will cause even more malformation. An understanding of the physics of the beak and how even a small change will impact the entire organ is very important. Sometimes we have to make very small changes over several trims to slowly force the beak to grow correctly.
Because there are so many reasons the beak may be in need of a corrective trim it is very important to do a complete medical work up and find the cause. The concern is that if there is a medical problem not only should we address it and fix it, but the stress of a beak trim on top of an illness can actually be fatal in some birds.

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if i were a month, i’d be: february; winter is coming to an end and the sun begins to come out, bright and beautiful, yet the air is still chilly

if i were a day of the week, i’d be: monday bc everyone fucking hates me

if i were a planet, i’d be: pluto; small, forgotten, and lonely like the father of the underworld

if i were a sea animal, i’d be: a shark; looks scary, but is actually just misunderstood blind baby

if i were a god/goddess, i’d be: athena; my heart burns with the constant fury of war

if i were a piece of furniture, i’d be: like those 99¢ plastic chairs

if I were a gemstone, i’d be: garnet: my birthstone and a symbol of healing

if i were a flower, i’d be: lily-of-the-valley; i may seem delicate but i will survive even the harshest of winters

if i were a kind of weather, i’d be: *see: “if i were a month”*

if i were a color, i’d be: the color of the sun setting, but instead of an orangeish color, it’s a pink/purple that you would least expect to see in the sky

if i were an emotion, i’d be: disappointment

if i were a fruit, i’d be: a dehydrated banana

if i were a sound, i’d be: the sound of opening a brand new can of tennis balls

if i were an element, i’d be: krypton……bc i don’t like superman (ha)

if i were a place, i’d be: the unexplored territory at the bottom of the ocean

if i were a mythological creature, i’d be: a siren

if i were a taste, i’d be: the taste of expensive perfume on my neck mingled with just a little bit of sweat as we hurry to get our clothes off in the dark; fumbling and flush with the exhilaration of youth

if i were a scent, i’d be: jasmine tea leaves

if i were an object, i’d be: a book of unthinkable adventures, untouched and unread due to my old and dusty cover

if i were a body part, i’d be: hands

if i were a song, i’d be: daddy issues by the neighborhood

if i were a pair of shoes, i’d be: expensive high heels, kicked off at the end of a long night

Today’s entry was written by Guest Professor Aaron (@robo-dactyl) !

Requested by @because-im-freaking-greed

Kommo-o is a powerful Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and is this guest scientist’s favorite Dragon type. One of Kommo-o’s defining features are its unique scales. These scales are extremely durable, and are responsible for Kommo-o’s attack Clanging Scales. According to Kommo-o’s entry in the Sun version of the Alolan Pokedex, Kommo-o also uses these scales as a defense mechanism in order to scare away enemies.

In order to understand Kommo-o’s defense mechanism, we need to understand the animal species it is based off of. Overall, Kommo-o is based on a Komodo dragon, as its name would imply. Komodo dragons are the largest living species of lizard. They grow to be up to 10 feet long, and can weigh up to 150 pounds. Like all monitor lizards, Komodo dragons are carnivores. They utilize an anticoagulant within their saliva in order help incapacitate their prey. One thing they cannot do, however, is rattle their scales as a defense mechanism. So where does Kommo-o’s defense mechanism come from, then?

As it turns out, Kommo-o’s Clanging Scales attack is actually based on rattlesnakes! Rattlesnakes have modified tails that they used to scare off predators. A rattlesnake’s rattle is made up of keratin, the same substance used to produce human hair and fingernails, and reptile scales, claws, and shells. This keratin is used to create a series of hollow, interlocking segments that are each made of the scales covering the rattlesnake’s tail. In order to make the rattling sound, special vibration muscles located in the tail to vibrate against one another. These muscles are some of the fastest known, firing off an average of 50 vibrations per second, and can fire for as long as 3 hours.  

As the rattlesnake sheds its skin, it adds another rattle segment to its tail. However, this is not a reliable indication of a rattlesnake’s age. Their rattles are actually rather fragile, which is why rattlesnakes prefer to keep their rattles above the ground while travelling. However, Kommo-o’s scales are stated in Alolan Pokedex entries to be used for attacking and defending, and make explicit mention of how durable its scales are. This is a logical adaptation for Kommo-o to possess, as its Pokedex entry makes explicit mention of how Kommo-o seeks out strong opponents.

In summation, Kommo-o’s scales are made of extremely durable keratin. These scales work much like a rattlesnake’s tail by acting as an intimidation tactic to scare its enemies, but are equally useful in physical defense as well.

Kommo-o’s scales are made of durable keratin. They produce a rattling sound when it shakes them, used to scare off enemies.